Chapter 1952 he knows the most beautiful goddess in the God Realm

“You don’t know that he has a love story with the goddess Dongfang Xiu,” said Liu Yue.

Liu Yue explains that Ye Chen has a love story with Dongfang Xiu.

” what ! ! !” Yue Ya looked surprised when she heard this, she didn’t expect that Ye Chen would have a love story with Dongfang Xiu.

“How is that possible?” Yue Ya couldn’t believe what Liu Yue said, to be honest she was the one who couldn’t believe that a goddess with a cold heart like Dongfang Xiu could fall in love with someone.

Yue Ya saw Dongfang Xiu several times, she saw that Dongfang Xiu was a woman who was very indifferent to others, in this world there was probably nothing that could attract her, even Yue Ya couldn’t make Dongfang Xiu feel attracted to her.

“You doubt what I said?, you need to know that I will not lie to you” Liu Yue will not lie to Yue Ya, she doesn’t like to do that.

“Explain to me, I want to know the details” Yue Ya said to Liu Yue, she wanted to know the details.

Liu Yue started to explain everything to Yue Ya, she told Yue Ya everything she knew.

“So it’s like that” Yue Ya looked at Ye Chen, not expecting that Dongfang Xiu met Ye Chen so much faster than her.

That meant that before him, Ye Chen had already met Dongfang Xiu.

“I didn’t expect it, it’s not strange that she can easily get along with me.” Yue Ya now understood why Ye Chen could easily get along with her, it turned out that he had a relationship with a super cold goddess like Dongfang Xiu.

When compared to Dongfang Xiu, then it would definitely be far away, obtaining Dongfang Xiu would be like ascending to the endless layered sky.

“he has a lot of secrets” Yue Ya saw that Ye Chen had quite a lot of secrets, this made Yue Ya even more interested.

“Who else in the God Realm is she related to?” Yue Ya wanted to know more, so she asked Liu Yue.

“Besides you, there is another Nangong Xiang” said Liu Yue to Yue Ya.

“What did you say .
?” Yue Ya almost fell when she heard this, if previously Yue Ya had been shocked when she heard Dongfang Xiu, then this time Yue Ya almost fell when she heard Ye Chen had a relationship with Nangong Xiang.

“Isn’t he too daring to start a relationship with Empress Sun?” Yue Ya said to Liu Yue, Yue Ya did not expect that Ye Chen had such a relationship with Nangong Xiang.

“Looks like it’s not what you think” Liu Yue said to Yue Ya.

“You know who Nangong Xiang is right?” Yue Ya said to Liu Yue.

“She is a former empress, I should have heard of that before” said Liu Yue to Yue Ya.

“ex?, she is not ex, she is still an empress, I met her a few years ago” Yue Ya said to Liu Yue.

“That’s not her, real her is at our place” said Liu Yue to Yue Ya.

“Then who did I meet?” Liu Yue said to Yue Ya, Yue Ya wanted to know who she met a few years ago.

“Maybe it’s someone else, believe me Nangong Xiang is at our place and always with us” said Liu Yue to Yue Ya.

“Alright” Yue Ya understood, if he were to meet Nangong Xiang, he would want to ask her a lot of things.

“Okay I’ll be back” Ye Chen said to Yue Ya, everything in this place is finished, it’s time for Ye Chen to return.

“Why do you want to come back?” Yue Ya asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know the reason for Ye Chen to come back.

“I will prepare for the competition” Ye Chen told Yue Ya that he was going to take part in the competition.

“What about Dongfang Xiu, what are you going to do?” Yue Ya asked Ye Chen, Yue Ya wanted to know what Ye Chen would do.

“Very good question, maybe I will do something later, let’s see what I will do” Ye Chen had his own plan, he already knew what he would do to solve this matter.

“Whatever you do, make sure not to cause trouble” Yue Ya advised Ye Chen not to cause trouble.

“I’m not sure I can do that” Ye Chen said that he wasn’t sure that he could do what Yue Ya said.

“Humph, it’s you.
Yue Ya was helpless, she couldn’t do anything about this matter.

“wife, are you going to stay in this place?” Ye Chen asked Liu Yue.

“I will be here for a while, I want to learn some techniques from her, looks like she needs help here” Liu Yue informed that she would stay and learn from Yue Ya.

It seemed that Yue Ya was a suitable person to provide guidance to Liu Yue.

“Okay, you know where to look for me” Ye Chen said to Liu Yue.

Ye Chen let Liu Yue stay in this place, staying in this place would be.

Xiao Lulu will come with Ye Chen, she will come back with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took Xiao Lulu to go to the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm, where Ye Chen immediately told Xiao Lulu to get to know the woman in this place.

“Xiao Lulu can easily get to know Ye Chen’s women who are in the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm, they welcome Xiao Lulu very well.

“So cute, you are like a doll” Li Jingyi was the most excited person, she was very excited and hugged Xiao Lulu very tightly.

Xiao Lulu was really cute, it wasn’t strange that Li Jingyi wanted to hug her.

Ye Chen smiled when he saw this, it seemed that Ye Chen had nothing to worry about anymore, everything was fine and everyone was able to receive Xiao Lulu very well.

“Ying, how is her condition, is anyone trying to catch Jingyi again?” Ye Chen asked Huang Ying.

“Everything is under control, no one is trying to harm Jingyi” Huang Ying said that no one can hurt Li Jingyi.

“What about you, did your journey in the Blue Moon God Star Realm go very well?” Huang Ying asked Ye Chen.

“Everything went very well, I managed to get a captive from the God Realm Illumination” Ye Chen said to Huang Ying.

“Who is it?” Huang Ying was curious, he asked who the woman Ye Chen had just said.

“She is Hang Sayu” Ye Chen said to Huang Yin.

“Hang Sayu, I’ve never heard of it.” Huang Ying never heard of it, it’s probably a new member of the God Realm Illumination.

“Did you meet the old monster?” Huang Ying asked Ye Chen.

“No, I didn’t meet them” Ye Chen told that he didn’t meet them.

“Thank God, if you don’t meet them, in God Realm Illumination, they are the most terrifying, they are like the most cruel gods you can never imagine” Huang Ying said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen listened to Huang Ying’s description, it seems that the old monsters that Huang Ying mentioned are very terrifying, they may be much stronger than the 12 Guardian Gods.

“Actually I want to see how strong they are, whether the current me is able to fight them, I’m very curious about it.” Ye Chen was quite curious about the highest person in God Realm Illumination.

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