Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 1942 Yue Yas ability to seduce Ye Chen

Chapter 1941 Peek at Yue Ya who is taking a bath

“I will support what you do, dont let them go free” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya, Ye Chen didnt want these people to be free, they would give trouble in the future.

“um” Yue Ya nodded, she would make sure that these people would no longer be able to escape.

“Everyone, please take them away.” Yue Ya ordered these people to take the traitors away.

Yue Yas army started to move, they started to go take these people to prison and wouldnt let them escape.

“What are you going to do?” Ye Chen asked Yue Ya what Yue Ya would do next.

“Now that Yue Whang is no more, I should have obtained full power” Yue Ya informed that she had already obtained full power, now no one can disturb Yue Ya anymore.

“Im happy to hear this” Ye Chen was happy when he heard this, he was happy when he heard that Yue Ya managed to get a pinnacle place in the Blue Moon God Star Realm.

“This is all thanks to you” Yue Ya thanked Ye Chen, it was all thanks to Ye Chen who had helped her to get all this.

“Its not because of me, its all because of your struggle.” Ye Chen said that it was all because of Yue Yas struggle that he was able to get all of this.

” Thanks very much. . .” Yue Ya was very grateful, Ye Chen tried to comfort her.

“Hehehehe” Ye Chen smirked when he heard this, it was quite pleasant to see the goddess Yue Ya smiling.

“maybe I should give you a present” Yue Ya intends to give a present to Ye Chen, what kind of gift will you give” Ye Chen wanted to know what kind of gift Yue Ya gave.

“You are too excited” Yue Ya saw that Ye Chen was too excited, she didnt expect this to happen.

“either Ill think about it well” Yue Ya didnt want to tell what he was about to give, she still kept this matter a secret from Ye Chen.

“Stingy” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya.

Yue Ya smiled when she saw this, Ye Chen was very cute when she teased him.

Yue Ya turned her attention towards Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu.

“Both of you, what do you want?” Yue Ya asked Xiao Lulu and Liu Yue, both of whom had helped Yue Ya with this matter, so Yue Ya would give both of them gifts.

“It seems that there is no need” Xiao Lulu and Liu Yue simultaneously replied, neither of them needed what Yue Ya had.

Both of them were happy that they could help Yue Ya with her problems.

“Once again I thank you very much” Yue Ya was very grateful, she was quite grateful to Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu for helping her.

“Lets go back” Yue Ya took Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu back to Blue Moon God Star Realm.

“You will not continue the journey” Ye Chen asked Yue Ya if Yue Ya would not continue their journey.

“Thats not necessary, we can postpone it.” Yue Ya said that if the trip could be delayed, now their focus was on healing the injured, thats why they had to immediately return to the Blue Moon God Star Realm and start healing the seriously injured.

“Okay” Ye Chen nodded, he followed what Yue Ya wanted, they returned to Blue Moon God Star Realm and started to heal the injured people.

Ye Chen helped in treating everyone who was injured, with Ye Chens help, everyone could easily be helped.

Even Yue Enlong is also starting to heal, it will take a long time for Ye Chen to heal Yue Enlong.

Ye Chen was quite patient, he was quite patient in healing Yue Enlong who was seriously injured.

After a few days, Yue Enlong finally fully recovered, she was completely healed and was able to do everything very well splendidly.

Due to the loss of strong people, Yue Ya was forced to close the Blue Moon God Star Realm temporarily, this was done to avoid people looking for trouble with the Blue Moon God Star Realm when the situation was quite severe.

Everyone respected Yue Yas decision, Yue Yas decision was a very right decision.

“Finally its all over” Ye Chen was relieved, everything was done, everything Ye Chen did was very tiring.

“Are you okay?” Vei said to Ye Chen, she said to Ye Chen who looked tired.

“Do I look fine, Im quite tired” Ye Chen said to Vei, he told that he was quite tired.

“Goddess wants to meet you” Vei said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen that Yue Ya wanted to meet him.

“She wants to meet me?” Ye Chen was excited, he was quite excited when he heard this.

Ye Chen left, he immediately went and met Yue Ya to find out what Yue Ya needed.

“This man” Vei couldnt help but shake her head, what Ye Chen did was quite ridiculous.

Vei didnt come with Ye Chen, she still had other tasks to complete.

Ye Chen went to the moon palace which was where Yue Ya lived, when Ye Chen arrived he didnt find Yue Ya.

“uhh. . . , where is he?, is she not here?” Ye Chen wanted to know where Yue Ya was right now.

“gurgling. . . .” when Ye Chen was about to leave, he heard the sound of gurgling water, it seemed like someone was taking a bath.

“Is she taking a shower?” Ye Chen started to get excited, he was quite excited when he found out that Yue Ya was taking a bath.

“Okay, Ill go” Ye Chen was about to leave, Ye Chen wanted to peek at Yue Ya taking a shower.

This is a very rare moment, Ye Chen must not miss an opportunity like this, only a fool would miss an opportunity like this in his life.

Peeking at Yue Ya was a difficult thing, but for Ye Chen it was an extremely easy thing to do.

Ye Chen went to the pond in the moon palace, at this time Yue Ya was in the pond and was lit up by the very beautiful moonlight.

Yue Ya was quite careful, she made sure that everything was fine and that no one could peek at her.

“she used a barrier, looks like she wont let me peek at her” Ye Chen saw that Yue Ya wouldnt let Ye Chen peek inside.

Ye Chen is not at his wits end, he can get inside very easily.

Ye Chen only needed to use his teleportation power and enter the barrier.

With the power of dimensional control, Ye Chen could do whatever he wanted quickly and easily.

“I like this” Ye Chen really likes, he really likes the power he has.

Ye Chen managed to get inside, when Ye Chen went inside Ye Chen saw Yue Ya being showered with moonlight, she was really beautiful.

Yue Yas wet body was so tempting, she made a very seductive pose while bathing and washing her body.

Ye Chen subconsciously got excited when he saw this.

“Thats great” Ye Chen enjoyed the scene in front of him, he didnt want to waste the sight in front of him, this is a gift that Ye Chen should not miss.

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