Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1861 Avenge Sun Xuanyin (3)

Chapter 1860 Avenge Sun Xuanyin (2)  ”This woman is a little troublesome, but maybe its a good idea” Ye Chen might do it, its not a bad idea and can be used by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen needed an increase in strength, he needed a lot of strength to defeat a strong person who controlled the God Realm.

”Are you unwilling to take revenge on this woman?” Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen.

”No need to ask anymore, I naturally want to take revenge” Ye Chen naturally wants revenge, Ye Chen has many grievances with Sun Xuanyin.

”Then now is the right time, instead of crippling it, you can use it” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”You are quite cruel too” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen did not expect that Chu Yuechan would think such a cruel thing.

”But training her would be quite difficult, she is quite an ambitious woman” training Sun Xuanyin would be quite difficult, this woman would definitely put up a fight against Ye Chen.

”You dont believe in yourself, with the abilities you have now, you should be able to do that” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to give it a try, he told Ye Chen to try to train and make Sun Xuanyin a servant.

”I will accept this challenge” Ye Chen will accept this challenge, it is time for Ye Chen to repay Sun Xuanyin.

As much as Ye Chen would try to hide his identity, he should be able to hide his identity well.

Sun Xuanyins attacks started to become aggressive, this woman started to attack Ye Chens younger brother with her legs.

Under the foot table Sun Xuanyin teased little brother Ye Chen, Sun Xuanyins skills could be said to be excellent, she possessed above average techniques and skills.

This was the first time that a woman had teased Ye Chen under the table, only Sun Xuanyin would dare to do this to Ye Chen.

”Whats wrong, are you happy?” Sun Xuanyin asked Ye Chen, Sun Xuanyin was confident in her abilities, she could definitely excite Ye Chen with her skills.

”Is this all you can do?” Ye Chen said in an arrogant tone, he looked unfazed by Sun Xuanyin.

”Impossible, I cant believe you werent affected.” Sun Xuanyin couldnt believe that Ye Chen wasnt affected by the stimulation of her feet.

”Try again harder” Ye Chen told Sun Xuanyin to try even harder.

Ye Chens words made Sun Xuanyin feel challenged, Sun Xuanyin felt challenged by Ye Chens words.

”Then be prepared.” Sun Xuanyin was about to use her skills, she used her power to make Ye Chen feel happy.

Sun Xuanyin used Eternal goddess heart silk Art, this was a high level technique that could easily ensnare men.

”I will use my full strength, I hope it works.” Sun Xuanyin hoped that it would work.

last time his Charm didnt work, this time it should be a direct touch to make Ye Chen fall.

Ye Chen could feel Sun Xuanyin using the Dual Cultivation technique on him, a strong current began to enter Ye Chens body.

Ye Chens body started to get excited, he felt much more excited than usual.

” how?” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen what he was feeling right now.

”I feel strange.” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, he felt a strange feeling.

Sun Xuanyin smiled, this time she managed to excite Ye Chen, now what Ye Chen can do, Ye Chen will not be able to fight it.

Sun Xuanyin further increased her strength, her legs gently teasing Ye Chens little brother.

”This is a little worse than I imagined, it seems I have to fight back” This is much worse than Ye Chen thought, Sun Xuanyin has good skills.

Sun Xuanyin smiled, she was enjoying this very well.

”Now do you dare to doubt this woman” Ye Chen shouldnt have dared to underestimate Sun Xuanyin, Sun Xuanyin was a Succubus who could seduce men to the bone.

”I dont know, why I like playing with this man.” Sun Xuanyin felt very happy when she played with Ye Chen, she was very happy when she played with Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin already thought that Ye Chen was her toy, she had a lot of fun playing Ye Chen.

”hehe, I cant wait to train you” Sun Xuanyin couldnt wait to train Ye Chen, she was very impatient in training Ye Chen.

Ye Chen still didnt know about Sun Xuanyins thoughts, if he knew, then Ye Chen would definitely do the opposite to Sun Xuanyin.

”You dont have to endure it, I will teach you how to be a real man” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was going to teach Ye Chen how to become a real man, he couldnt wait to teach Ye Chen the best way to become a real man who obeyed Sun Xuanyins orders.

Rather she would make Ye Chen into a pet who would do whatever Sun Xuanyin wanted.

”Can you stop?” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, Ye Chen told Sun Xuanyin to stop, he now looks weak and helpless.

”Didnt you ask for it yourself, now I wont stop” Having already felt the upper hand, Sun Xuanyin refused to stop, herself refusing to stop teasing Ye Chen.

Everyone has come this far, theres no way Sun Xuanyin will stop when the situation gets to this point.

This was the perfect time to bring down the overbearing Ye Chen against her.

”Ahhh. . .” Ye Chen couldnt stand it, he tried to hold Sun Xuanyins leg.

”Its useless, you wont succeed” Sun Xuanyin smiled evilly, Ye Chen would not succeed in resisting his attack.

”Looks like its time to fight back” Ye Chen felt that this was the right time to fight back.

Ye Chen used the Passion Goddess technique to face the Eternal goddess heart silk Art, he did this to win against Sun Xuanyin.

Ye Chen touched Sun Xuanyin, this time Ye Chen used his feet and started flirting.

Sun Xuanyins smile immediately changed when she felt Ye Chens feet, she didnt expect that Ye Chen would be so bold like this.

”You what are you doing. ., Ahhh . . .” Sun Xuanyin felt pleasure in her body, once again this man touched her sensitive spot.

”No way, how could he find every sensitive spot of mine” Sun Xuanyin couldnt believe what was happening, how could Ye Chen find her sensitive spot so easily.

”you . . ., stop right now.” Sun Xuanyin told Ye Chen to stop right now.

This time it was Sun Xuanyins turn to tell Ye Chen to stop, she couldnt stand Ye Chens temptation.

Sun Xuanyins arrogance quickly collapsed, she did not become arrogant in front of Ye Chen.

”Im just repaying what you did” is it wrong Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

”Of course its wrong.” Sun Xuanyin said that what Ye Chen did was a mistake.

Sun Xuanyin couldnt defend against Ye Chens counterattack.

”Then what you did earlier was not wrong,” Ye Chen replied to Sun Xuanyin.

Ye Chens movements were still chaotic, even though it was chaotic it still caused Sun Xuanyin to run into trouble.

”What the hell, theres no way I could lose to an inexperienced person.” Sun Xuanyin couldnt believe that she would lose to an inexperienced person like Ye Chen.

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