this competition means more than anything.

“This time you are lucky, but next time you will not be so lucky” Tian Mo said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen who was lucky because of Lei Qiaolin.

If it wasn’t for Lei Qiaolin, maybe Ye Chen wouldn’t have survived Tian Mo’s rampage.

“I should have said that” Ye Chen said to Tian Mo, it should be Ye Chen who said that, Tian Mo is lucky that Lei Qiaolin came, otherwise Ye Chen would not have restrained himself.

Ye Chen and Tian Mo looked at each other, they both seemed to want to fight again.

“already gone” Lei Qiaolin told Tian Mo to leave, she used a slightly high tone for Tian Mo.

Tian Mo left, he flew towards the horizon with a dissatisfied state of heart.

Ye Chen smiled when he saw Tian Mo leave, there was satisfaction when he saw Tian Mo leave.

“Don’t make trouble anymore, if you cause trouble, I won’t hesitate” Lei Qiaolin gave a warning to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen not to cause unnecessary trouble in this place.

“Okay, I understand.” Ye Chen nodded, he would try not to cause trouble.

If no one causes trouble with Ye Chen, then Ye Chen won’t cause trouble either, it’s that simple.

“You were so reckless earlier, you scared you” Zhi Fuze said to Ye Chen, what did

“Why, I just want to straighten out what happened” Ye Chen said to Zhi Fuze.

Ye Chen couldn’t possibly stay silent when he saw someone looking for trouble, plus Zhi Fuxe came forward to help him block Tian Mo, there was no way Ye Chen would leave when he saw such a thing.

“I was speechless when I saw you doing that” Zhi Fuxe was speechless when she saw what Ye Chen did.

“Hehehe” Ye Chen chuckled as he listened to Zhi Fuxe’s ​​praise, it seemed that Zhi Fuxe was speechless when she saw what Ye Chen was doing.

Today Zhi Fuxe has never been as shocked and worried as she is today, Ye Chen is the one who can surprise Zhi Fuxe like she is today.

“Let’s continue eating” Ye Chen said to Zhi Fuxe and Zhi Fuze.

“Where, this place has been destroyed” Zhi Fuze said to Ye Chen, this place has been destroyed, all of their food has fallen to the ground.

“That person is really annoying, maybe I will find some time to deal with him” Ye Chen was annoyed when he found out about this, he would find time to take care of Tian Mo.

“Alright, let’s go find another place.” Zhi Fuxe took Ye Chen and her little sister to go find a new place, this place was really unfit for them.

Ye Chen agreed, he agreed with Zhi Fuxe’s ​​suggestion that they wanted to find a new place, they could go back to continue eating together.

Ye Chen accompanied the younger Sister and sister, he accompanied the two until it was almost afternoon.

Ye Chen got a little experience from Zhi Fuxe, he got a lot of information about the people who took part in the competition and who would come to watch, everything was very clear, Zhi Fuxe’s ​​explanation was very detailed.

“Thank you for everything, if you have free time, maybe we can continue it again” Ye Chen said to Zhi Fuxe and Zhi Fuze.

“You’re so excited, you have a huge appetite,” said Zhi Fuze with a smile.

Zhi Fuze was quite amused by what Ye Chen was doing, she was quite amused when she saw Ye Chen eating.

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