the building, the tavern began to tremble and the roof began to collapse.

People had already saved themselves, so everything was safe and no one would be a victim.

“You are really crazy, don’t you know who you are provoking” Zhi Fuxe said to Ye Chen.

“Of course I know, I did this on purpose” Ye Chen said to Zhi Fuxe.

From the beginning Ye Chen had deliberately provoked Tian Mo, he wanted to see what this God Realm’s first genius was like, whether it was just a rumor or reality.

In the previous battle Ye Chen didn’t find a strong opponent, now Ye Chen found a fairly strong opponent, it seems he wants to relax his muscles a little and fight against Tian Mo.

Zhi Fuxe and Zhi Fuze felt troubled, if these two fought then what would happen.

Ye Chen and Tian Mo started to face each other head on, Tian Mo’s aura was very impressive, while Ye Chen didn’t use his aura.

“I don’t know who you are, but you have dared to disturb my woman” Tian Mo said to Ye Chen, Tian Mo’s voice was filled with killing intent and strong anger.

“Huh?, didn’t I hear wrong, did you say that she is your woman, are you dreaming or something, I heard that she is still single, since when did it happen?” Ye Chen said to Tian Mo.

Ye Chen asked Tian Mo, Ye Chen knew very well that Zhi Fuxe was single.

“You don’t listen to me, you will regret this” Tian Mo said to Ye Chen.

Since Ye Chen didn’t listen to Tian Mo, there was no reason for Tian Mo to hold back, he launched an attack on Ye Chen.

“Boom” a very powerful and deadly attack was launched at Ye Chen, in this case it was obvious that Tian Mo did not hold back when he attacked Ye Chen.

“no .
.!” Zhi Fuxe screamed, she screamed when she saw what happened to Ye Chen.

The attack should be very powerful and would probably injure Ye Chen very badly.

“No, he will get a very heavy wound” said Zhi Fuze, Zhi Fuxe felt that Ye Chen would get a wound from Tian Mo’s strong attack.

Ye Chen was still standing in front of Tian Mo, he showed no signs of retreating even after receiving the powerful attack launched by Tian Mo.

“No way, he can still stand after receiving Tian Mo’s attack?” Zhi Fuze couldn’t believe what she was seeing right now, Ye Chen was able to withstand Tian Mo’s powerful attack with great ease, this was something that was hard to believe.

Zhi Fuxe was also shocked, she looked shocked when she saw what happened, what happened had left her speechless.

“Is this all you can do?” Ye Chen asked Tian Mo, Ye Chen asked if Tian Mo could only do this, to be honest it was quite boring for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen hoped for more, he hoped that Tian Mo could cheer him up.

Tian Mo realized that Ye Chen had decent strength, he wouldn’t be able to beat Ye Chen if he only relied on his current strength, Tian Mo had to use more of the strength he had against Ye Chen.

Tian Mo intends to use his full strength, he intends to attack Ye Chen using his full strength.

Previously Tian Mo was still holding back, now he would no longer hold back against Ye Chen.

“Stop right there, what are you guys doing” Just as Tian Mo was about to get serious in dealing with Ye Chen, he was stopped by someone.

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