Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1917: you have to take me to Blue Moon God Star Realm

Chapter 1916: Problem in Blue Moon God Star Realm

Ye Chen didnt want this to end, he wanted it to always be like this.

The problem was that Ye Chen would not be able to continue like this, he knew that he would not be able to continue like this, considering that he would not be able to withstand Yue Yas attack.

Yue Yas attacks were very effective against Ye Chen, within 15 minutes Ye Chen had already reached his limit.

Ye Chen didnt expect that he would be defeated by Yue Ya so quickly, Yue Yas abilities were really unreasonable.

Yue Ya felt that something was wrong, she felt that Ye Chens thing was getting louder and vibrating.

Yue Ya felt a strange feeling when she saw this, to be honest it was a very strange feeling.

Yue Ya accelerated her movements, that way she would immediately win this battle.

As Yue Ya accelerated her movement, Ye Chen had a great pleasure, he was completely blown away by Yue Ya.

“You are too strong” Ye Chen held Yue Yas head, he held Yue Yas head.

“umm” Yue Ya tried to leave, unfortunately Ye Chen restrained herself very hard, this made Yue Ya unable to move easily.

“Byuur. . . .” Ye Chen gave his Yang Qi essence to Yue Ya, let Yue Ya feel the Yang Qi essence given by Ye Chen.

“ummmmm” Yue Ya didnt know what just came out, she felt something strange.

Yue Ya tried to push Ye Chen, she tried to push Ye Chen away.

Yue Ya struggled a little, Ye Chens strength was very strong and it made Yue Ya unable to push Ye Chen away.

“Glup. ..” Yue Ya had no choice but to accept Ye Chens Yang Qi Essence.

Yue Ya found it strange that he was willing to accept this, he was slightly displeased with this.

When Yue Ya had just tasted the taste, he felt that it was very good, he didnt expect that it would be the best.

Yue Ya accepted everything that Ye Chen gave her, she really like it and was getting addicted.

Yue Ya was just like a virgin who tried this, everyone naturally liked this Yang Qi Essence.

Ye Chens Yang Qi essence was abundant, it filled Yue Ya and made him feel full.



After he finished letting go of everything, Ye Chen finally let go of Yue Ya, he was willing to let go of Yue Ya easily.

“Puah. . ., you almost killed me” Yue Ya said helplessly.

Just now it was quite heavy for Yue Ya, Yue Ya felt almost suffocated by Ye Chen.

“Sorry Im too impulsive” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya, Ye Chen had to admit that he was too impulsive.

“Okay, this is enough, now take care of yourself” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen, Yue Ya told Ye Chen to tidy up himself.

Ye Chen nodded, he started to do what Yue Ya ordered and started tidying himself up.

“How are you doing, have you got full power in Blue Moon God Star Realm ?” Ye Chen asked Yue Ya.

“My power may be more stable, the problem is that there are still many people who doubt my strength” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen.

“Who dares to doubt the strength of my goddess, let me take care of them” Ye Chen said to Yu

e Ya.

Yue Ya smiled, she smiled when she heard what Ye Chen said.

“Ye Chen you are too impulsive, they are not an easy opponent to deal with, if indeed they are an easy opponent, then I dont need to bother holding back” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen.

“Thats not true, Ive grown quite well since this 1 year” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya.

“yes I know that” Yue Ya nodded,s he comforted Ye Chen who had developed very well.

Yue Ya didnt want to disappoint Ye Chen, so she said that Ye Chen was already more developed than before.

“I cant see you for a long time, I still have business to do” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen.

Yue Ya couldnt spend time with Ye Chen for now, there were too many people watching her, if they found out that Yue Ya wasnt in Blue Moon God Star Realm then they would definitely get suspicious and look for Yue Ya.

Yue Ya didnt want to drag Ye Chen into trouble, which was why she had to return to the Blue Moon God Star Realm.

“why so hurry, we just met, I want to spend time with you” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya.

Ye Chen wanted to spend time with Yue Ya, he wanted to spend this time with Yue Ya.

Yue Ya looked at Ye Chen, Yue Ya didnt know what to do in this situation, whether to stay or not.

Yue Ya couldnt leave, she was too comfortable with Ye Chen, it was very comfortable when she was with Ye Chen, there was a special feeling when he was with Ye Chen

“goddess” when Ye Chen and Yue Ya were having a very intimate hug, suddenly someone appeared and disturbed the two of them.

Upon hearing this voice Yue Ya immediately pushed Ye Chen away, she let go of Ye Chen and immediately turned towards the origin of this voice.

The person who had just appeared was Vei, Vei accidentally saw something she had never imagined in this life.

Vei saw something she should never have seen, this naturally made this beautiful woman feel shocked.

Yue Ya looked very panicked when she saw Vei in this place, she didnt expect that Vei would follow her to this place.

“Since when are you in this place?” Yue Ya asked Vei, she looked very serious when she talked to Vei.

“I just arrived” Vei informed that she had just arrived at this place.

Hearing this, Yue Ya felt very relieved, she was very relieved when she heard that Vei had just arrived at this place.

“What made you look for me?” Vei asked, she wanted to know the reason why Vei was looking for her.

“Right now there is a dispute in the Blue Moon God Star Realm, I hope the goddess can return soon” Vei said to Yue Ya.

“What do you mean those people are looking for trouble again, what a hassle” Yue Ya raised her eyebrows dissatisfied, it was obvious that Yue Ya was very dissatisfied when she heard this news.

“Is the goddess not coming back?” asked Vei to Yue Ya.

“I have to go back soon” Yue Ya said that she had to go back soon, she couldnt allow all this.

“I have to go to settle the matter” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen.

Without waiting for Ye Chens reply, Yue Ya immediately left, Yue Ya w

ent straight to the Blue Moon God Star Realm.

“Wait a minute” Ye Chen tried to stop Yue Ya, she tried to stop Yue Ya who was leaving.

“Stop, let her go, the moon goddess has business to do” Vei said to Ye Chen.

When Yue Ya left, Vei was the one in charge of stopping Ye Chen.

“quickly get out of the way” Ye Chen said to Vei, Ye Chen told Vei to back off.

“Sorry, but I wont listen to you” Vei said that he wouldnt listen to Ye Chen.

Vei was Yue Yas servant, so he naturally only listened to Yue Ya, Ye Chen wouldnt be able to command Vei who was so loyal to Yue Ya.

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