Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1924 Bad brat so you made a fool of me

Chapter 1923 forcing Yue Wheng to kowtow

“Wasnt that the Blue Flame Great Ball earlier, how could it be lost so easily” the elders around wondered, they all wanted to know what happened, how could Yue Whangs attack dissipate so easily.

“No way, how do you do something like that?” Yue Wang couldnt believe what he saw, how could Ye Chen do such a thing, it was completely unreasonable to him.

“Obviously, you are too weak” Ye Chen said to Yue Whang, Ye Chen again mentioned that Yue Whang was very weak.

“I am Yue Whang, a great elder of the Blue Moon God Star Realm, I am not a weakling.” Yue Whang said to Ye Chen.

“It doesnt change reality” Ye Chen said to Yue Whang, Ye Chen told that the reality was different from what Yue Whang wanted.

“Dammit” Yue Whang felt that his pride as a great elder of the Blue Moon God Star Realm was threatened, he was being threatened by someone he didnt know.

Plus another elder came, if Yue Whang couldnt beat Ye Chen in this place, then it was certain that he would lose face.

“No matter what happens, I must win this battle.” Yue Whang had to win the battle, he had to win the battle against Ye Chen.

Yue Whang again tried to organize his thoughts, he couldnt lose to the mysterious old man in front of him.

“Hehehehe, so you still havent given up, looks like I have to show a bit of my strength” Ye Chen was going to use a super powerful technique to fight Yue Whang.

“You havent shown your ability yet, just show it, you definitely dont have that kind of power” Yue Whang tried to get Ye Chen to show his abilities.

Ye Chen showed his abilities, he started to show his abilities which were extremely strong and unreasonable.

Just as Yue Whang was about to strike at Ye Chen, Ye Chen used his finger, he used his dimensional power and flew Yue Whang away.

If outsiders saw what Ye Chen did, they would all think that Ye Chen only used one finger to suppress Yue Whang, in fact Ye Chen used dimensional power and manipulated the dimensions around Yue Whang.

” Cough . . .” Yue Whang vomited blood, he had a fairly serious wound from just one finger of this man in front of him.

Yue Ya and Vei both gaped when they saw what was happening, both of them felt shocked when they saw what happened to Yue Whang.

Yue Whang who was a great elder was directly injured with just one finger, this was very unreasonable to the two of them.

Even Vei who was doing a skit with Ye Chen still couldnt believe what he saw.

“This cant be happening” Yue Whang still couldnt believe what had just happened, this man in front of him only needed to use one finger to injure himself.

” what ! ! !” Everyone who saw was shocked, Ye Chen made Yue Whang fall and hurt him with just one finger.

“Very strong” Yue Ya admitted that the person in front of him was very strong, Yue Ya was curious where Vei found this person, this person must be very strong and not a random person.

“Do you want to try again?” Ye Chen asked Yue Whang who was currently kneeling on the ground.

Yue Whang got up, he still didnt want to admit his defeat in front of Ye Chen, he still had some pride to protect.

“This old man seems stubborn” Ye Chen saw that this old man was very stubborn, Ye Chen couldnt let Yue Whang continue to be arrogant in front of him.

Ye Chen took out God Domination Pressure, he intimidated everyone in this place.

“horrible, how does he have such a terrifying aura” all the elders found it difficult to breathe, they were all unable to resist Ye Chens pressure.

“Dimension Shaker“ Ye Chen used a Dimension Shaker and started shaking the Blue Moon God Star Realm.

The Blue Moon God Star Realm began to shake irregularly.

“This is crazy, he shook the Blue Moon God Star Realm?” Yue Ya, Yue Whang and everyone else in this place were shocked when they saw Ye Chen being able to shake the Blue Moon God Star Realm.

The Blue Moon God Star Realm was a super powerful high tier star, destroying this star would be extremely difficult even if Yue Whang was at the highest level in terms of cultivation.

“Great elder, quickly apologize right now” seeing the Senior in front of her use a power capable of making the Blue Moon God Star Realm shake with this force, Yue Ya told Yue Whang to apologize immediately.

Yue Ya was afraid that Ye Chen would destroy the Blue Moon God Star Realm.

“Quickly apologize to senior” All the elders helped and agreed with what Yue Ya said, they all told Yue Whang to immediately apologize to Ye Chen.

Yue Whang was afraid, the strength of the person in front of him was so strong that it made all of Yue Whangs courage disappear in an instant.

After Yue Whang saw Ye Chens extremely strong ability, he finally believed that the man in front of him was a very strong senior.

“Senior, I was wrong, so please forgive me” Yue Whang apologized to Ye Chen, he apologized for all the stupid things he did.

“Hahahaha” Ye Chen laughed as he listened to Yue Whangs apology.

“I thought you still dared to fight, even though I intended to bury you” Ye Chen said to Yue Whang.

“Glup. . “Yue Whang broke out in cold sweat, if what the old man in front of him said was true, then this person should be able to do it.

“Now kneel down and apologize to me, I wont let you go.” Before releasing Yue Whang, Ye Chen would give punishment.

“Senior, I already apologized, so please let me go.” Yue Whang asked Ye Chen to let go of himself.

“After you dared to belittle and disrespect me, I wasnt that stupid” Ye Chen said to Yue Whang.

Ye Chen snapped at Yue Whang, he snapped at Yue Whang like he did before at Yue Ya.

Yue Whangs guts immediately kissed, Ye Chens tone was so strong that it made his body tremble.

“Great elder just do what this guy says, he seems like a troublesome old monster” Another elder said to Yue Whang.

Yue Whang had already offended the troublesome old monster, so he had to quickly settle this matter.

Yue Whang looked at the elders behind him, he bullied himself because they refused to help him who was stuck in trouble.

Everyone was unwilling to help Yue Whang, they refused to help because the enemy was too strong.

Due to strong pressure, Yue Whang knelt down and prostrated to apologize to Ye Chen.

“Very good” Ye Chen was satisfied, he managed to make Yue Whang lower his head and prostrate himself apologetically.

“Now do this for 3 days, if you dare to disobey then I will not let you go” Ye Chen said to Yue Whang.

Ye Chen told Yue Whang to stay in this position for approximately 3 days, let Yue Whang continue to prostrate in this place for 3 days and 3 nights.

Yue Whang couldnt resist, Ye Chen pressed him to the ground with great force, so Yue Whang could only kneel and endure this humiliation.

“Very good, next time you should be more polite to others” Ye Chen said to Yue Whang, he gave Yue Whang proper punishment.

“senior” Yue Ya approached Ye Chen, Yue Ya paid her respects to Ye Chen.

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