Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1910 Yue Ya and Ye Chen meet again

Chapter 1909 Fairy Gate upgrade  ”? ? ? ? ?” Ye Chen was a little confused by what Chu Yuechan said.

”Then let me make you understand.” Chu Yuechan would make Ye Chen understand what was happening, Chu Yuechan would make sure that Ye Chen would understand what she meant.

Chu Yuechan took Ye Chen out, when Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan came out, something started to happen inside the fairy gate.

The fairy gate began to improve itself and became even better, the fairy gate became a very beautiful place.

the fairy gate became much prettier and much more beautiful than before, a lot of very large and beautiful plants filled this place.

”What happened?, did you do this?” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen asked if Chu Yuechan had done all this.

”No, to be more precise, the fairy gate is starting to awaken, once it is fully awakened, it will become a heaven-like splendid place for a beautiful goddess” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that this place could be a very beautiful place, it could also be the paradise of beautiful goddesses that Ye Chen had.

”The energy circulation in this place is also starting to change?” Ye Chen could feel that the energy circulation in this place was starting to change, the pure energy in this place became extremely rich, even surpassing the God Realm.

”This is great.” Ye Chen felt a very comfortable feeling, he felt that he was in a much purer place than the God Realm, the air in the God Realm also became more and more fresh.

”Great isnt it?” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, Chu Yuechan was proud of the fairy gate, the fairy gate grew into a much stronger place than the God Realm.

The development of the gate is very unreasonable, Ye Chen feels that this place is much better compared to the God Realm, Ye Chen wants to stay and train in this place for a long time.

“system notification”  Ye Chen received a notification, himself getting several rewards when he reached level fifty.

”The first reward of upgrading in the fairy gate, now all places have been upgraded, 1 day in the outside world is equivalent to 14 days inside the fairy gate”.

”The second prize is the Ancient Fairy Art, the strongest fairy race technique, this is almost the same cultivation technique used by Chu Yuechan, this thing is more suitable for humans like Ye Chen.”

While Chu Yuechans cultivation technique was purely for the fairy race, so there was little differences in the way they are grown.

”Third reward, all the places inside the fairy gate have been leveled up, now practicing, cultivating medicine, making medicine, crafting weapons and even collecting techniques will be enormous”

”fourth prize, Fairy Gate Underground Jail, a place used to confine an enemy that cannot be easily defeated”

”Fifth Pill God Furnace” This  is the first Tier Pill-making furnace in the God Realm, it is the most precious treasure to Alchemists and is priceless.

”The seventh prize is the Ice Phoenix Glacier Sword. A weapon made from the pure claws of the Ice Phoenix, this weapon is extremely cold and can freeze anyone who touches it or comes into contact with the Ice Phoenix Glacier Sword, Rank Celestial Tier,”

”The eighth prize is the Purple Nightmare Shawl, a weapon. can make one feel the worst nightmare in this world, Celestial Tier Rank”.

”ninth prize yggdrasil Ring can strengthens plant users and makes their strength increase tens to hundreds of times, the increase in strength depends on the users Celestial Tier Rank”

”Tenth prize  , Celestial Twelve flying knife, a flying knife with a total of twelve that is very strong and can penetrate all objects, Celestial Tier Rank” .

”eleventh prize Heavenly Sky Whip, weapon capable of splitting the sky and a star, Celestial Tier Rank

”twelfth prize Heavenly grace voice necklace, enhances and beautifies the users voice, Rank Celestial Tier”

” thirteenth prize  Invisible heavenly sword, a sword that cannot be seen by the opponent, this is a very dangerous sword and can slash enemies from a long distance Rank Celestial Tier”.

” fourteenth prize the Celestial light clothes, allows the user to have great speed and can be used to withstand attacks from strong enemies.

” fifteenth prize A life guard pill, can keep the life of people who are on the brink of death”

”The special gift Love Pill, a pill that can be used on a woman, when feeding this pill to women, they will obey and will not fight for the rest of their lives.

”all the gifts are very good” Ye Chen looked very happy with the gifts he managed to get the gifts he managed to get were very good.

”Congratulations” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, Chu Yuechan gave a favor to Ye Chen, she gave a congratulation to Ye Chen who had obtained a very good thing.

”I think Ill start distributing this gift” Ye Chen will start to distribute this gift to his women, this gift is very suitable for all the women that Ye Chen has.

”Husband, sorry for making you wait so long.” After waiting for about 30 minutes, Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin finally finished, they all finished and went to Ye Chen.

Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin had finished their make-up, now they were extremely beautiful and could charm any man.

It was obvious that Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin were different from before, now they were much prettier, probably because they had all just received nutrition from Ye Chen.

”What a coincidence” Ye Chen said to Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin.

” what is it?” Su Mengxin asked Ye Chen, he wanted to know what Ye Chen wanted.

”I have a present for all of you” Ye Chen told that he had a present for Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin.

”What is it?” Hearing this Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin were excited, they all wanted to know what Ye Chen would have to offer.

Ye Chen took out the Ice Phoenix Glacier Sword, Purple Nightmare Shawl and Celestial Red Ribbon.

Su Mengxin obtained the Celestial Red Ribbon.

Qing Cheng got the Purple Nightmare Shawl.

Meanwhile Mu Lanyin obtained the Ice Phoenix Glacier Sword.

”What is this?” Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin asked Ye Chen, they all wanted to know what Ye Chen had given them.

”I will immediately explain it to all of you” Ye Chen said that he would explain everything to Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin.

”Mengxin, this is the Celestial Red Ribbon, this thing can be a weapon that can extend infinitely, it is very sharp, it can pierce and cut anything” Ye Chen said to Su Mengxin.

”Um. . .” Su Mengxin nodded, she seemed to really understand what Ye Chen just said.

”Cheng, this is the Purple Nightmare Shawl, it can make the enemy feel nightmare and fear when hit” Ye Chen said to Qing Cheng.

”It looks very good” Qing Cheng was very happy, she seemed very happy with the gift that Ye Chen gave.

”Lanyin, this is the Ice Phoenix Glacier Sword, this is a suitable weapon for you” Ye Chen said to Mu Lanyin.

”I feel very familiar, thank you very much” Mu Lanyin thanked Ye Chen for what she gave.

Ye Chen nodded, he felt very happy because he could give such a precious right to Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin.

Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin kept what Ye Chen gave them, the three of them knew that what Ye Chen gave was very precious.

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