Chapter 1919: Ye Chen made a split in Yue Wezi ’s camp

”If it continues like that, then he will be removed from his position ” God Realm is a very tough place, if Yue Ya is not willing to fight, then his enemy will destroy Yue Ya little by little, if that happens, then Yue Ya has no chance to fight back. fight again.

”Goddess also knows about it ” Vei said that Yue Ya also knew about this matter, but Yue Ya didn ’t want to fight them and increase the death toll.

”Looks like she ’s in big trouble, maybe I should help her solve this problem ” Since Yue Ya was in trouble Ye Chen would help him by using the strength he had.

”Stop dreaming, you will only disturb her ” said Vei to Ye Chen.

Vei didn ’t believe what Ye Chen said, Ye Chen ’s presence would only interfere and would not help in the battle.

”Who says I can ’t help, I can help her in solving the problem at hand ” Ye Chen said to Vei.

”If you can do that, then I will do everything you say, even if you ask to serve on the bed ” said Vei to Ye Chen.

Vei really couldn ’t believe what Ye Chen had just said, it wasn ’t strange that he dared to say something unreasonable to Ye Chen.

”Quite an interesting offer, are you sure you want to do that? ” Ye Chen was quite interested in Vei ’s offer.

”I will never lie and go back to the words I have ” Vei said that she would not lie and go back to the words he just said.

”Good, I like your words, just watch out if you dare to lie, you will get the consequences ” Ye Chen said to Vei.

Ye Chen will hold on to Vei ’s words, if Vei lies, then he will suffer the consequences.

”I will help her ” Ye Chen would help Yue Ya in solving the problem he was facing.

”Wait a minute, what are you trying to do, don ’t do anything unreasonable ” Vei immediately stopped Ye Chen.

”You just shut up and see ” Ye Chen said to Vei, Ye Chen will do everything neatly, he will make sure that he will not be found by others.

Ye Chen left, he came forward and directly helped Yue Ya who was being pressured by Yue Wezi.

”This person really can ’t be controlled ” Vei was helpless, she met someone who couldn ’t be controlled.

”What will happen to that brat, he was just looking for trouble ” Vei was helpless, Ye Chen just created an unnecessary trouble.

”Why should I worry about that brat, there ’s no point in worrying about such a brat ” Vei felt strange, why would he even bother worrying about Ye Chen.

When Vei was unfocused, she saw that Ye Chen had disappeared.

” Where is he going? ” Vei didn ’t know where Ye Chen had gone, to be honest she didn ’t know where Ye Chen had gone.

Ye Chen used the Invisible Body Art, he was currently invisible to ordinary people ’s eyes, even Yue Ya wouldn ’t be able to see Ye Chen ’s whereabouts.

Vei was confused about what was going on, where did Ye Chen go, this was very unreasonable.

Ye Chen appeared in front of Yue Wezi, Ye Chen hit Yue Wezi and made him kneel to the ground.

”Uhhhh. . . ” Yue Wezi coughed, he coughed and felt excruciating pain, Yue Wezi felt that he had just been hit by someone very strongly.

”What happened to you? ” Yue Wezi ’s close friends and people immediately approached Yue Wezi.

”I ’m fine. ” Yue Wezi tried to get up, he trembled when he received Ye Chen ’s attack.

Just as Yue Wezi was about to get up, Ye Chen attacked Yue Wezi again, Yue Wezi fell and flipped over.

Yue Ya and the others were confused when they saw what happened, what happened made everyone in this place feel confused.

”What the hell ? ” Vei from afar also felt that something was wrong, how could Yue Wezi flip over and receive an attack, Vei and Yue Ya didn ’t feel someone was attacking Yue Wezi.

”Yue Wezi what happened to you, is there something wrong with you? ” people asked Yue Wezi, they wanted to know what happened to Yue Wezi.

”Damn it, who was that, who hit me? ” Yue Wezi shouted, he looked at the people around him.

”What are you talking about? ” People were of course confused by what happened, they were all confused by Yue Wezi ’s unreasonable behavior.

”So you don ’t want to admit it, then I ’ll make you admit it. ” Yue Wezi got up, displayed his strength and fought with the person who had previously helped him.

The people who helped Yue Wezi looked very confused, even though they didn ’t do anything, but why could Yue Wezi be angry.

Yue Wezi started to attack his own comrades, the battle was inevitable when Yue Wezi started to attack.

”Blam. . . . ” Explosions and exchange of blows began to occur, fellow friends fought each other.

Yue Ya was taken aback by this, she didn ’t expect that Yue Wezi would attack someone of his own.

”Yue Wezi stop, don ’t do things like that ” people started trying to calm Yue Wezi down, they all tried their best to calm Yue Wezi down.

”You all bastards ” Yue Wezi continued to attack, before he returned the blow, Yue Wezi would not stop.

”You did such a ridiculous thing, then you have to stop you ” Because Yue Wezi looked ridiculous and strange, all of his comrades agreed to arrest Yue Wezi.

Just as they were about to fight, Ye Chen entered the battle, he attacked and hit everyone with his full strength.

Ye Chen really made good use of the momentum, he made Yue Wezi and the people around him fight because of a misunderstanding.

Everyone was flying, they were all flying due to Ye Chen ’s attack.

”Bastard, you guys still dare to retaliate ” Yue Wezi was annoyed, they still dared to counter his attacks.

”You are crazy, what are you doing, how dare you attack us so hard ” the people in front of Yue Wezi complained, Yue Wezi ’s attack just now was very destructive and left them injured.

The strife between Yue Wezi ’s camps became more and more intense, they didn ’t trust each other and a split arose.

Yue Wezi was like this, he always felt triumphant on his own and didn ’t like anyone to fight, even if that person was on his side, he would fight back and win the battle.

After Ye Chen made a fuss and quarrel on Yue Wezi ’s side, Ye Chen returned to Vei ’s side.

”How, am I great ? ” Ye Chen said to Vei.

”ehhh! ! ! ! ” Vei looked surprised when she saw Ye Chen appear suddenly, where did Ye Chen come from, this was very mysterious to Yue Wezi.

”Was it your doing? ” Vei didn ’t expect what happened to be Ye Chen ’s doing, honestly Vei didn ’t believe that Ye Chen could do such a thing, even Yue Ya and Yue Wezi didn ’t detect Ye Chen ’s presence.

Vei was quite curious about the technique used by Ye Chen, why did Ye Chen have such a powerful technique, Ye Chen was able to disappear and conceal himself very well, obviously this was a very powerful high level skill.

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