Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1844 Qiao Xin help Ye Chens little brother (2)

Chapter 1843 Qiao Xin help Ye Chen’s little brother (1)

  With a little persuasion from Ye Chen, Qiao Xin was finally willing to open up, herself opening her up in front of Ye Chen.

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Ye Chen took off the beautiful gown that Qiao Xin was wearing, he opened one by one, Ye Chen was like disarming a small enemy.

Qiao Xin could only accept Ye Chen’s treatment, she didn’t put up any resistance when Ye Chen stripped her clothes off.

Ye Chen chewed on Qiao Xin’s body one by one, enjoying every inch of the beautiful skin on Qiao Xin’s body.

To be honest, Qiao Xin was very embarrassed, she was very ashamed of what Ye Chen had done.

”This is embarrassing” Qiao Xin was very embarrassed, was it because she was with the person she liked that Qiao Xin felt embarrassed.

Qiao Xin was rarely shy, as a public figure, she shouldn’t be shy when dealing with someone.

But when she faced Ye Chen, Qiao Xin felt very embarrassed, she was embarrassed when she faced Ye Chen.

The charm of Ye Chen’s gaze made Qiao Xin feel embarrassed, Ye Chen’s gaze was different from others

”Don’t look at me like that” Qiao Xin told Ye Chen not to look at her like that.

”what’s wrong?, don’t you like it?” Ye Chen asked Qiao Xin.

Ye Chen asked Qiao Xin if Qiao Xin didn’t like him.

”No it’s not like that, it’s just that it’s embarrassing” Qiao Xin said to Ye Chen,  her telling that it was embarrassing.

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”You have to be more honest, why don’t you just be more aggressive” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin, Ye Chen told Qiao Xin to be more aggressive, he told Qiao Xin to be even more aggressive.

”Do you like women like that?” Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen.

”Of course, didn’t you ever teach Jingyi about this matter, why are you embarrassed yourself?” Ye Chen asked Qiao Xin.

”I don’t know, maybe I’m still not comfortable with Jingyi” Qiao Xin probably was still embarrassed because Ye Chen was Li Jingyi’s husband.

Qiao Xin felt herself grabbing Ye Chen and Li Jingyi.

”You are still thinking about the matter, you don’t have to worry about it, Qiao Xin can definitely accept this” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin, he believed Li Jingyi would not be angry with this.

”Are you sure?” Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen, Qiao Xin wasn’t sure about this matter, whether Li Jingyi would be angry or not.

The feeling of having intercourse from behind was pleasant, but Qiao Xin was still thinking about the risk of being discovered one day.

”Of course, he might even know already” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin.

Ye Chen told that Li Jingyi had known about this matter for a long time, only that Qiao Xin didn’t notice.

”So it’s true that she already knows what happened” Qiao Xin had sensed it, she had long felt that Li Jingyi already knew of her relationship with Ye Chen.

”So there’s no need to hesitate and be guilty anymore” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin.

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”Who’s at fault, I actually feel sorry for myself for falling for a man like you, you have so many women, how do you make me happy?” Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had so many women, Qiao Xin’s question was how Ye Chen could make her happy.

”You don’t have to worry, I will do my best to make you happy.” Ye Chen would make Qiao Xin happy, he would give his the best that Qiao Xin would never get.

” what’s that?” Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen, it seemed that Qiao Xin still didn’t realize what Ye Chen meant.

”Of course this is what I mean.” Ye Chen took out his thing, he took out his big thing in front of Qiao Xin.

”very huge” Qiao Xin covered her mouth, she covered mouth when she saw Ye Chen Ye Chen’s little brother.

”Stupid, why would you bring out such a thing” Qiao Xin immediately turned her head away, she saw Ye Chen’s huge one.

Ye Chen did have something big down there, its size was way above normal men.

This was one of the weapons that Li Jingyi was often proud of, Li Jingyi had often boasted of this to Qiao Xin.

”Are you embarrassed or surprised?” Ye Chen asked Qiao Xin, himself asking if Qiao Xin was surprised or embarrassed.

”I don’t know” Qiao Xin refused to comment, she couldn’t comment when she saw Ye Chen’s extraordinary possession.

”Don’t you want to try it” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin, he told Qiao Xin to try it.

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hearing this, Qiao Xin felt itchy, she felt itchy and wanted to touch Ye Chen’s.

Qiao Xin glanced occasionally, she glanced at Ye Chen’s large object, even though she had seen it before, Qiao Xin was still quite surprised by Ye Chen’s size.

”Could it still be bigger?” Qiao Xin wanted to know if it could be even bigger than this, if it could then it would be an amazing thing.

Whether it would fit hers, Qiao Xin slightly doubted such a big thing would possibly be very difficult to fit into her.

”Jingyi said that it is very convenient, is it really that good?” Qiao Xin wanted to try it, she felt that she really, really wanted to try it.

Qiao Xin works in a brothel and often hears things like this, she often sees people doing fun things in the room, even if she doesn’t see it in person, the voices of women and men inside the room are loud enough to be heard from outside, that should prove if this is fun.

”Alright, I’ll try to be even more daring” since the situation had become like this, there was no way for Qiao Xin to turn back.

Qiao Xin was holding Ye Chen’s big thing, because she was too nervous, she gripped Ye Chen’s thing quite firmly.

” ouch.
.” Ye Chen felt pain when Qiao Xin gripped hers, to be honest Qiao Xin did it quite strongly and injured Ye Chen’s little brother.

”I’m sorry, I was too nervous .” Qiao Xin apologized to Ye Chen.

”It’s okay, please be more gentle” Ye Chen told Qiao Xin to be more gentle, it would be dangerous if Qiao Xin ruined Ye Chen’s future.

Qiao Xin’s hand felt very soft, inside the softness of Qiao Xin’s hand, it turned out to hold a power that could make Ye Chen’s little brother experience bad things.

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”Okay, I’ll do it” Qiao Xin nodded, she would be even more gentle with Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin started to be more gentle, she treated Ye Chen even better.

This time Qiao Xin was gentler in touching Ye Chen’s, she was gentler in touching Ye Chen’s.

”This feels very comfortable.” Qiao Xin’s technique was good, she had very good hand technique.

Ye Chen liked it, Qiao Xin started to learn to be much better, now Ye Chen got a very good feeling.

”How, is this comfortable?” Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen, Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen, she asked if it was convenient

”Of course, your skills are very comfortable.” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin, admitting Ye Chen’s ability.

”Then I will make you more comfortable.” Qiao Xin said that she would make Ye Chen more comfortable, she had the ability to make Ye Chen feel more comfortable.

Qiao Xin was Li Jingyi’s teacher, she naturally had abilities comparable to Li Jingyi’s.

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