Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1907 Yue Ya met Zhao Yanyan

Chapter 1906 Playing game with Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin (3)  Ye Chen didnt want to slow down, he kept on cornering Mu Lanyin, Ye Chen used his full speed to fight Mu Lanyin.

”Pah. . . ., pah. . . ., pah. . . ., pah. . . ., pah. . . ..,” the battle between Mu Lanyin Vs Ye Chen became more and more intense, both of them showing each other their abilities.

”Ahhh. . .” Mu Lanyin was starting to get impatient, she was starting to get impatient and her stamina was starting to run out.

Even though its still less than 1 hour, it looks like Mu Lanyin has started to lose strength and may be about to collapse.

”Looks like she cant do it anymore.” Qing Cheng saw that Mu Lanyin had reached her limit.

”I will go and help her” Qing Cheng took the initiative to help Mu Lanyin.

”Wait a minute, just let me go” Su Mengxin said to Qing Cheng, Su Mengxin was coming, she was coming to help Mu Lanyin.

” why?” Qing Cheng asked Su Mengxin, even though Qing Cheng couldnt take it anymore and wanted to do battle with Ye Chen immediately.

”You are too flashy, so leave me alone” Su Mengxin said to Qing Cheng, Qing Cheng was too flashy, so for that Su Mengxin would take her place.

Qing Cheng pouted, she seemed displeased with what Su Mengxin said.

The situation had come to this point, there was no choice but to give in.

Su Mengxin stepped forward, herself went and helped Mu Lanyin who was in trouble, as a good sister, Su Mengxin had to do it.

”Whats wrong?, are you no longer able to?” Ye Chen asked Mu Lanyin.

”Husband, please be lighter, I cant take it anymore” Mu Lanyin asked Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin couldnt stand this pleasure anymore.

Mu Lanyin had already reached the peak for dozens of times, she was quite tired and her body was extremely sensitive.

Ye Chens movements made Mu Lanyin feel more and more crazy.

”Sorry, but I was just having fun, lets continue this to the end” Ye Chen said to Mu Lanyin.

”No” Mu Lanyin didnt expect that she would hear something like this from Ye Chens mouth, Mu Lanyin honestly hoped that Ye Chen would let her go.

Mu Lanyin couldnt stand it anymore, she had to endure and fight against the very strong Ye Chen.

”I will take your place.” Su Mengxin approached, herself whispering towards Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin turned her head, Mu Lanyin saw Su Mengxin intending to help her out of trouble, this made Mu Lanyin feel happy.

Mu Lanyin immediately nodded, she giving her position to Su Mengxin.

Ye Chen was a little confused when he saw Mu Lanyin leave, but when he sensed a woman taking Mu Lanyins place, Ye Chen understood what had happened.

”So they switched positions” Ye Chen saw that Mu Lanyin swapped positions with Su Mengxin.

”Oh. . ., very tight.” Su Mengxins honey cave was very tight, it was holding Ye Chen very tightly.

”I will make you lose” Su Mengxin would try her best to beat Ye Chen.

“Is my beautiful wife able to do that?” Ye Chen said to Su Mengxin.

”We wont know until we try it, so prepare yourselves.” Su Mengxin said that they wouldnt know until we tried.

”Lets start” Ye Chen invited Su Mengxin, the two started their battle, both of them looked very enthusiastic while doing this.

Su Mengxin started to move up and down, she showed her strength, Su Mengxin should now be worthy to fight Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didnt want to lose, he quickened his movements and started exploring into Su Mengxins honey cave.

”Husband, its so big, I feel full.” Su Mengxin said to Ye Chen, she couldnt stand Ye Chens big one.

”I will let you know that I am a formidable opponent” Ye Chen said to Su Mengxin, Ye Chen said that he was a very formidable opponent.

”Moreover, you are so great” Su Mengxin shouted at Ye Chen, herself telling Ye Chen to be even stronger.

Su Mengxin was very happy, she was very happy when she was with Ye Chen, this was the best feeling in this world.

Su Mengxin started to lose her mind, in just 20 minutes, she had already started to lose to Ye Chen.

”Pah. . . , Pah . . . , Pah . . .. , Pah . . .” Ye Chens movements only became more aggressive, this made Su Mengxin unbearable and herself reached the peak several times.

”Ahhh, no. .” Su Mengxin looked troubled and continued to make a loud groan.

”Husband, you are too strong.” Qing Cheng saw the battle between Su Mengxin and Ye Chen, it could be seen that Su Mengxin couldnt win against Ye Chen.

50 minutes later Su Mengxin started to get tired, she couldnt survive Ye Chens onslaught which was quite intense.

“Its finally time for me to enter” After seeing Su Mengxin like that, Qing Cheng decided to take Su Mengxins place.

”I will take over” Qing Cheng was already very excited, she couldnt take it anymore and wanted to eat Ye Chen immediately.

Qing Cheng was already wet enough, she was already quite excited when she saw Su Mengxin and Mu Lanyin who Ye Chen loved.

Su Mengxin gave her place, she decided to rest together with Mu Lanyin.

”You are indeed great, but I remind you that your next opponent will be even stronger than before” Between Su Mengxin and Mu Lanyin, Qing Cheng was the strongest, so she was in the last position against Ye Chen.

”So you decided to go last, very interesting” Ye Chen said to Qing Cheng.

Ye Chen didnt expect that his final opponent would be Qing Cheng, it seemed that this battle would be much tougher than before.

”If you cant afford it, you can give up right now” Qing Cheng said to Ye Chen.

”Are you sure, it seems you need a lesson that will let you know that I am not a soft persimmon” Ye Chen felt challenged, he felt challenged by Qing Cheng.

”fufufu” Qing Cheng kissed Ye Chen, the two had a passionate kiss.

After doing a passionate Kiss, Qing Cheng started the battle, Qing Cheng entered Ye Chens.

”Ahhh, finally after so long time, I got it back” Qing Cheng was very satisfied, it had been a long time since she had felt this kind of feeling.

When Ye Chen went inside, he felt Qing Chengs wall pressing against him very tightly, it was clear that Qing Chengs strength comparison was far superior to that of Su Mengxin and Mu Lanyin.

” ready?” Qing Cheng asked Ye Chen.

”Of course, Ive been waiting, are you going to stay quiet or start immediately” Ye Chen said to Qing Cheng.

Ye Chen had already made preparations, Ye Chen was waiting for Qing Cheng to start.

Qing Cheng started to move, she started to move up and down in very seductive and passionate movements.

Her hips moved aggressively, this naturally added to Ye Chens pleasure.

”This is great” Ye Chen admitted that Qing Cheng had an ability to make Ye Chen feel happy.

”Husband, this is great, you are the best” Qing Cheng said to Ye Chen, Qing Cheng started to moan, she was having fun with Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng went so wild, she was like a hungry tigress that had not had any food for a long time.

Ye Chen followed Qing Chengs game, both of them played a very aggressive and fast game

”ahhhh. . . , this is too strong, I cant stand it.” Qing Cheng was very satisfied with Ye Chens performance, Ye Chen had a very good performance and made Qing Cheng get the highest pleasure in the world.

No woman would resist this kind of pleasure, all women would definitely be happy when they tasted the pleasure that Ye Chen gave them.

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