hy are you so stubborn” Ye Chen was helpless, Mu Xueying still refused, he had to seduce Mu Xueying to get what he wanted.

Ye Chen was already used to Mu Xueying, so he already knew what he had to do now.

“wife, Come on” Ye Chen clung tightly to Mu Xueying, he persuaded Mu Xueying by using sweet words.

Mu Xueying started to lose when faced with Ye Chen’s words, Ye Chen was a master at teasing, someone like Mu Xueying wouldn’t be able to endure Ye Chen’s attack for long.

“Stop, you’re embarrassing me, we’ll talk about it later tonight” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

Mu Xueying finally wanted to, but it wasn’t now, now she had to do something.

“I will wait for my beautiful goddess” Ye Chen said to Mu Xueying.

“I’ll do some surveillance around, don’t make trouble” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

Mu Xueying still had the task that Ning Xia had given her to keep an eye on the people from the Eternal Sun Star Realm, so they could find out the strength of the enemy.

“Then I will go around and have a look around this place” Ye Chen said to Mu Xueying.

Ye Chen first came to the Five Lord Divine Academy, he wanted to know what the Five Lord Divine Academy had.

Ye Chen and Mu Xueying went in different directions, they did what they had to do.


Zhi Fuze looked very happy, she got a very good thing.

“You got first place that’s so great, how did you do it?” Zhi Fuxe asked Zhi Fuze.

“It seems that your acquaintances have helped me” Zhi Fuze said to Zhi Fuxe.

“Hmm, who is that?” Zhi Fuxe asked again, she wanted to know the clarity on this matter.

Whoever his acquaintance was capable of doing such a thing, he should be quite a famous person.

“Ye Chen.
.” Zhi Fuze said to Zhi Fuxe, Zhi Fuze told who helped her.

“Huh?, he took part in this competition?” Zhi Fuxe didn’t expect that Ye Chen would enter this competition.

“Why are you surprised?” Zhi Fuze asked her older sister.

“He’s quite a mysterious person, he’s one of my master’s acquaintances” Zhi Fuxe explained to Ye Chen about Ye Chen.

“He knows Saintess, that’s great” Zhi Fuze said to Zhi Fuxe.

“I don’t think it’s that simple, it seems that master respects him a lot” Zhi Fuxe said to Zhi Fuze.

“So he’s pretty great” Zhi Fuze didn’t expect that Ye Chen would be great enough in her big sister’s eyes.

“Should be, I don’t know his true strength” said Zhi Fuxe, Zhi Fuxe herself didn’t know Ye Chen’s strength.

“So when did you meet him?” Zhi Fuze wanted to know when Zhi Fuxe met Ye Chen.

“Maybe a few months ago” Zhi Fuxe said to Zhi Fuze.

“He made a mess of buying the property we own” Zhi Fuxe said in a helpless tone.

.” Zhi Fuze giggled when she heard this.

“You can still laugh, you should help me” said Zhi Fuxe to Zhi Fuze.

“I didn’t expect that your meeting would turn out like that.” Zhi Fuze didn’t expect their meeting to turn out like that.

“Forget it, he’s just like that” Zhi Fuxe said in a helpless tone.

“You get first place, it must make Tian Mo very angry with you” Zhi Fuxe said to Zhi Fuze.

“maybe he’s angry, it’s all that bastard’s fault” Zhi Fuze blamed Ye Chen, she blamed Ye Chen for what happened.

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