Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1855 Blood seekers decision

Chapter 1854 Blood seeker emergency meeting  ”This guy is terrible, he even dares to harass the master of darkness in God Realm” Fang Miyu stroked her chest, talking with Ye Chen had made her feel scared.

If it was a normal person who spoke like that with Fang Miyu, Fang Miyu would have knocked on that persons head, she would not let that person talk about things that could get them killed.

The great powers that control the God Realm are far more terrifying than the great powers that many know, they are far more dangerous than anything else.

”Fortunately he has the ability, otherwise he would have disappeared” Luckily Ye Chen had the ability, otherwise Fang Miyu was afraid that Ye Chen would have disappeared from this world.

”My job is just to watch and watch this womans every move, its very interesting, then it wont be too difficult” for Fang Miyu watching someone is not a difficult thing, this is a very easy task for Fang Miyu.

”But Mask hero is a little weird, about where he puts himself, almost all the great powers in God Realm become his enemy” Fang Miyu felt strange, Ye Chen seemed to have no allies, all the big powers became Ye Chens enemies.

Fang Miyu didnt know that Ye Chen had several people, although not as strong as the God Realm Control Faction, the strength of Ye Chen and those close to him was worthy of consideration.

”I get dizzy when I think about this.” A smart woman like Fang Miyu was dizzy, she met people who were hard to guess.

”but he can also” women like men who are difficult to guess, their instincts always direct them towards men who are not easy to guess.

Fang Miyu smiled to herself, she seemed to be thinking bad things about Ye Chen.

”Lets see what the new young master has to offer, I hope hes not stingy” Fang Miyu hoped Ye Chen wasnt stingy.

Fang Miyu already got a book on how to control her power, it should be a very valuable and priceless item, even if Ye Chen gave something bad then Fang Miyu wouldnt be able to complain.

Fang Miyu opened the storage pouch given by Ye Chen, when Fang Miyu opened it, there were countless profound crystals and pills coming out of the pouch.

” What ! ! !” Fang Miyu screamed, herself screaming when she saw the pile of Divine Rainbow Crystals.

Fang Miyu was naturally surprised, this amount was quite a lot, at least this amount was equivalent to the Fang Clans income for thousands of years of working and selling their goods and services.

”Is he very rich?, what is his background?” Fang Miyu tried to guess Ye Chens wealth, it should be if Ye Chen could expend this much resources, he should be very rich.

”Im very lucky, it seems that my choice was not wrong” Fang Miyu was grateful, it seemed that she was not wrong in making a choice.

”Madam, whats wrong?” the guards outside asked Fang Miyu, just now they heard Fang Miyus shocked screams.

”Its nothing” Fang Miyu immediately recovered herself, she immediately hid what happened to the woman who had just arrived here.

”Muxy, I have a task for you” Fang Miyu gave orders to Fang Muxy, Fang Miyu told Fang Muxy to carry out the task given by Ye Chen.

”What do you want?” Fang Muxy asked Fang Miyu, she asked what Ye Chen wanted.

”I want you to send our people to watch and find out this person” Fang Miyu told to watch and find out what Yu Ting was doing.

”This woman?” Fang Muxy looked at the picture of the woman Fang Miyu had given her.

”Whats wrong, do you know this woman?” Fang Miyu asked Fang Muxy.

”I do know this woman, I have met this woman, to be honest this woman is dangerous, she has a terrible hatred” Fang Muxy explained about Yu Ting to Fang Miyu.

”So this woman is indeed dangerous” Fang Muxy was Fang Miyus right hand , she would naturally believe Fang Muxys words.

”Yes, she is indeed dangerous” Fang Muxy assured Fang Miyu that Yu Ting was a dangerous woman.

”But I promised that person, I wont be able to break it.” Fang Miyu had promised Ye Chen, she wouldnt be able to leave the matter that Ye Chen had agreed to.

”If its just monitoring, it shouldnt be a problem” Fang Muxy said if its just watching then itll be fine.

”I just need you to keep an eye on her, nothing more” Fang Miyu just wanted Fang Muxy to keep an eye on Yu Ting, she didnt intend to make a move against Yu Ting.

Ye Chen had already left a message for Fang Miyu not to do anything to Yu Ting, Ye Chen just needed information on what Yu Ting did.

”Okay, then Ill send our best person to go” Fang Muxy will send the best person, this is quite a complicated task, so they have to send a great person.

”do whatever, you are free to do whatever you want” Fang Miyu allowed Fang Muxy to do whatever she wanted, they had to finish this task quickly.

”Madam, I almost forgot, there will be an emergency meeting sent from Blood Seekers” Fang Muxy said to Fang Miyu.

”Meeting about what?” Fang Miyu asked what these people wanted to do, why there had to be an emergency meeting.

”I heard that all the leaders of the Jing, Di, Mo, Qun, and Wan Clans have been crippled” said Fang Muxy.

” who did it?” Fang Miyu asked Fang Muxy.

”That, is the Mask Hero, isnt he just in your room” Fang Muxy said to Fang Miyu.

”Oh, so this is all he doing, its not strange, luckily I didnt put up a fight” Fang Miyu was grateful, she was grateful that she didnt put up a fight against Ye Chen.

”Madam, what are you going to do, are you coming or not?” Fang Muxy asked Fang Miyu.

”Of course I will go alone” Fang Miyu will go alone, she will go alone in the meeting.

”Is madam sure about it, this will be a troublesome thing” Fang Muxy said.

”Its okay, Ill go, you are in charge until I come back” Fang Miyu left, she went alone to the meeting.

Fang Miyu didnt like carrying bodyguards, she preferred to go alone because it would make her steps easier.

Fang Muxy went to carry out the task given by Fang Miyu, she looked for the best talent they had to enter the Vengeance Fate Sect and started looking for information about Yu Ting.



Fang Miyu went to a secluded place, right where she was in a very small place like this.

”Strange, its not uncommon for meetings to be held in a place like this” Fang Miyu found it strange, it wasnt usually a meeting held in such a hidden place, if Fang Miyu wasnt mistaken this wasnt a blood seekers treason.

”What happened to the Blood Seekers headquarters, was it destroyed?” Fang Miyu began to estimate what happened to the Blood Seekers headquarters.

”Madam, all representatives have arrived, please come with me” a man came to Fang Miyu, he informed that representatives from Jing, Di, Mo, Qun, and Wan Clan were waiting.

”I will go” Fang Miyu nodded, she went inside where everyone was waiting for her.

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