Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1873 moon mirror necklace

Chapter 1872 Sun Vin  The person who reported this matter immediately shrunk when he felt the pressure from the two old monsters, the pressure of these two old men was so terrifying that it made him feel scared.

”How did it happen quickly tell us the truth” two old men asked how they failed to catch Li Jingyi, when it was only capturing a woman.

Even though it was only a woman, how could they fail to catch a woman was a very ridiculous thing.

”Lord, to be honest this woman is strong, she has several strong people beside her, we couldnt afford to catch her” This person told them that they failed because there were Ye Chen and Huang Ying, both of whom were strong people who were not easy to deal with.

”Its useless, if you cant handle this problem, you better get out.” The two old men scolded the man in front of them, as if they wanted to kill the man in front of them.

the messenger felt very anxious, he felt like he was being watched by two huge, terrible monsters, to be honest it scared him to death.

”Im really sorry” he apologized to the two old men in front of him, he really looked down and apologized for what happened.

”Sun Vin, you have to be able to get that woman, otherwise your life will be at stake” the two old men told to catch Li Jingyi immediately, otherwise the life of the man in front of him would be in danger.

”I understand, I will immediately do it” Sun Vin nodded, he will immediately carry out the orders given by the two old monsters.

”go” the two old monsters told Sun Vin to leave this place immediately.

”I understand Sun Vin immediately left, he immediately left this place, he immediately went and carried out the orders of the old monster.

Sun Vin came out of the forbidden place, he immediately went and looked for a way to catch Li Jingyi again.

Since Li Jingyi was much stronger than Sun Vin had imagined, Sun Vin had to change his plans.

He had to change his plans and start using devious means to catch Li Jingyi.

The Illumination God Realm members were cunning, they could use an extremely cunning way to deal with someone.



Ye Chen started to build his own house, with hard work, his house started to formed.

Ye Chen used the best materials he had, with the top grade materials that Ye Chen had, he could build a house as well as a fortress.

This house could become a profound ark that could fly at full speed.

Ye Chen also equipped heavyweight weapons around to shoot at the enemy, Ye Chen had quite a lot of Solar Stones, so Ye Chen had plenty of ammunition to fight against the enemy who was about to attack again.

Luckily during these few days, there were no more attacks on Li Jingyi, everything was safe thanks to Huang Ying being next to Li Jingyi.

As long as Li Jingyi was with Huang Ying, then everything should be fine.

”Big brother Ye Chen are you busy?” Little Shen Niang often appeared and helped Ye Chen, she loved to play and interfere with the work Ye Chen was doing.

She along with Yin Yinger interfered with Ye Chen who was working on building the most beautiful dwelling place.

”Im busy, you can play around.” Ye Chen said that he was busy, he told little Shen Niang and Yin Yinger to go and play around.

” okay. . .” Little Shen Niang looked disappointed, she looked very disappointed when she listened to what Ye Chen said.

Ye Chen was still working, he just needed to polish his house to perfection.

The reason why Ye Chen took so long, was because the array was very complex, so it took a long time to process.

Every inch of the iron had been strengthened by using Runes and the outside was strengthened with the most powerful Array that Ye Chen had ever created. 

Ye Chen really expended quite a lot of the resources he had, he expended quite a lot of resources to build this powerful fortress.

”Looks like you are busy” Qiao Xin came to Ye Chen.

”Whats wrong dear wife” Ye Chen asked Qiao Xin, Ye Chen called Qiao Xin even more affectionately.

”I want to say that you got a gift from a Blood seeker.” Qiao Xin told Ye Chen that the Blood seeker sent a gift of resources to compensate.

”Oh, so they have good intentions towards me.” Ye Chen didnt expect Blood Seekers to have such good intentions.

”I think its all because of Fang Miyu, most likely she is the one who did this” Qiao Xin said to Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin was sure that Fang Miyu was the one who made Blood Seeker send Ye Chen a gift.

”Hehehehe, that woman did a very good job.” Ye Chen saw that Fang Miyu did a very good job.

”she did a very good job indeed, se also got the information you were looking for” Qiao Xin gave Ye Chen information about Yu Ting.

She handed her a letter about the activities Yu Ting had been doing this past week.

Ye Chen received the letter handed by Qiao Xin, Ye Chen wanted to know what this woman was up to.

In the letter sent by Fang Miyu, Ye Chen saw that Yu Ting was at the Five Lord Divine Academy and was trying to get close to one of the Top master in the Five Lord Divine Academy.

Yu Ting even got the young master of a rich family to follow her by using his powerful enchantment ability.

”How did she get into the Five Lord Divine Academy?” Ye Chen didnt know how Yu Ting got into the Five Lord Divine Academy, the Five Lord Divine Academy should not accept her as a member of the Vengeance Fate Sect.

”Looks like she changed her identity, she used a pseudonym to sneak into the Five Lord Divine Academy” Qiao Xin said to Ye Chen.

For the Vengeance Fate Sect sending someone to sneak into the Five Lord Divine Academy was not a difficult thing.

”Is the Five Lord Divine Academy that stupid?” Ye Chen asked Qiao Xin.

Ye Chen didnt expect that the Five Lord Divine Academy would be so stupid as to let Yu Ting in.

”They are not stupid, I can say that they let her into the Five Lord Divine Academy.” With the strength of the Five Lord Divine Academy they should have known about this matter, rather they let Yu Ting in.

”I dont know what that woman is planning, but it will be troublesome when that woman builds strength by preying on young men from rich families” Yu Ting seemed to be building up the strength she had, she used young masters from rich families to build up the power she have.

”Do I need to get rid of her?” Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen, she wanted to help to get rid of Yu Ting.

Somehow when Qiao Xin heard Yu Tings name, she became angry and wanted to destroy this woman.

”Thats not necessary” Ye Chen told Qiao Xin not to do that, that woman was quite dangerous and cunning, she might do something bad to Qiao Xin.

”Why, you forbid me?” Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen, she asked why Ye Chen forbade her to go.

”Its because Im worried for your safety.” Ye Chen told that he was worried about Qiao Xin.

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