Seeing Xia Qingyu cry, Ye Chen felt he had gone too far.

”Okay, remember your words earlier, if in the future you dare to say rude to me, next time I will immediately take you to bed and make you my woman ” Ye Chen warned Xia Qingyu.

If Ye Chen didn ’t act domineering, then Xia Qingyu would definitely treat him as before.

After giving a warning to this cold woman, Ye Chen went out of the room of Xia Qingyu.

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After Ye Chen ’s departure, Xia Qingyu slumped to the floor, Xia Qingyu ’s heart was beating very fast, her feelings were now very chaotic, on one side Xia Qingyu felt an extraordinary feeling from Ye Chen, on the other side of her heart she hated to hate Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu touched the underpants she was wearing, apparently the underwear was already very wet, Xia Qingyu was ashamed of being a very passionate woman.

”This is all his fault, he has to take responsibility ” Xia Qingyu condemned what Ye Chen had just done.

Xia Qingyu walked slightly into the bathroom in this room, she wanted to change the underwear she was wearing.

Ye Chen went towards the exit of the building with a very fresh feeling, he already felt very satisfied because he could see Xia Qingyu ’s lustful expression.

It turned out that inside that woman ’s cold side, the lustful side, whatever happened to Ye Chen would definitely get Xia Qingyu ’s pure Yin body.

There was nothing Ye Chen could do, he thought of returning to the villa and doing cultivation.

Ye Chen just remembered that he had not visited Grandpa ’s friend, Ye Chen was not comfortable, however that person was still his grandfather ’s friend, Ye Chen had to meet with him.

Ye Chen went to the address that had been given by his grandfather ’s friend, Ye Chen needed time to find the location of his grandfather ’s friend ’s house.

After touring and asking people, Ye Chen finally found a house that belonged to his grandfather ’s friend.

Ye Chen ’s grandfather ’s friend ’s house was quite large, this house was at least 150 X 200 square meters in size with a very nice home decoration.

Ye Chen never knew that his grandfather had very rich friends in the city.

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If you have a very rich friend, why don ’t you ask for help to find a lot of work in this city, with a house as big as this the owner should have a business that is run.

Ye Chen threw away such thoughts, he just wanted to give a meeting with his grandfather ’s friend.

Ye Chen pressed the bell at the gate.

A few moments later a guard came out to Ye Chen ”friend, what do you want to come to this place ” This guard immediately asked the purpose of Ye Chen ’s arrival here.

”I, come here to meet with the owner of this house, is he inside ” Ye Chen asked politely.

Because the other party was polite, Ye Chen also said politely to this guard.

”Do you have an appointment with the owner? ”The guard asked whether Ye Chen had made an appointment with the owner of this house.

”Not yet, but he gave me the address of this house, you can show it to your employer. ” Ye Chen gave the home address to the guards, maybe this could help.

The gatekeeper received the address from Ye Chen ”wait a minute, I will try to ask the owner ” the gambler immediately ran into the house.

He would call the homeowner to confirm Ye Chen ’s identity.

Ye Chen waited a few minutes, the guards finally came out of the house.

The guard opened the gate to Ye Chen, ”Dear young master, the owner has been waiting for you inside, please come with me. ” The guard ’s attitude was far more respectful than before.

Ye Chen nodded, he went following behind the guard to enter the house.

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