Chapter 1960 [Bonus chapter]It seems that your favorite disciple is at the lowest rank

This was the reason why Zhi Fuze approached Ye Chen, Zhi Fuze wanted to see if Ye Chen pretended not to be attracted to her.

that was why Zhi Fuze took the time to visit Ye Chen every day.

Without realizing it was almost half a month, the battle had reached its breaking point, all the participants became more and more aggressive towards the end of the match, they did this to secure their position.

“So it’s the last day, it seems it’s time for me to make a move” Ye Chen had waited for a long time for today, after a long wait, it was finally time for Ye Chen to start fighting.

“Hey, you’re still here, looks like you don’t have any hope of qualifying for the next round” Zhi Fuze came over, she said to Ye Chen who from the start didn’t move like the other participants.

Zhi Fuze had hoped for more from Ye Chen, but in reality Ye Chen had done nothing and had only been in the city until today.

“You really care about me, do you like me?” Ye Chen asked Zhi Fuze.

Ye Chen saw that Zhi Fuze was very considerate of him, this attention was definitely not ordinary concern.

“Who likes you” Zhi Fuze immediately denied it, she denied that he liked Ye Chen.

“Hahahaha” Ye Chen laughed, he laughed out loud when he heard Zhi Fuze’s answer.

Zhi Fuze was annoyed with Ye Chen, this man made her feel very irritated.

“Take this” Ye Chen threw the shovel at Zhi Fuze.

“what are you doing?” Zhi Fuze caught the item that was thrown by Ye Chen.

Zhi Fuze asked Ye Chen, Zhi Fuze wanted to know what Ye Chen would do.

“I’m going out.” Ye Chen said that it was time for him to go out.

“Are you stupid, it’s very chaotic outside, once you leave the gate, you will be attacked” Zhi Fuze said to Ye Chen.

“I don’t care about that problem” Ye Chen said that he didn’t care about that problem.

Ye Chen disappeared, he left Zhi Fuze alone.

“Huh?, he disappeared?” Zhi Fuze didn’t see Ye Chen, Ye Chen seemed to have disappeared from this world.

” what just happened?” Zhi Fuze didn’t know what had just happened, how could Ye Chen disappear so quickly, it was completely unreasonable.

Zhi Fuze tried to look for Ye Chen, most likely Ye Chen was still around this place, she couldn’t possibly be fooled by Ye Chen.

Zhi Fuze will not find Ye Chen around this place, Ye Chen is already in front of the city exit.

“After crossing the line, maybe someone will attack me” Ye Chen predicted that someone would attack him when Ye Chen left the city gate.

Ye Chen came out, when he came out of the city gate, he was already waiting for by several people.

“attack” Without waiting for Ye Chen to speak, they immediately attacked Ye Chen and drew their weapons at Ye Chen.

.” Ye Chen was directly hit by several attacks, these attacks directly hit Ye Chen.

“They are too excited” Ye Chen saw that the people were very excited, they all looked very excited when they faced Ye Chen.

They thought Ye Chen was a weak person, that’s why they directly attacked Ye Chen to get points from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn’t dodge the enemy’s attacks, he took all the enemy’s attacks.

“Huh? ? ? ?” Everyone was immediately shocked when they saw that Ye Chen was fine when he received the attack.

“Have you had enough, then now it’s my turn” Ye Chen waved his hand, with just one swing of a hand a very strong storm blew away the people in front of him.

The people who attacked Ye Chen instantly disappeared, they disappeared with one swing of Ye Chen’s hand.

“I beat all of them, roughly how many I got” Ye Chen had just beaten another participant, he should have gotten some extra points from beating other participants.

Ye Chen looked at his points, when he saw the points he had, Ye Chen found that his points had increased quite a lot.

He earned around 50,000 points from defeating the guys just now.

“Good, I’ll start hunting” Ye Chen will start hunting for the enemy.

after a long time, finally the predator came out, whether all can survive the predator.

Outside of people not being able to see what was happening, they could only see the results that each participant got.

Here Ning Xia and Mu Xueying saw Ye Chen’s results, they continued to monitor Ye Chen’s points.

“Hmmm, how come that boy’s points never increase?” Ning Xia wanted to know why Ye Chen’s points didn’t increase, what Ye Chen had been doing for the past 14 days.

“Is he having trouble, he is at the bottom of the rankings, even people above him have tens of thousands of points” Mu Xueying wanted to know what Ye Chen was doing, why Ye Chen had so few points.

Mu Xueying thought about what might have happened, what made Ye Chen’s points not increase, Ye Chen should have gotten a lot of points.

“Could it be that he hasn’t moved yet?” Ning Xia tried to think positively, it was most likely that Ye Chen had not made a move and had not earned any points.

“He may not have moved yet, I don’t know what he’s thinking, but Ye Chen is indeed very hard to predict” Mu Xueying said to Ning Xia.

“That brat” Ning Xia became worried, Ye Chen had made the two beauties worried for his safety.

Ning Xia and Mu Xueying kept an eye on Ye Chen’s name, they were confirming whether Ye Chen would be able to pass to the next level or not.

“Who is at the bottom of the rankings, is he sleeping or playing?” everyone was curious about Ye Chen, they were all quite curious about Ye Chen who was from Jade Lotus Peak.

how can anyone get only 2,000 points over 14 days and rank at the bottom, that’s ridiculous, even a fool wouldn’t do something like that.

Ning Xia and Mu Xueying looked displeased when they heard this, they looked disgruntled as they listened to the conversation around them.

Mu Xueying and Ning Xia were Ye Chen’s women, they were both naturally displeased when someone dared to speak ill of Ye Chen, obviously it would make them angry.

“Should we teach the people around us a lesson?” Mu Xueying asked Ning Xia.

Mu Xueying asked Ning Xia for permission, she wanted a permit to fight these people.

“That’s not necessary, don’t make a fuss in this place.” Ning Xia forbade Mu Xueying to make a mess, they just needed to be quiet and see what Ye Chen would do.

“Lord Peak Ning, it seems that your favorite disciple is at the very bottom, did he offend anyone and make him have to be in the city” Mo Chiyi came over, she asked Ning Xia about what happened to Ye Chen.

Mo Chiyi knew that Ye Chen was strong, with Ye Chen’s strength, she should be able to get a good place.

“I don’t know what’s going on, I can’t watch him” Ning Xia said to Mo Chiyi, Ning Xia couldn’t keep an eye on Ye Chen, that’s why she didn’t know what Ye Chen was doing.

“Maybe he didn’t dare to go out because he offended strong people, that place is full of strong people.” Yun Yang commented, he felt that Ye Chen had offended a strong participant and got him in trouble.

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