Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1922 Ye Chen bullied Yue Whang

Chapter1921: Super strong figure appears

“Great elder, please dont do this, the goddess is welcoming a very important person, so I hope you dont make a mess.” Vei told the reason why she stopped the battle.

“Important person, is this person so important that you dare to stop this old man” Yue Whang said to Vei, Yue Whang didnt want to care about what the servant in front of him said.

“Great elder, please dont do anything difficult, this person is really very strong, if it were to be offended, then it would be quite a problem” Vei said to Yue Whang.

Vei tried to convince Yue Whang that she would stop and no longer do anything reckless.

” Ha ha ha ha. . .” Yue Whang laughed when he heard this, the servant in front of him was making a joke of him.

“You are just a servant, you dont know that in the God Realm there are only a few important people in my eyes” Yue Whang said firmly.

“Great elder, dont regret what you said, this is really very dangerous” Vei said to Yue Whang

“You dare say that important people are much stronger than me, what a shame, your jokes are not funny” Yue Whang said to Vei.

Yue Whang was angry with Vei, he was very angry with what Vei, Yue Whang used terrible pressure on Vei, when Yue Whang used his enormous and powerful pressure, Vei immediately knelt to the ground, he seemed to have a hard time resisting this pressure. .

Not only was Vei having problems when faced with this strong pressure, even the people behind Yue Whang had problems when faced with the strong pressure emanating from Yue Whangs body.

Here only Yue Ya was able to stand up, even though she was able to stand, she still felt a very strong intimidation from Yue Whang.

“Yue Whang stop right now” Yue Ya said to Yue Whang, she told this old man to stop right now.

“Yue Ya, stay there, let me let this servant of yours know where it is” Yue Whang told Yue Ya to be quiet, he would teach Vei a lesson.

Yue Ya didnt know what Vei was trying to do, why would she do that to help herself.

“She is my servant, you have no right to punish her” Yue Ya said to Yue Whang.

Vei was Yue Yas personal servant, so Yue Whang shouldnt have the right to attack Vei.

“I dont have the right to do that, but in reality I can do that” Yue Whang said to Yue Ya.

Yue Whang had a special position, so Yue Ya couldnt complain about what he was about to do to Vei.

“I wont let you do that” Yue Ya said to Yue Whang.

“Are you ready to fight with me?” Yue Whang said to Yue Ya, was Yue Ya ready to fight with him.

When Yue Whang said this, Yue Ya became hesitant, she seemed hesitant to start a battle.

“Goddess you dont need to intervene, its the person you are going to invite who comes and solves this problem” Vei told Yue Ya not to intervene to face Yue Whang.

” what do you mean?” Yue Ya looked confused by what Vei said, she didnt know what Vei was talking about.

Vei did not answer what Yue Ya asked, at this time Vei could only hope that Ye Chen would not deceive him.

“If he deceives me, then it will be over.” If Ye Chen deceived Vei, then it was certain that Veis life would not be saved.

Yue Ya tried to save Vei, just as Yue Ya was about to move, a much stronger pressure enveloped Yue Ya again, this made it difficult for Yue Ya to help Vei.

“Since when did he have this kind of power” Yue Ya didnt expect that Yue Whang would have such strong power.

“Where is the person you said, quickly send him out, I want to see who it is” Yue Whang said to Vei.

Yue Whang wanted to see what kind of person Yue Whang had just spoken of, to be more precise, he wanted to see the important person that Yue Ya had just brought in.

“Just watch the important master will be out soon” Vei said to Yue Whang, Yue Whang told that the important person he was talking about would be out soon.

“Where, he must be afraid to fight me” Yue Whang said to Vei.

Yue Whang waited, he still didnt see any sign of the person Vei said.

Yue Ya still couldnt move, she couldnt move against Yue Whang.

“Enough with your storytelling, lets end this” Yue Whang felt that Veis story was enough, time to give punishment and continue the dispute with Yue Ya.

Vei closed her eyes, she was stupid enough to believe what Ye Chen said.

Yue Whang stretched out his hand, he intended to punish Vei.

“Bam. . .” just as Yue Whang was about to inflict punishment on Vei, a shocking force flew Yue Whang away.

Yue Whangs figure flew and retreated several miles away, he rolled several times before being able to stand back up.

“What was that?” Yue Whang didnt see the attack just now, the attack just now was mysterious and Yue Whang didnt see it.

“Hahahaha” a hoarse laugh resounded, as this hoarse laugh appeared, a man in a robe appeared right in front of Yue Whang.

The moment this man appeared, the aura around him was slightly strange, everyone felt a chill that made their bodies tremble.

“Who is that person?” Yue Ya was curious about the person who had just appeared, this person had an extremely powerful and overly domineering aura.

From this aura alone it could be ascertained that this man was a master, Yue Ya was absolutely certain of what he was feeling.

“This old man didnt expect the world to change after hundreds of thousands of years of not coming out” the old man in the robe said to Yue Whang.

” who are you. . .” Yue Whang asked the person who had just appeared, himself asking about the identity of the man in front of him.

“Little boy, you dont need to know my name, you can call me senior” the man in the robe said to Yue Whang.

“Huh, little boy? ? ? ?” Yue Whang didnt expect that he would be called in this way, to be honest this was quite a ridiculous thing for Yue Whang.

“Yes, thats true.” The man in the robe said that Yue Whang was a child.

“Damn it, are you making fun of me?” Yue Whang couldnt accept it when he listened to the ridicule that came out of the mysterious person in front of him.

“Do you not like it, if you dont like it, then just say it” said the man in the robe.

“I dont like what youre saying, Ill let you know that Im not a kid” Yue Whang said to the person in front of him, he challenged the person in front of him and invited him to battle.

“Todays brats are not polite, it seems I have to show my strength” The man in the robe started to show his strength.

An extremely strong and terrifying pressure appeared, this pressure was so strong that it made Yue Whang fall.

“Impossible” Yue Whang trembled, he trembled greatly when he felt the pressure of the person in front of him, his body trembled and cold sweat started to flow from his body.

When Yue Whang faced trouble, Yue Wezi and the other elders fell, they were all unable to withstand this powerful aura of pressure.

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