Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1854 Blood seeker emergency meeting

Chapter 1853 Ye Chens orders for Fang Miyu  ”My place is quite small, so I hope you guys get used to it.” Fang Miyu said to Ye Chen and Qiao Xin, hers was very small, so Fang Miyu hoped that Ye Chen and Qiao Xin could accept this.

”We will accept this well.” Ye Chen was used to living in this place, he was very used to living in such a small and minimal place.

”good” Fang Miyu smiled, she was quite happy with Ye Chen, she thought Ye Chen was very good and could accept everything well.

”I will make you something.” Fang Miyu said that she would make Ye Chen something.

Ye Chen and Qiao Xin were left alone in this place, both of them were left alone and looked around this place.

”She doesnt have good taste.” Ye Chen saw that Fang Miyu didnt have good taste, she didnt have good taste.

”she really doesnt have taste.” Qiao Xin agreed with Ye Chen, Fang Miyu really didnt have an appetite.

”What do you think of them?” Ye Chen asked Qiao Xin, he asked Qiao Xins opinion.

”Theyre pretty good, they should be able to help you when youre in trouble” Qiao Xin said to Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin was sure that Fang Miyu and the Fang Clan had the power to help Ye Chen.

”Do they have a great ability to infiltrate?” Ye Chen asked Qiao Xin.

”They should have the greatest ability, I can guarantee that” Qiao Xin wouldnt doubt the strength of Fang Miyu and Fang Clan, Fang Clan should be the most clever Clan in infiltrating.

The Jing Clan was quite hidden, they rarely appeared in public, this gave them a special ability that allowed them to sneak around very easily.

”Looks like I will tell him to do something” Ye Chen wanted to tell the Fang Clan to infiltrate a place.

”You, how many enemies do you actually have?” Qiao Xin shook her head, Ye Chen had quite a few enemies.

”Hahaha, I do have a lot of enemies, they all aim for the power I have” Ye Chen said that everyone is after his strength.

”Its not strange if they aim for your power, your strength is not normal, plus its the Mask Hero that passes all the lightning of heaven” Qiao Xin said to Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin was initially surprised by Ye Chens identity, Ye Chen had an unusual identity.

As Mask Hero who was designated as the most wanted person in the God Realm, Ye Chen did have a strong capacity, he possessed immense strength and made the world seek him out.

”Sorry for keeping you guys waiting” Fang Miyu came over, she made tea for Ye Chen and Qiao Xin.

It was rare for Fang Miyu to personally make someone tea, she almost never made someone like this.

Ye Chen looked at the tea in front of him, he saw that the tea in front of him was purple and gave off a terrifying darkness aura.

-_-” Qiao Xin didnt expect that Fang Miyu wouldnt be able to make tea, she made something terrible and probably wouldnt be drinkable.

whoever drank this would definitely die on the spot, Qiao Xin could guarantee that.

”I thought Jingyi was really bad at causing trouble the first time we met, but now Ive changed my mind, this woman is much worse than Jingyi” it turns out that in this world there are still people who can make things even more terrifying.

”please enjoy” Fang Miyu told Ye Chen and Qiao Xin to try the tea she made.

Fang Miyu smiled, she waited for Ye Chen and Qiao Xin to drink the tea she made.

”-_-” Ye Chen and Qiao Xin were silent, they didnt do anything about this matter, they both still cherished their lives.

”Okay lets forget this, lets talk more seriously” Ye Chen said to Fang Miyu.

Ye Chen hastily changed the topic, it would be very dangerous if Fang Miyu kept telling Ye Chen to drink that terrible thing.

”You definitely need something that makes you accept us” Fang Miyu said to Ye Chen.

”Can you guys find out about the person who has great influence behind the ruler of the God Realm” Ye Chen said to Fang Miyu.

”Thats impossible, we wont be able to do such a thing, its too heavy.” Fang Miyu said that they wouldnt be able to, in the Fang Clan no one was able to get to that place.

”Is it difficult?” Ye Chen asked Fang Miyu.

”If I were to tell the truth, then it would be very difficult, they are far more terrible people than Assassins like us, the Fang Clan is just an ant in their eyes” Fang Miyu was honest, she told herself that the Fang Clan was no match for evil monsters who wreaks havoc in the God Realm.

”Too bad, it seems these people are really troublesome” Ye Chen said to Fang Miyu.

”If you want to know them, then you must be able to enter their environment, the upper-class star realm Fang Clan environment, not God Realm controlling environment” Fang Miyu said to Ye Chen.

”Then I want you to keep an eye on the Vengeance Fate Sect” Ye Chen asked Fang Miyu.

Ye Chen still considered the Vengeance Fate Sect a threat, there were people who were quite dangerous and Ye Chen had to be wary of.

”If its possible we still can, who do you want to supervise” Fang Miyu could do this.

”Keep an eye on this woman and tell her what she is doing” Ye Chen gave Yu Ting a photo, this woman hasnt been seen in a long time, Yu Ting must be up to something.

Yu Ting was quite a dangerous woman, she was obsessed with fighting Ye Chen, she must be plotting something bad with Ye Chen and his women.

”beautiful woman, is she your ex?” Fang Miyu asked Ye Chen.

Fang Miyu was quite observant, she could find out about this matter easily.

” its just that now hes a little troublesome and always causing trouble for me” Ye Chen said to Fang Miyu.

”Is it necessary to destroy it all?” Fang Miyu said to Ye Chen, because Ye Chen said that, Fang Miyu wanted to destroy Yu Ting.

”She wont be easy to fight, he should be protected by Vengeance Fate Sect, as a talented person, she has the abilities needed by Vengeance Fate Sect” Ye Chen said.

”Looks like its troublesome, well if its just watching, then it should be fine” Since the task was just to supervise, Fang Miyu was confident that she could do this.

”Okay” Ye Chen can rest easy, he gave this matter to Fang Miyu, he told Fang Miyu to keep an eye on Vengeance Fate Sect and Yu Tings movements.

”For now thats all I need, if I need you, Ill contact you right away” Ye Chen said to Fang Miyu.

”Thank you very much, I wont let you down.” Fang Miyu said that she wouldnt let Ye Chen down.

”This is a little gift for you, use it well” Before leaving, Ye Chen gave a pouch to Fang Miyu.

”Thank you very much” Fang Miyu received the pouch from Ye Chen, she thanked Ye Chen again.

”Lets go” Ye Chen took Qiao Xin away, Ye Chen was done, now its time to go back.

Ye Chen and Qiao Xin left, both of them left using Ye Chens teleportation ability.

Fang Miyu raised her head, she saw that the two people had already left.

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