Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1897 one move to defeat Cao Gin

Chapter 1896 Cao Gir challenges Ye Chen  Everyone was silent when they saw Ye Chens results, they all looked very surprised by Ye Chens results.

The result that Ye Chen had obtained was so unreasonable, it couldnt be believed by everyone in this place.

Lei Qiaolin gaped when he saw Ye Chens results, she looked very surprised by Ye Chens results.

”Nonsense” Leo Qiaolin was very surprised by the results obtained by Ye Chen, the results obtained by Ye Chen were completely unreasonable.

”You can start counting” Ye Chen told Lei Qiaolin to calculate it, he invited Lei Qiaolin to calculate the results he had obtained.

Lei Qiaolin slightly bit her lip, Ye Chen was toying with her again.

At first Lei Qiaolin thought that Ye Chen wouldnt get too much results, but now she changed her mind and saw something that was hard to believe.

”How did he kill such a large number of Magical Beasts like this?” Lei Qiaolin didnt know how Ye Chen would do it, but Ye Chen must have tried hard enough.

Lei Qiaolin didnt know that Ye Chen only needed a few hours to hunt, meanwhile Ye Chen spent his time lazing around and waiting for everything to finish.

Lei Qiaolin had already submitted herself, right now Lei Qiaolin couldnt back down anymore.

”Okay, Ill calculate it right away.” Lei Qiaolin had no other choice, she could only calculate the results obtained by Ye Chen.

Ye Chens results were enormous, he had great results and made Lei Qiaolin have to try quite hard to calculate them all.

”Good luck” Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin, he told Lei Qiaolin to fight and count his catch.

Ye Chen took a chair, sat down and waited for Lei Qiaolin to finish counting his results.

Lei Qiaolin saw what Ye Chen was doing, to be honest this guy was really annoying.

”This brat, just watch out for you” Lei Qiaolin looked annoyed, she felt he was being played by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was too smart, he could always easily fool Lei Qiaolin.

Lei Qiaolin was looking for a way to deal with Ye Chen, how to deal with the naughty Ye Chen.

To be honest, facing Ye Chen was quite difficult, Lei Qiaolin had to find a suitable match to defeat Ye Chen.

While continuing to count Ye Chens results, Lei Qiaolin came up with some good ideas for dealing with Ye Chen.

”lady ,Our will help you” The jury intended to help Lei Qiaolin.

”No need, you dont need to help me” Lei Qiaolin refused help, he could handle this alone.

After several long time, Lei Qiaolin finally finished calculating the amount Ye Chen got.

”You got 2,580,123 points” Lei Qiaolin told Ye Chen the amount.

When Lei Qiaolin mentioned the amount Ye Chen had earned, this left everyone on the spot.

The amount that Ye Chen earned was thousands of times more than that of normal participants, this was even tens of times more than what Ben Jumi earned.

”So Im ranked first” Ye Chen got his win, he again got first place.

”You did get first place.” Lei Qiaolin didnt want to admit it, but she had to admit that Ye Chen got first place easily.

”no way why him again” people were frustrated, they all looked frustrated when they saw Ye Chen get first place.

”Wow, hes really great” a lot of women praised Ye Chen, they praised Ye Chen for having managed to get first place easily.

In addition to being handsome, Ye Chen turned out to be great, this made all the women feel very happy about Ye Chen.

Ben Jumi was annoyed, he didnt get the first place, the first place should be his.

”Okay, you will get a reward for getting first place” Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, he would give a gift to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didnt expect that Lei Qiaolin would bother in giving Ye Chen a present, to be honest Ye Chen didnt expect that this woman would want to give Ye Chen a present.

”Before that, are any of you willing to challenge him and take first place?” Lei Qiaolin said to everyone in this place, She giving everyone a chance to attack Ye Chen.

”I want” there are so many people who want to challenge Ye Chen, they all want to challenge and beat Ye Chen.

Ye Chens face was slightly uncomfortable, obviously he knew what Lei Qiaolins intentions were.

Lei Qiaolin wanted to teach Ye Chen a lesson, it seemed that he still had a grudge against Ye Chen.

One by one people started to volunteer themselves, they wanted to challenge and fight Ye Chen using their abilities.

They were all eager to teach Ye Chen a lesson and take Ye Chens place.

”You did this on purpose” Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin, he said that Lei Qiaolin did this on purpose.

”I am the person in charge of this place, so I have the right to do whatever I want, if you dont like it, you can leave” Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, Lei Qiaolin had a high position and could not be resisted by Ye Chen , this is the advantage that Lei Qiaolin has.

”Damn it, shes quite arrogant” Ye Chen looked at Lei Qiaolin, this woman is quite arrogant and wants to find trouble with Ye Chen again, it seems that the lessons from that time were still not enough to make Lei Qiaolin afraid of Ye Chen.

”You have to be careful, maybe you wont be able to go home safely” Ye Chen warned Lei Qiaolin, Ye Chen warned Lei Qiaolin to be careful on the way home.

”I wont be as stupid as I used to be.” Lei Qiaolin wasnt afraid, she wasnt afraid of Ye Chens threat.

”So who wants to go forward?” Lei Qiaolin asked the people in front of her.

”Get out of the way” Cao Gir told everyone to get out of the way, he wanted to challenge Ye Chen.

When Cao Gir stepped forward, everyone immediately pulled themselves back, they looked scared and didnt dare to look for trouble with Cao Gir.

”Very good” Lei Qiaolin was very happy, Cao Gir was willing to come forward and fight Ye Chen.

”Come on” Lei Qiaolin told Cao Gir to come forward, she would help Cao Gir against Ye Chen.

Lei Qiaolin made an arena made of Ice, she helped the battle between the two of them.

”Get into the arena, your battle will begin soon” Lei Qiaolin told Cao Gir and Ye Chen to go upstairs,

Cao Gir immediately went up, he seemed ready to fight Ye Chen, Ye Chen had no other choice, he had to go up and fight Cao Gir.

Lei Qiaolin will be the referee in the match, she will be in charge of the match between Ye Chen and Cao Gir.

”Are you guys ready?” Lei Qiaolin asked Ye Chen and Cao Gir.

”Im ready, just start” Cao Gir told that he was ready, he told Lei Qiaolin to order the start of the match.

”you?” Lei Qiaolin asked Ye Chen, Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, is Ye Chen ready or not.

”You can start at any time.” Ye Chen invited Lei Qiaolin to start at any time, he was ready to fight against Cao Gir.

”Then Ill start.” Seeing that Ye Chen was ready, Lei Qiaolin started the battle.

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