Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1912 Ye Chen deceived beautiful goddess Yue Ya

Chapter 1911 The jealous Yue Ya  ” Why are you silent ?” Yue Ya asked Ye Chen, Yue Ya asked why Ye Chen was silent.

”I was just blown away by the beautiful goddess in front of me” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya.

Ye Chen said that he was mesmerized by Yue Yas beauty.

”Such words of seduction will have no effect on me” said Yue Ya.

Yue Ya might say that, but in reality she felt happy when she listened to what Ye Chen had to say.

”Whats wrong with you?” Ye Chen felt something was different about Yue Ya, what had happened to her during this one year.

”Dont move” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen not to move.

”why?” Ye Chen was getting confused by what Yue Ya was trying to do.

”Anyway, you shouldnt come any closer.” Yue Ya stop Ye Chen to come closer to her.

What Yue Ya said made Ye Chen curious, he was curious about what Yue Ya did.

”What actually happened to you?” Ye Chen asked Yue Ya what really happened.

”You still want to ask what happened?” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen.

”Of course, your attitude is strange and you dont explain the reason to me” Ye Chen said that Yue Ya didnt explain the reason so that Ye Chen understood what happened.

”I already know what happened” Yue Ya told that she already knew about what happened.

”know about what?” Ye Chen asked Yue Ya, Ye Chen wanted Yue Ya to explain, this was so that the two of them wouldnt misunderstand what happened.

”I already know that you have a lot of mistresses” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen.

”Hahahahaha” Ye Chen laughed when he heard this, it turned out to be the reason, no wonder, Ye Chen thought something bad had happened, in fact the moon goddess Yue Ya was jealous of Ye Chens woman.

”I dont like to hide this matter from you” Ye Chen told that he would not lie to Yue Ya.

”I do have quite a lot of women” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya.

As a real man Ye Chen chose to admit what happened, he was a man and would not lie to Yue Ya.

”So you actually admit it” Yue Ya didnt expect that Ye Chen would dare to admit it.

”Are you satisfied now?” Ye Chen asked Yue Ya, Ye Chen had admitted everything should Yue Ya be satisfied with what Ye Chen said.

”Im satisfied, now I know who you really are” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen, now Yue Ya knew who the real one was.

Yue Ya put away her sword, after putting away her sword, Yue Ya turned around and intended to leave this place.

When Yue Ya tried to turn around and leave this place, she was immediately stopped by Ye Chen, Ye Chen hugged Yue Ya from behind.

”Ye Chen. . .” Yue Ya tried to drive Ye Chen away, she intended to drive Ye Chen away using her own strength.

When Yue Ya wanted to chase Ye Chen away, she found that Ye Chen couldnt be kicked out.

”I cant kick him out” Yue Ya was quite shocked when she saw this, honestly she couldnt believe that she couldnt drive Ye Chen away.

”You wont be able to kick me out” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya, Yue Ya wouldnt be able to expel himself.

”Ye Chen quickly let go of me” Yue Ya told Ye Chen to let go of herself.

”I wont let you go, if I let you go, then you might go far away” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya, Ye Chen refused to let go of Yue Ya, Ye Chen didnt want to let go of the goddess Yue Ya who was in his arms.

”Dont make me do bad things” Seeing Ye Chen unwilling to let go, Yue Ya gave a threat to Ye Chen.

”Im not afraid of the threats you pose” Ye Chen wasnt afraid of the threats that Yue Ya gave, he was really not afraid of the threats that Yue Ya gave him.

”You forced me” because Ye Chen didnt want to let go Yue Ya, this time Yue Ya exerted more strength to chase Ye Chen away.

An enormous force pushed Ye Chen away, this enormous force pushed Ye Chen away.

”Gahhhh” Ye Chen was pushed far enough away, he was pushed very far by Yue Ya.

”boom. . .” Ye Chen hit a tree and some rocks, the sound was quite loud and must have been very painful.

”Am I overreacting?” Yue Ya felt that he was overreacting, he attacked Ye Chen in quite a violent manner.

Yue Ya looked at Ye Chen, he saw Ye Chen who was lying on the ground and didnt get up.

” Is he okay?” Yue Ya looked at Ye Chen, whether Ye Chen was fine or not.

Yue Ya waited for a while, she wanted to see if Ye Chen would wake up or not.

After waiting for some time, she did not see Ye Chen who woke up.

Seeing Ye Chen who didnt wake up, Yue Ya got worried, she came closer and tried to see if Ye Chen was okay.

As Yue Ya approached, she saw that Ye Chen was unconscious, and his condition seemed to be weakening.

Seeing Ye Chens abnormal condition, Yue Ya immediately grabbed Ye Chen.

She checked Ye Chens condition carefully, so that she could deduce what had happened.

”Chen. . ., wake up” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen, herself trying to wake up the unconscious Ye Chen.

Even though Yue Ya had already used means to wake Ye Chen, in fact she was still unable to wake Ye Chen.

Yue Ya started to worry whether she was too hard on Ye Chen before that she hurt Ye Chen.

It was likely that Yue Ya was too harsh on Ye Chen, that was what made Ye Chen so badly injured.

Yue Ya didnt give up, she tried various ways to wake Ye Chen up.

What Yue Ya did was quite futile, she couldnt wake Ye Chen up.

Yue Ya became very sad, she had made a mistake and hurt Ye Chen.

Yue Ya felt very guilty, he now understood that Ye Chen had a place in her heart, even though this man was mischievous and unreasonable at times, Yue Ya still liked Ye Chen.

After this accident Yue Ya finally realized about her feelings, she really did have feelings for the bad boy in front of her.

”Ye Chen quickly got up. . ., if you wake up I will do whatever you want” Yue Ya tried to wake Ye Chen, Yue Ya even promised an extraordinary thing.

Ye Chen had succeeded, Ye Chen had made the beautiful goddess Yue Ya worry about him.

”ummm. .” Ye Chen got up and looked at Yue Ya who was in front of him.

”are you okay?” Yue Ya asked Ye Chen, Yue Ya was a little happy when she saw Ye Chen was fine.

”My body hurts so bad” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya, Ye Chen told that his body was in a lot of pain.

”Im sorry, I shouldnt have done that to you” Yue Ya apologized to Ye Chen, she shouldnt have done that to Ye Chen.

”Its okay, cough. . . “Ye Chen coughed a few times.

”Dont talk too much” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen, Yue Ya told Ye Chen not to talk too much.

”Its okay” Ye Chen said that he was fine.

”Dont say that, you know that I am very worried about your condition.” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen, she was worried about Ye Chens current condition.

If Ye Chens condition worsened, then Yue Ya would be more and more guilty towards Ye Chen.

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