Dongfang Xiu was instantly helpless, she felt helpless when she got a kiss from Ye Chen, this was a very beautiful thing that Dongfang Xiu could feel     

“ah, this is too comfortable” Dongfang Xiu felt that this was too great, why is there such a great feeling like this in this world.

Dongfang Xiu fell into Ye Chen’s arms, she no longer put up a fight against Ye Chen, Dongfang Xiu accepted everything gracefully.

“she fell without a fight” Ye Chen could see that Dongfang Xiu had already fallen and without a fight, now Ye Chen could have a little fun with Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen had waited a long time for this day, to be honest he had waited a long time to be able to do this with Dongfang Xiu      

Ye Chen’s hand started to touch the Dongfang Xiu’s double peak which seemed to be growing, it seems that Ye Chen’s massage made both Dongfang’s double peak Xiu got bigger.

.” Dongfang Xiu couldn’t stand what Ye Chen did, she couldn’t stand what Ye Chen did, it made her feel very comfortable.

“this is bad, I can’t even think” Dongfang Xiu couldn’t think, what Ye Chen did had really messed up her mind, to be honest this would be a problem for Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu couldn’t control herself anymore, her current self was controlled by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was even more daring, he stuck his tongue into Dongfang Xiu’s mouth, he enjoyed Dongfang Xiu’s very sweet little mouth,     

Ye Chen was quite greedy, he looked like he had just found very good honey.

Dongfang Xiu also felt the same way as Ye Chen, she was addicted to kissing Ye Chen.

.,muah .
.” Dongfang Xiu started to hug Ye Chen’s neck, she followed her lust and immediately hugged Ye Chen’s neck.

The cold goddess Dongfang Xiu took the initiative to hug Ye Chen, this was a very, very rare thing for the human eye to see.

And all this can only be enjoyed by Ye Chen, Ye Chen feels very happy because he can get what other people can’t get.

As Dongfang Xiu became more aggressive, Ye Chen decided to be more aggressive too, he became more and more daring towards Dongfang Xiu, he made Dongfang Xiu feel the best feeling in this world.

Both begin to sink into lust, they both enjoy their own world and don’t care about other people who are out there.

“goddess, are you still awake, someone wants to see you” when Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu were making out, Dongfang Xiu’s maid interrupted them both.

Ye Chen and Dongfang Xiu naturally stopped, Dongfang Xiu looked out.

“Who, don’t you think I’m busy?” Dongfang Xiu said to the maid outside.      

Dongfang Xiu used a rather cold tone of voice, it was obvious that Dongfang Xiu wasn’t happy with what had happened.

“But goddess, this is prince Hai, he wants to meet you, this servant does not dare to refuse” the servant said to Dongfang Xiu.

The waiter told Dongfang Xiu who was outside, it turned out that there was Hai Ming outside, it wasn’t strange that the maid was scared, it turned out that outside there was a fairly important person like Hai Ming.

“What business does he have to look for me?” Dongfang Xiu said to the maid outside, Dongfang Xiu asked about Hai Ming’s needs.

“I don’t know” the maid said that she didn’t know about this matter, she didn’t know anything about this matter.

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