Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1891 Ancient city (1)

Chapter 1890 Lei Qiaolin vs Sun Xuanyin (2)  Sun Xuanyins body was enveloped by a very strong fire, this fire made everything around Sun Xuanyin melt.

Lei Qiaolins body also began to be enveloped by Ice, the area around Lei Qiaolin froze.

When these two powers met, an enormous lightning bolt occurred, this lightning strike was enormous and covered almost the entire place.

”What happened” all the participants started to get scared, they started to feel the tense situation around them.

Earthquakes and earth splitting began to occur, all participants were very afraid of this.

” will this star be destroyed ” everyone thought that the star in this place would be destroyed.

Everyone immediately tried to save themselves, they didnt want to die silly.

Ye Chen, who had already seen the strange phenomenon in front of him, knew that this must be because of the battle between Sun Xuanyin and Lei Qiaolin.

”Looks like they have gone too far.” Ye Chen saw that Sun Xuanyin and Lei Qiaolin, It had gone too far, the two of them must have used their full strength against each other.

Ye Chen allowed this, he let Sun Xuanyin and Lei Qiaolin Fight and solve the problems they have.

”Leave it alone, I dont have to worry about the two of them.” Ye Chen didnt have to worry about Sun Xuanyin or Lei Qiaolin.

Both were equally strong and it was impossible to worry about the two of them.

Ye Chen left, himself tried to leave and avoid Sun Xuanyin and Lei Qiaolin, these two women were very troublesome for Ye Chen.



Back in the battle Sun Xuanyin and Lei Qiaolin both clashed with each other, they used their strength to suppress each other.

”She is able to suppress my strength very well.” Lei Qiaolin had to admit that Sun Xuanyin was a very strong person, she possessed extraordinary strength.

”I have to be more serious” Lei Qiaolin had no choice, she had to be even more serious in dealing with Ye Chen, otherwise he would not be able to win against Sun Xuanyin.

Lei Qiaolin decided to take Sun Xuanyin even more seriously, if she wasnt serious in facing Sun Xuanyin then she would lose in this place.

Lei Qiaolin used her full strength, when the two used her full strength, she started to be able to suppress Sun Xuanyin.

”Shes getting serious.” Sun Xuanyin saw that Lei Qiaolin was getting serious, it looked like she was going to fight Sun Xuanyin at full strength.

”Lets get started” Lei Qiaolin was the first to step up and attack Sun Xuanyin.

Sun Xuanyin didnt want to lose to Lei Qiaolin, and came forward to face Lei Qiaolin head-on.

Both of them stretched their palms forward, they tried to attack each other using their strength.

Sun Xuanyins palms were enveloped by fire that was as hot as the sun, meanwhile Lei Qiaolin was enveloped by extremely cold Ice.

”Boom. . .” When these two great powers met, an enormous explosion occurred, this explosion destroyed everything around, even everyone in the distance was affected by the battle waged by Sun Xuanyin and Lei Qiaolin.

In this exchange of attacks, Sun Xuanyin and Lei Qiaolin seemed very even, the two were able to balance each other out.

”You can match me, not bad either.” Lei Qiaolin admitted that Sun Xuanyin could match hefr.

”Of course, I am not the weak woman you think.” Sun Xuanyin was not a weak woman, she would not be easily defeated by Lei Qiaolin.

”Ice Seal Cube” Lei Qiaolins froze Sun Xuanyin, Sun Xuanyins body was easily frozen by Lei Qiaolin.

”Its over.” Sun Xuanyin was no longer able to move, Sun Xuanyin was no longer able to move against Lei Qiaolin.

The battle ended very quickly, Lei Qiaolin ended everything very quickly.

”Ssssssssss” just when Lei Qiaolin thought that everything was over, the unexpected happened, Sun Xuanyins body heated up and started to melt the Ice Seal Cube.

”she melted it from the inside” Lei Qiaolin didnt expect that Sun Xuanyin could do that, she melted the Ice Seal Cube from the inside.

In a matter of seconds, all of the Ice that was confining Sun Xuanyin melted away.

”Not bad.” Sun Xuanyin acknowledged Lei Qiaolins abilities, he had good abilities.

”This is just the beginning.” Lei Qiaolin didnt want to lose, he told Sun Xuanyin that everything was just the beginning.

Sun Xuanyin couldnt use her abilities, if Sun Xuanyin used her abilities, Lei Qiaolin would discover her identity.

Sun Xuanyin could do now was fight with the strength she had, she could use physical combat skills to take on Lei Qiaolin.

”Boom. . . ., Boom . . . ., Boom . . . ., Boom . . . ., Boom . . . ., Boom . . . ., Boom . . . .,” quite a fierce battle began between Sun Xuanyin and Lei Qiaolin, both of them using their full strength to defeat each other.

In this battle, Sun Xuanyin was slightly pressured by Lei Qiaolins attacks, she was unable to withstand Lei Qiaolins many attacks.

If only Sun Xuanyin could use her abilities, then she could turn things around.

”Ye Chen, can you help me?” Sun Xuanyin asked Ye Chen for help.

When Sun Xuanyin tried to ask Ye Chen for help, Sun Xuanyin found that Ye Chen did not give an answer.

When Sun Xuanyin looked around, she didnt see Ye Chen around anymore.

”he Run away” Sun Xuanyin finally realized that Ye Chen had left, Ye Chen took the opportunity just now to leave and leave this place.

”Where did he go?” Lei Qiaolin was not aware of Ye Chens departure, to be honest she was not aware that Ye Chen had left this place.

”This is all your fault, he left because of you” said Sun Xuanyin in a disgruntled tone.

Sun Xuanyin was annoyed with Lei Qiaolin, she had made Ye Chen go and run away from her.

If only Lei Qiaolin had not interfered and decided to watch from afar, then Ye Chen would not have run away like this.

”Why are you blaming me, its all your own fault” Lei Qiaolin didnt accept what Sun Xuanyin said, it wasnt her fault from the start.

”I dont care, its all your fault” Sun Xuanyin said to Lei Qiaolin.

”you are an annoying woman” Lei Qiaolin said to Sun Xuanyin, di is a very annoying woman.

Sun Xuanyin and Lei Qiaolin resumed their battle, their current battle being much more aggressive than before.

Honestly, Sun Xuanyin and Lei Qiaolins battle messed up the course of this exam, all the participants felt very scared and went into hiding.

Everyone could only pray that everything would be over soon, so that they could resume searching and hunting.

The Magical Beasts that are in this place are also hiding, Sun Xuanyin and Lei Qiaolins battle has made all the Magical Beasts afraid and unwilling to come out of the pit.

”It seems that the battle that the two of them had was very fierce.” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, the battle that Sun Xuanyin and Lei Qiaolin fought was fierce.

”They must be having fun.” Ye Chen looked with God Eyes, he could see that the two of them seemed to be having fun.

”Having fun?, arent they fighting?” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”It seems to me that they are having fun, let them do that, they will not kill each other” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

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