Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1888 Lei Qiaolin peeked at Ye Chen and Sun Xuanyin

Chapter 1887 all the participants are aiming Ye Chen  ”It seems your education is not good, is that the right way to apologize?” Su Mengxin said to Wan Gunkin.

Su Mengxin felt that Wan Gunkins education was not good, so Su Mengxin didnt want to let him go.

”Shit” Wan Gunkin was very annoyed, he seemed very annoyed with what Su Mengxin was doing.

”Looks like I have no other choice.” Wan Gunkin had no other choice, he had no choice but to give in.

If the situation wasnt urgent, then Wan Gunkin wouldnt be willing to apologize to Su Mengxin.

”Alright, I will apologize” Wan Gunkin apologized, himself apologizing to Su Mengxin.

”Dont listen to him, hes lying to you” Qing Cheng knew Wan Gunkin, he knew what Wan Gunkin was thinking.

”Im not lying” Wan Gunkin said that he wasnt lying, he was trying to justify what he did.

”You cant fool us, I know what youre thinking” Qing Cheng said that she knew what Wan Gunkin, she even knew what Wan Gunkin was thinking.

”Huh?” Wan Gunkin looked surprised when he listened to what Qing Cheng had to say, he didnt expect Qing Cheng to know what he was thinking.

”Looks like he has started to develop her own abilities.” Ye Chen saw that Qing Cheng had already developed her abilities, she was able to read Wan Gunkins mind.

”You wont be able to fool us” Qing Cheng told Wan Gunkin that he wouldnt be able to fool himself.

”No way” Wan Gunkin couldnt believe this, he couldnt believe what was happening.

Wan Gunkin did not expect that Qing Cheng would be so terrifying, this woman had such terrifying abilities.

”Since he dares to lie, then there is no reason to let him go.” Seeing Wan Gunkin lying, there was no reason for Su Mengxin to let him go.

”Argh. . . .” Wan Gunkin screamed, feeling the torment that Su Mengxin had given him.

The technique that Su Mengxin possessed was perfect for torturing someone, it was a great technique for torturing someone.

Wan Gunkins body kept slashing, blood kept pouring out of Wan Gunkins body.

This torture made Wan Gunkin feel crazy, he really felt crazy about Su Mengxins torture.

”I think this is enough.” Su Mengxin felt that if this was enough, Wan Gunkin was already helpless.

Su Mengxin stopped her attack, herself letting Wan Gunkin lay limp.

”Looks like hes unconscious, youre great too” Ye Chen praised Su Mengxin, he didnt expect that Su Mengxin could do something like this.

”I think I overdid it.” Su Mengxin was probably overreacting, she had gone too far when she beat Wan Gunkin.

”Its okay” Ye Chen said that if what Su Mengxin did was a good thing, at least Wan Gunkin wouldnt be able to do anything bad again.

”You should all go, if you are found, it will be a problem for me” Ye Chen told Qing Cheng, Su Mengxin and Mu Lanyin to leave this place immediately.

If they were discovered by Lei Qiaolin, then it would be a very troublesome matter for Ye Chen.

”Too bad that you are still doing work” Qing Cheng was disappointed when he heard this, Ye Chen was currently in the exams and couldnt be with them.

”You guys came at the wrong time” Ye Chen informed that they all came at the wrong time.

”Dont bother him anymore” Su Mengxin said to Qing Cheng, she told Qing Cheng not to bother Ye Chen anymore. 

Su Mengxin was quite mature, she knew that Ye Chen had his own problems.

”Then lets go back” Mu Lanyin invited Su Mengxin and Qing Cheng to go back.

”Okay. . .” Qing Cheng had no choice but to do what Ye Chen wanted.

”You want to return to earth?” Ye Chen asked Mu Lanyin, Su Mengxin and Qing Cheng.

”No, we will stay here for a while Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm” Su Mengxin said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that they will stay in Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm.

”Then Ill go see you guys when all this is over” Ye Chen said that he would go see them when everything was over.

”We understand.” Mu Lanyin, Su Mengxin and Qing Cheng nodded, they headed towards the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm.

Before leaving, they all waved their hands towards Ye Chen, they bid farewell to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was alone, he saw Mu Lanyin, Su Mengxin and Qing Cheng who had already left.

”Master, it seems that the battle just now drew a lot of people to this place.” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that there were a lot of people heading to this place.

”They must be after me.” Ye Chen felt an unpleasant feeling, he felt that he was being targeted by other participants.

Ye Chen had made all the participants angry, of course this made all the participants try to catch and get Ye Chen.

”Looks like youre always in trouble.” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, Ye Chen was always in trouble.

”This is a risk that I have to face, when you have beautiful women, then you must have the strength to defend them” This is the risk of having beautiful women, if a man does not have the power, then the woman will be snatched by someone else.

In this world strength is the main, without strength it will be very difficult to survive and maintain something.

The other participants were approaching towards Ye Chen, they were approaching towards Ye Chen very quickly, in less than 1 minute, there were already hundreds of thousands of participants gathered and surrounded Ye Chen.

”Thats him, hes a very annoying person.” All the participants pointed at Ye Chen, they seemed to have a personal grudge with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had been surrounded, he was now surrounded by participants who were annoyed with him from the start.

”Do you guys have a problem with me?” Ye Chen asked the participants who were in this place.

”Of course, we have a problem with you” all the participants answered Ye Chens words, they all said that they had a problem with Ye Chen.

”How strange, I dont feel like I have a problem with you guys” Ye Chen didnt remember that he had problems with everyone.

”Damn, hes pretending to be stupid in front of us, looks like he wants to get beat up” people started to get annoyed, they started to get annoyed when they saw Ye Chen pretending to be stupid when he was in front of them.

Everyone started throwing curse words at Ye Chen, it was obvious that they were very angry with Ye Chen.

”Hahahaha” Ye Chen laughed, he laughed when he saw the people who were angry with him.

”Attack him” saw Ye Chen laughing, everyone was annoyed, they all got annoyed and started attacking Ye Chen.

”You guys are so troublesome, let me show you a little of my strength” Ye Chen would show a little bit of strength that he had.

”boom” An explosion occurred, Ye Chen began to fight against other participants, this battle was very chaotic, everyone was attacking each other, they didnt care about what was around, their goal was to attack Ye Chen and destroy Ye Chen, the safety of the people around was ignored by all of them.

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