Chapter 1955 Explanation of the best participants in the room

“I can’t they are too terrible” this man told that the people in this place were very terrible, he was not strong when facing the pressure they had.

“It seems that this person has a disorder” Ye Chen saw that the person in front of him had a disorder, Ye Chen had to wake him up and heal him, Ye Chen had to use words to heal the person in front of him.

“Calm yourself, everything will be fine, take a deep breath” Ye Chen said to the man in front of him, he told the man in front of him to be more calm in dealing with the current situation.

“Okay, I’ll give it a try” the man in front of Ye Chen will try to do it, he took a deep breath and began to calm his soul.

After taking a few breaths and listening to Ye Chen, this person was finally able to calm down.

“How, can you calm down already?” Ye Chen said to the man in front of him.

“Thank you very much, I’ve started to calm down” said the man in front.

What Ye Chen did was very helpful, he felt a very comfortable feeling when he received help from Ye Chen.

“Okay, now you calm down, in this place no one will dare to start a battle, so you will be fine” This is a waiting room, no one should dare to cause trouble in this place.

“You’re absolutely right, this is a waiting room, no one should ever dare to look for trouble in this place” This man was finally able to accept everything, he became calmer thanks to Ye Chen’s words and motivation.

“Who are you, why don’t you introduce yourself to me” Ye Chen told the man in front of him to introduce himself.

“My name is Sai Tiran, I come from a low rank star” Sai Tiran told Ye Chen about his origins, it turned out that he came from a low ranking star, it’s not strange that he was very scared when he was in this place, it turned out that he came from a fairly high star low.

“It’s not strange that you are so scared, this is actually the reason.” Ye Chen got a very reasonable reason, he got the reason why Sai Tiran was so scared when he was in this place.

He was from a low-ranked star, when facing those geniuses from a high-ranking star, of course he would be extremely scared.

“Where are you from yourself?” Sai Tiran asked Ye Chen, he wanted to know where Ye Chen came from.

“I’m from a middle-ranked star” Ye Chen told that he was from a middle-ranked star.

“Looks like you have bad luck like me, we are in the midst of strong people, it will be troublesome when we are one city with geniuses around.

” hahahaha, You are very funny , they will not target you , they will only target strong people , people like us will not be targeted and will be considered as passing insects ” Ye Chen spoke to Sai Tiran, he said this to make Sai Tirant not afraid anymore and face the reality.

“You’re right too, they won’t see us, we’re just people with very low power” Ye Chen said to Sai Tiran.

“This is an advantage for us, so just enjoy it, don’t worry about them” Ye Chen told Sai Tiran not to think about what happened, everything will pass and they will be fine.

“You are very smart” said Sai Tiran, Sai Tiran had to admit that Ye Chen was a very smart person.

“I’m not that smart” Ye Chen said to Sai Tiran, Ye Chen tried to be humble, he didn’t show superiority in front of Sai Tiran.

“Do you know them?” Ye Chen pointed at some of the people with the highest cultivation in the room, they were people with above average strength.

“You don’t know them?” Sai Tiran looked surprised when he heard what Ye Chen said, how could Ye Chen not know these people.

“Honestly, I’m a person who rarely goes out, so I don’t know much about this matter” Ye Chen said to Sai Tiran.

“So you often do closed-door training, it’s not strange that you don’t know” Sai Tiran finally understood why Ye Chen didn’t know these people.

“Here are the five greatest geniuses in this era, first is Tian Mo, he is the current first genius, it is said that he defeated many people with a difference of several levels above his cultivation” Sai Tiran pointed at a man who seemed very concerned, he was very calm and intelligent looking man.

“Oh, so he is the most powerful person in this place, his aura is quite impressive” Ye Chen said as he looked at Tian Mo.

“Shh, don’t make him angry, if you make him angry, it will be very troublesome” Sai Tiran told Ye Chen not to anger Tian Mo.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything bad” Ye Chen said that he wouldn’t do anything bad and make Sai Tiran angry.

“Next” Ye Chen asked again, he wanted to know more about the genius that would be his opponent.

“The second rank is Nie Li, he is a very popular young master once, his battle skills and literary skills are above average and cannot be resisted, he is an idol for women, so don’t mess around or you will become the enemy of women in the future God Realm” Sai Tiran pointed at a handsome and charming man who was swarmed by women, all the women swarming around him like a bee who found the best flower.

“He’s quite popular, roughly compared to me, who will win” Ye Chen said to Sai Tiran.

“Friends, I’ll be honest with you, your performance is very good, it’s quite difficult to get a girl and compete against a handsome guy like Nie Li.

“Why are you so honest, can’t you cheer me up a little bit?” Ye Chen said in a dissatisfied tone.

Ye Chen was quite dissatisfied with Sai Tiran’s answer, Sai Tiran was too honest with the current situation.

Indeed when compared to Nie Li, Ye Chen is still quite far away, the current Ye Chen is quite normal and not too flashy.

“Okay that’s enough, continue again” Ye Chen told Sai Tiran to continue.

“Next is the rabbit girl Zhi Fuze, she is a woman who is quite liked by everyone, she is very cheerful and makes people around feel happy with her existence, she is one of the list of beautiful women in the God Realm” said Sai Tiran.

” Where is she?” Ye Chen asked Sai Tiran, he wanted to know that woman named Zhi Fuze.

“You see the crowd there, he’s there” Sai Tiran said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at the crowd of men, this crowd was much larger than Nie Li.

“Looks like he’s much more popular than Nie Li” Ye Chen said as he looked at the crowd.

“She’s really very popular” Sai Tiran admitted that Zhi Fuze was more popular than Nie Li, besides the number of women in this room seemed to be less, the men were far more dominating in this room.

“next” Ye Chen told Sai Tiran to continue.

“Fourth is Gun Gom, he is a disc controller, once he throws his weapon, it’s not easy to dodge without getting hurt or losing body parts” Sai Tiran said to Ye Chen.

This time Sai Tiran explained a terrible person, Ye Chen could feel a strong killing aura from Gun Gom.

“Okay, maybe this time you should stay away from this guy, he might kill you” Ye Chen said while scaring Sai Tiran.

“Don’t say that” Sai Tiran became afraid when Ye Chen said such a thing, he was afraid that it would happen.

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