Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1931 Heal Yue Enlongs wounds

Chapter 1930 Ambush plan preparation

everything has gone according to what Ye Chen wanted, now is the time for Ye Chen to start the plan he has.

Inside the fairy gate Ye Chen spent the time he had to get Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu familiar with the artifacts they had.

Time passed quickly, Ye Chen spent the time he had together with Xiao Lulu from Liu Yue, he enjoyed everything very peacefully.

Elsewhere, Yue Ya was visiting someone, he was visiting someone who was lying weak and unconscious.

The person who was with Yue Ya was a great elder who had retired due to illness, he was injured and couldnt get out of bed, luckily he still had the strength to maintain his power.

“Yue Ya, is it you” the old man spoke to Yue Ya.

“Great elder is me.” Yue Ya said to the Great elder, Yue Ya told him that it was her.

“What brought you here, do you have anything to say?” asked Yue Ya the great elder.

When Yue Ya came to this place, it must be when Yue Ya asked the great elder for advice.

“As expected of a great elder, you know very well about me” Yue Ya said to the great elder in front of her.

The name of this great elder was Yue Enlong, he was one of Yue Yas confidants, only now that he could no longer help Yue Ya due to his illness.

“So what problem do you have?” Yue Enlong to Yue Ya, Yue Enlong wanted to know the problem that Yue Ya had.

“Its about Yue Whang” Yue Ya said to Yue Enlong.

“Oh, he again what does he want from you?” Yue Enlong said helplessly he could feel how Yue Ya was feeling.

“Hes always looking for trouble with me” Yue Ya said in a displeased tone.

Yue Ya was displeased with Yue Enlong who was always looking for trouble with him.

“He has great strength so it wouldnt be strange if he dared to do that” Yue Whang did have abilities so it wouldnt be strange if he dared to get into trouble with Yue Ya.

“Yue Whangs strength is still very strong, you still dont dare to go against them openly” Yue Ya said.

“Yue Whang has a lot of strength at least their strength is above you” Yue Enlong said to Yue Ya.

Yue Ya nodded, she also knew about this matter.

“Too bad that I cant help you” Yue Enlong felt guilty that he couldnt help Yue Ya.

“Elder doesnt need to talk like that, I know that you are in trouble, so I hope you rest in bed” Yue Ya said to Yue Enlong.

“If you are confident and can win against Yue Whang, then do it, if you continue like this, you will never become the full ruler of the Blue Moon God Star Realm.”

Yue Enlong said to Yue ya, he had to do his best to be able to get the full ruler position in the Blue Moon God Star Realm, then Yue Ya would be completely able to control everything in the Blue Moon God Star Realm.

“I will give it a try” Yue Ya listened to Yue Enlongs suggestion.

Yue Ya knew that Yue Enlong would not be able to move for the time being, so she decided to move on her own in dealing with this matter.

“I hope you succeed” Yue Enlong hoped that Yue Ya would succeed, he had very high hopes for Yue Ya.

“um” Yue Ya nodded, she would do her best to do just that.

Yue Ya left, she would think about how he would deal with Yue Whang and his minions.

After training Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu for a while, the two of them became extremely skilled in using the Celestial Moon Light Sword and the Yggdrasil Ring.

When Ye Chen was training together with Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu, Shen Niang would annoy Ye Chen, she really liked to bother Ye Chen and always tried to get Ye Chen to play.

Ye Chen wouldnt be able to refuse a request from little Shen Niang, so he accompanied her to play while fighting Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu.

Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu got to know Shen Ning very easily, they quickly became friends.

“Looks like its about time, Ill check whats outside” Ye Chen said to Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu, Ye Chen will check whats outside.

“If you need help, you can directly call us” Liu Yue said to Ye Chen.

“When everything is ready, I will immediately call you guys.” Ye Chen said to Liu Yue, Ye Chen would call the two of them when everything was settled.

After saying that, Ye Chen immediately left the fairy gate, he immediately went and looked for Yue Ya.

Yue Ya was currently in the moon palace, so Ye Chen could directly go and meet her.

When Ye Chen looked for Yue Ya, Ye Chen found Yue Ya reading a scroll on the table, she seemed to be correcting something.

” Am I bothering you?” Ye Chen approached, himself asked if Yue Ya was busy.

“Im not too busy” Yue Ya told Ye Chen that she wasnt too busy, she was just correcting everything that happened in the Blue Moon God Star Realm.

“Very good, I have a good thing for you” Ye Chen said that he had a good thing for Yue Ya.

“What do you have?” Yue Ya was quite curious about what Ye Chen had.

“In a few days you will be traveling right?” Ye Chen asked Yue Ya.

“Of course, but how did you know about this matter?” Yue Ya asked Ye Chen.

“Of course, you will be surprised when you hear this.” Ye Chen explained everything he had discovered, starting with the plans of the first and third elders to get rid of Yue Ya.

“This is impossible, Ye Chen where did you get all this from?” Yue Ya asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know where did Ye Chen get all this information.

“Didnt I already say that I am a great person, of course getting this thing is not difficult for me” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya.

“You really dumbfounded me” Yue Ya was dumbfounded when she saw this, Ye Chen was again able to make herself feel shocked.

Yue Ya didnt know how Ye Chen could get all this, Yue Ya honestly couldnt imagine this matter.

“Heheheh” Ye Chen rubbed his nose with pride when he was praised by Yue Ya.

“So what are you going to do, want to follow the plan I made?” Ye Chen asked Yue Ya whether Yue Ya wanted to follow the plan that had been made or not.

“I will follow your plan, I will prepare my people for this” Yue Ya said to Ye Chen.

since the situation had become like this, Yue Ya could only put up a fight and fight the first elder and the others.

“Dont involve too many people, it will only make them aware” Ye Chen told Yue Ya not to involve too many people, otherwise the enemy would realize what they were planning.

“I see” Yue Ya understood, she would choose her best person to do this, Yue Ya would definitely do the best he could.

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