Chapter 1958 Zhi Fuze visit Ye Chen

The number of mushrooms around was quite limited, while the number of participants taking on tasks was overwhelming, so they just had to wait for the mushrooms to grow again in order for them to complete their task.

Ye Chen couldn’t possibly wait like the others, he had to find a good way.

.” outside there was a very loud explosion.

“Looks like a battle is going on outside” Ye Chen saw that outside this gate was a fierce battle.

In the match there are no rules, when they leave the city, they will be directly attacked by other participants.

“Maybe I’ll take a look outside, this place is still very crowded” Ye Chen wanted to see the battles that were out there, it was still crowded here and needed time.

” Where are you goin?” the guards stopped Ye Chen, they stopped Ye Chen who was intending to come out.

“I want to go out” Ye Chen told that he intended to go out, he wanted to go out and see what happened.

“How many points have you earned?” The guards asked about the points that Ye Chen had earned, the guards wanted to know the points that Ye Chen had earned.

“I have 0 points” Ye Chen said that he only had 0 points.

“You can’t pass, you have to get at least 1,000 points to pass” The guard told Ye Chen that there was a minimum requirement to get out.

“Okay, I understand.” Ye Chen understood, he understood what was happening here.

Ye Chen turned around, thinking about what the guard had just said.

“I see” Ye Chen began to understand what kind of competition this was, it turned out to be a competition where the strongest would prey on the weak.

Ye Chen could have known this from before, considering that if a minimum of 1,000 points was required to go out, then there would definitely be many people looking for points to go out and hunt.

This may not be good for people, once they come out, then they will definitely be immediately stopped by the people outside, they will be killed and taken points by strong people.

“This is like a farm where the weak will be slaughtered by the strong, they will only become tools for the strong” Ye Chen said in his heart.

These weaklings will definitely try to keep looking for points, while the strong only need to kill the weak to be able to gain points, this is quite a tragic thing.

“What are you going to do?” Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen, what would Ye Chen do in the current situation.

“Maybe I’ll sleep and wait” Ye Chen said that he would sleep and wait.

“Why did you do that, don’t you want to hunt like the others?” Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen.

“Honestly I have no interest in doing that, I have less interest in doing that, people outside still don’t have many points, it’s better to wait for them to get a lot of points” Ye Chen answered Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen told the reason why he didn’t want to fight too early.

“Oh I see, I’m starting to understand what you want.” Chu Yuechan finally understood what Ye Chen wanted.

“You are quite cunning too, you wait for them to get fat, then you will harvest them, that is a good thing” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

“Of course, why should I go and hunt them, they are still small, it’s better to wait for them to get a lot of points, that way I will get more advantages.

Ye Chen was smart, he let other people earn points for him, meanwhile Ye Chen could stay in the city and enjoy free time.

Ye Chen was enjoying time in the city while doing light work to earn points, he didn’t do much while the other participants started to get aggressive and fought outside to be the best among everyone.

3 days passed, after 3 days the ranking list was finally announced to all participants.

The first rank on the list was Tian Mo, he earned more than 2 million points in just 3 days, the second rank was Zhang Feng, he was ranked second with 1 million less points, the difference between Tian Mo and Zhang Feng was quite far, they have a difference of almost half more.

Ye Chen didn’t know who Zhang Feng was, he had never heard of this name before, maybe he was another genius that Ye Chen didn’t know about.

The third rank is Nie Li, he earned nine hundred thousand more, it almost touched 1 million points and was in tight competition with Zhang Feng.

in the fourth rank was Gun Gom, with eight hundred thousand points and slightly behind Nie Li and Zhang Feng.

In fifth place was Zhi Fuze she earned six hundred thousand points, this vibrant beautiful woman’s points were apparently lacking compared to the others.

Sixth place was Fou Nari she earned six hundred thousand and competed very tightly with Zhi Fuze.

Dun Yaong was in eighth place, he earned five hundred thousand points and competed with those below him.

“They have started to earn quite a lot of points” Ye Chen saw that everyone had already earned enough points, if Ye Chen beat them, he would get 15% of the total points they had, it was a huge amount.

“I’ll wait a little longer” Ye Chen wasn’t in a hurry, he could still wait a little longer, and there’s no harm in waiting in this place for the prey to become fatter.

The participants in the city became less and less, everyone went out and hunted, it could be said that the battle had reached its peak, and they already had quite a number of points.

Participants from other cities also stopped by, they looked for a safe place by entering the city so as not to be attacked by other participants.

While the other participants were competing and doing great battles, Ye Chen himself was actually lazing around while doing light work in the city.

After a few days of work, Ye Chen earned about 1,500 points, this amount was obviously very low and might be on the list of people with the lowest points.

If Ye Chen looked at his current position, then it was certain that Ye Chen was in the lowest and worst rank.

“Five days have passed, the situation outside is just getting more and more chaotic.” Ye Chen saw that it was getting more and more chaotic outside, battles between cultivators were taking place all over the place, they were fighting each other to get points that belonged to the other side.

“You’re here, don’t you want to go out” When Ye Chen was working, Ye Chen was approached by someone.

Ye Chen saw who visited him, indeed who visited Ye Chen in this place.

In front of Ye Chen saw a woman who was full of enthusiasm and cheerfulness, this woman was naturally Zhi Fuze.

“What are you doing in this place, you should still be hunting and fighting outside” Ye Chen said to Zhi Fuze.

“I’m taking a break, it’s quite tiring outside you should know about it” Zhi Fuze said to Ye Chen.

Zhi Fuze said that the battle outside was very tiring, this made Zhi Fuze return to rest, if outside Zhi Fuze wouldn’t be able to do that because other participants kept on targeting him.

“Yes I know that, that’s why I didn’t come out” Ye Chen replied to Zhi Fuze.

“So that’s the reason you didn’t come out, Ye Chen you are very strange” Zhi Fuze said to Ye Chen.

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