Chapter 1964 Zhi Fuze got the first result

Dun Yaong himself had to settle for 60th place, he lost quite a lot of points and dropped to this position.

Dun Yaong was quite annoyed by this result, he was now eager to tear Ye Chen apart.

It was all Ye Chen’s fault, if only Ye Chen didn’t interfere, then he could get a top ten seat like the others.

The other participants started to move away from Dun Yaong, they all moved away due to fear by Dun Yaong’s killing aura, Dun Yaong’s killing aura scared everyone.

Dun Yaong couldn’t hide his annoyance towards Ye Chen, he could at least hide this matter from outsiders.

People let Dun Yaong, they don’t want to meddle into troublesome affairs.

The tenth position was the spear swordsman Zhou Yun.

The ninth position is the iron fist expert Ao Unce

The eighth position is Mi Yoko

The seventh position is Fou Nari

The sixth position is Gun Gom

The fifth position is Nie Li

The fourth position is Zhang Feng

The third position is Sai Tiran with almost 50 million points.

When Ouyang Hanz read the results obtained by Sai Tiran, he was quite surprised, the results obtained by Sai Tiran were quite large among the other participants.

This took everyone by surprise, how could Sai Tiran get such a large point, this was very unreasonable to the people who saw it.

“Who is he, why did he get so many points?” Lei Qiaolin wanted to know who the real Sai Tiran was, how could he get so many points at one time.

Lei Qiaolin had to investigate this, Lei Qiaolin was curious as to what happened.

Lei Qiaolin kept looking at Sai Tiran, this made Sai Tiran feel uncomfortable.

Sai Tiran himself did not expect that he would get enough points, this made him very happy.

“Wait, why did I get so many points, meanwhile why did he get so few points” Sai Tiran was curious about this matter, honestly he wanted to know why Ye Chen was in the middle position, while he was the one who was helped to get third place.

This made Sai Tiran confused, he was confused about what happened to him.

While Sai Tiran was celebrating his accomplishments, Zhi Fuze looked extremely anxious, it seemed like she didn’t make the top ten.

“How did I not get into the top ten?” Zhi Fuze wanted to know why he didn’t make it into the top ten, what actually happened to keep him from being in the top ten.

“In second place is Tian Mo, Tian Mo gets 99 million points” Ouyang Hanz told that Tian Mo got 99 million points.

“What?, genius Tian Mo only got second place, then who got first place?” everyone was curious who would get first place, who could beat Tian Mo.

“What do you think?” Ning Xia asked Mu Xueying, she wanted to know if it was Ye Chen or not.

“It could be Ye Chen, who else could do this” Mu Xueying said to Ning Xia.

Mu Xueying firmly believed that this was Ye Chen, only Ye Chen could do something like this.

Because of this, everyone was trying to guess who would get the first place, who would be able to get the first place in this world.

“Why do you look so tense?” Ye Chen asked Zhi Fuze, Zhi Fuze looked very tense.

“Why wasn’t I mentioned, did I not rank in the top 10?” Zhi Fuze said to Ye Chen, Zhi Fuze wanted to know if he had missed his name.

“I told you earlier that you have few points, that’s why you won’t be in the top ten” Ye Chen said to Zhi Fuze.

“Your words are very evil” Zhi Fuze replied to Ye Chen’s words, she said that Ye Chen’s words were quite evil.

“Hahaha” Ye Chen smiled and laughed when he heard this.

“Forget it, enjoy the time you have, I hope you are happy with the gift I gave you” Ye Chen said to Zhi Fuze, he decided to leave this place.

Ye Chen had nothing interesting anymore, he had already completed his task.

“And the first place winner is Zhi Fuze with 260 million points.” Ouyang Hanz announced to everyone that Zhi Fuze was the first person in this competition.

“Huh? ? ?” everyone was of course immediately shocked when they heard this, what happened left them all feeling shocked.

“He got almost 3 times the score that Tian Mo got, it’s really great” Everyone gave praise to Zhi Fuze, they all recognized Zhi Fuze’s ability.

“-.-” Zhi Fuze herself was speechless, he didn’t know what to do in a situation like this.

“What happened, did something go wrong?” Zhi Fuze thought if something went wrong, how could she get that many points, it was almost 10 times bigger than his.

Zhi Fuze’s mind was so confused, she didn’t know what was going on, she couldn’t think anymore.

“Ye Chen.
.” Zhi Fuze finally remembered Ye Chen’s words, she remembered Ye Chen’s previous words that he had a special gift.

Zhi Fuze didn’t find Ye Chen, Ye Chen had already disappeared from this place.

It was not difficult for Ye Chen to leave this place secretly, Ye Chen was in the distance and saw what was happening.

“Looks like she’s going to get into trouble” Ye Chen just smiled, it seems that Zhi Fuze will get into trouble because of what Ye Chen did.

“She is from a high-ranking star, so I don’t have to worry about her safety” Zhi Fuze is from a high-ranking star, so everything will be fine, he should be able to finish everything.

“Miss Zhi, please go up, you will get a bonus reward” Ouyang Hanz told Zhi Fuze to go up, the awarding of prizes will be given for rank 1,2 and 3.

Zhi Fuze went up, he received the gifts given by Ouyang Hanz, Tian Mo and Sai Tyrants also get their reward.

“Okay, you must be tired because you have been fighting for half a month, for that you all have the right to rest, enjoy your time, you are all free to use the existing facilities” said Ouyang Hanz to all participants

“3 days from now you will gather, next competition it will be much harder, make sure you rest as well as you can” said Ouyang Hanz to all the participants.

All participants who pass already understand, they will enjoy their time to the best of their ability.

Ye Chen left, he went to find a temporary residence, Ye Chen would not use the accommodation provided, he felt that it would be troublesome when being watched by the Five Lord Divine Academy, it was better to find a good place outside.

When Ye Chen came out, Ye Chen was immediately dragged by Mu Xueying, Mu Xueying dragged Ye Chen to another place.

There were quite a few people who looked at Mu Xueying, they were like seeing a goddess who had descended from the sky, Mu Xueying was very beautiful and too charming, she was a goddess who had been hiding very well.

Mu Xueying took Ye Chen to a quite secluded place, because the Five Lord Divine Academy was vast, it was not difficult to find a place that was quiet from people’s eyes.

“rarely, you didn’t make a chaos” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

“Chaos, do you like it if I make a chaos” Ye Chen said to Mu Xueying.

“Not really, I just want to know why you gave points to those two, what are you doing?” Mu Xueying asked Ye Chen, Mu Xueying knew that Ye Chen had given the points earned to Zhi Fuze and Sai Tiran.

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