Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1936 Scorpion King Hell

Chapter 1935 Yue Wang defeat

“So this is a forbidden technique that they have, not bad.” Ye Chen could feel this power was very strong and made Ye Chens body feel a little heavy.

“Ugh. . .” Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu found it difficult to withstand this attack, they seemed to have a hard time withstanding the strongest attacks that the first and third elders had.

“Not good, they werent able to withstand the attack” Ye Chen had to worry, he saw that Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu were unable to withstand this attack.

Ye Chen walked over to them, he used his power to protect Xiao Lulu and Liu Yue.

The ray of light is very strong, nothing can escape this ray, the rocks and empty planets around this place must be destroyed when facing this ray of moonlight.

“Their strength is pretty big too” Ye Chen had to admit that their strength was huge, he used high level armor to withstand this attack.

Using his armor, Ye Chen was able to withstand attacks from the enemy.

“Crack. . .” Suddenly, the barrier around him was shattered when it received the Divine Moonlight Galaxys attack.

“Not good, Ill open the Veins of my land.” Ye Chen felt that this was not good, he opened his Veins to strengthen the defense.

After Ye Chen used his Veins, Ye Chens defense became extremely strong and could no longer be breached.

“Husband, are we going to be okay?” Liu Yue asked if they would be okay.

“We will be fine” Ye Chen said to Liu Yue.

Ye Chen could guarantee that they would be fine, he was confident that he would be fine.

“Big brother, I cant see anything” Xiao Lulu said that she couldnt see what was in front of her.

“I understand that too, everything will be fine, trust me” Ye Chen said to Xiao Lulu.

Ye Chens defense was extremely strong, the Divine moonlight galaxys mighty power couldnt break through Ye Chens defense.

“That should be enough to destroy them, shall we stop?” asked the third elder to the first elder.

“Dont stop, our opponent is not a random person, dont stop yet.” Yue Whang told the third elder and the first elder not to stop.

Their opponent was a very dangerous and very strong person, so they should not stop at this place.

“They wont stop.” Ye Chen could see that Yue Whang and the others didnt want to stop attacking Ye Chen, Ye Chen had to counterattack them.

“Half Dimension” Ye Chen used Half Dimension, he minimized the attacks of the third elder and the first elder.

With the absolute power of Half Dimension, the huge Divine moonlight galaxy began to shrink to a very small size.

“What happened” When the light from the Divine Moonlight Galaxy disappeared, Yue Whang directly asked the first and third elders.

“We dont know” the first elder and the third elder didnt know what had just happened, the two of them didnt know what happened, how the Divine Moonlight Galaxy could disappear so quickly.

“You guys have angered me, this time you will feel my wrath” Ye Chen felt angry because they all wanted to hurt Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu, this was something that Ye Chen couldnt forgive, Ye Chen had to make them pay for what they had done .

“Is this his doing” Yue Whang knew that this was all Ye Chens doing, the only person who could do this was Ye Chen, no one else in this world could do such crazy and unreasonable things except Ye Chen.

Ye Chen opened the Fire and Water Veins that he possessed, Ye Chens strength and Profound Energy became enormous.

“Dimension Breaker” Ye Chen used Dimension Breaker, dimension cracks instantly appeared around Yue Whang, the first elder, the seventh elder and the other elders who were in front.

These cracks got bigger and bigger, this made the time around them stop and they couldnt move.

“Fuck, what happened” Yue Whang didnt know what happened, he couldnt move his body like normal.

“You are all over” Ye Chen crushed them, he used Dimension Breaker to destroy everyone.

“Clank. . .” a huge explosion occurred, this explosion shattered the bodies of Yue Whang, the first elder, the third elder and the others.

There were a few survivors, but there were countless people who had to be blown to pieces.

“Wow” Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu were shocked when they saw what Ye Chen had just done, what Ye Chen had just done was really great.

“That just drained my energy.” Ye Chen was quite tired, he felt tired after using Dimension Breaker, Half Dimension and opening his three veins directly.

” Are you alright?” Liu Yue asked Ye Chen, Liu Yue asked about Ye Chens condition, she was worried about Ye Chens condition.

“Big brother hang on” Xiao Lulu said to Ye Chen, Xiao Lulu also looked very worried for Ye Chen.

“You two, Im fine” Ye Chen said that he was fine, so Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu didnt have to worry about him.

“Even if you say that” even though Ye Chen said that, Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu still felt worried for Ye Chen.

“Everything will be fine” Ye Chen said to Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu.

“Forget about it, lets see how Yue Ya and the others are.” Ye Chen would confirm Yue Yas condition, Yue Yas and Yue Enlongs condition.

“You guys please take care of them, make sure the survivors dont run away” Ye Chen asked Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu to take care of these people, he had to see Yue Yas condition.

“You understand” Liu Yue understood, she would make sure that these people didnt do anything dangerous.

“Thank you very much” Ye Chen thanked her, he believed in the two women.

Ye Chen went and looked for Yue Yas whereabouts, Ye Chen wanted to know what happened to Yue Ya right now.

in Yue Yas place ,Yue Ya was in a fairly fierce battle, the opponents were two mysterious people with strange and moderately strong powers.

Yue Ya had even used the Full Blue Moon God Domain, she was fighting with her full strength.

“As expected of the moon goddess, your strength is immense, its a pity that your cultivation level is still not at the peak stage” both of them acknowledged Yue Yas strength, it was a pity that Yue Ya had not yet reached the highest level and she was still far from the two people in front of her.

If only Yue Yas strength was comparable, Yue Ya would be a very troublesome opponent at all, but now he still couldnt win easily against the two people sent by.

“Yue Ya, you better leave now, the two of them are too strong, I will hold them back” Yue Enlong said to Yue Ya, he told Yue Ya to leave right now if he stayed here, then Yue Yas safety would be in jeopardy.

“I wont do that” Yue Ya refused Yue Enlongs orders and offers, she didnt want to do what Yue Enlong said.

Yue Ya didnt like to leave people she belonged to and run away alone, she would feel guilty for the rest of her life.

“If you dont go, then you will be arrested and they will do bad things to you” Yue Enlong said to Yue Ya.

“I dont care” Yue Ya didnt care, she didnt care about what happened.

Now they must work together to be able to win against the enemy.

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