Ye Chen pulled Xiao Lulu off to the car garage.

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”Um, big brother Ye Chen, where are we going? ”Xiao Lulu shyly asked where Ye Chen would take her away.

”You ’ve just come with me ” Ye Chen continued to ride Xiao Lulu to the car garage.

”Get in the car ” After arriving in the garage Ye Chen told Xiao Lulu to get into the car immediately.

After making sure Xiao Lulu had gotten into the car, Ye Chen was inside.

Ye Chen immediately drove his car to the center of the workshop, Xiao Lulu only dared to bow her head, she was embarrassed when she was alone with Ye Chen.

10 minutes later Ye Chen arrived near the shopping center, here there were lots of clothing stores from various brands, and various prices.

Xiao Lulu put her arm around Ye Chen ’s arm, she was not used to such a place of peace, moreover there were so many people staring at Xiao Lulu, maybe Xiao Lulu ’s maid outfit was too conspicuous for everyone to see.

”Let ’s go find the best clothing store ” Ye Chen took Xiao Lulu to go looking for the best clothing store in this place.

Xiao Lulu thought that Ye Chen wanted her to accompany him to buy clothes.

After touring Ye Chen finally found a clothing store that has a well-known brand name.

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”Welcome sir and miss.
Can I help you? ”When Ye Chen entered he was welcomed by the female employee at the door.

At first the female employees were very happy that a handsome man came to this shop, but after seeing next to a beautiful and cute woman, the female employees felt they had no chance to get Ye Chen.

”Please help me to find clothes that suit her ” Ye Chen pulled Xiao Lulu forward so that female employees could see it.

Xiao Lulu was surprised to hear that Ye Chen wanted to find clothes for her.

The female staff see that Xiao Lulu is very cute like a doll, all the clothes will definitely be suitable for Xiao Lulu.

”Alright, let me find her the best clothes. ” The female employee was very impatient to pull Xiao Lulu into the dressing room.

”Big brother Ye Chen ” Xiao Lulu called Ye Chen,she felt kidnapped by this female employee .

Ye Chen smiled at Xiao Lulu ’s behavior ”calm down, let her choose some clothes that are suitable for you ” Ye Chen tried to convince Xiao Lulu to cooperate with the female employees.

The service here is very good, while Ye Chen was waiting for Xiao Lulu to change clothes, he was given warm tea by the workers who were here.

5 minutes later Xiao Lulu came out of the dressing room ”Buft … ” Ye Chen sprayed all the tea he had just drunk.

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Ye Chen was surprised to see Xiao Lulu, right now Xiao Lulu was wearing a white bride dress that looked very beautiful, a shy expression adding to Xiao Lulu ’s allure.

”Wow, so cute and pretty ” Some female employees took Xiao Lulu ’s photo, Xiao Lulu ’s face turned red.

Looks like these employees are playing with the cuteness that Xiao Lulu has.

”Come here, let your boyfriend assess your current appearance ” The female employee invited Xiao Lulu to come towards Ye Chen.

”I ’m not his girlfriend ” Xiao Lulu tried to refute what was said by this female employee.

for the shy expression female employee made by Xiao Lulu, instead convinced her that Xiao Lulu was Ye Chen ’s girlfriend.

”Sir, do you like the clothes we chose, you see that your woman looks very beautiful and cute, while wearing a bride ’s dress ” The female employee wants to show the cuteness that Xiao Lulu has.

”Well, she ’s very pretty and cute, but can you give her clothes that look a little more normal ” Ye Chen asked the female employee to give normal clothes to Xiao Lulu.

 Xiao Lulu ran into the dressing room, she couldn ’t stand being embarrassed while wearing these clothes.

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”Sir, you are very fortunate to have a cute and beautiful girlfriend, all the clothes will definitely be suitable for her to wear. ” The female employee went back to Xiao Lulu to choose some clothes.

Finally, Xiao Lulu wants to come out, this time the clothes worn by Xiao Lulu are fashionable clothes with knee-length skirts and the upper part wearing clothes that are full of glitter decorations.

Xiao Lulu looks very suitable when wearing these clothes.

Seeing Ye Chen not say anything, Xiao Lulu immediately asked ”Big brother Ye Chen, how do I look, does it look strange to me ” this is the first time Xiao Lulu wears such fashionable and expensive clothes, usually Xiao Lulu only wears clothes ordinary already a little worn.

”You are very beautiful, let ’s see yourself ” Ye Chen led Xiao Lulu to the large mirror in this shop, in this large mirror Xiao Lulu could see herself more clearly.

Xiao Lulu looked in the mirror, right now he was hugged by Ye Chen from behind, Xiao Lulu ’s face turned red again.

”Sir, how is it? do you like it? ”the female employee immediately asked Ye Chen if the combination she chose was suitable for Xiao Lulu to use.

”Well I like it, we ’ll take this ” Ye Chen likes to see Xiao Lulu ’s appearance wearing normal clothes, although maid outfits are still the best when it comes to male fetishes: V.

”Sir, are you just going to buy this or still want to try something else ” the female employee asked whether Ye Chen still wanted to buy more clothes.

”No, that ’s enough. ” Xiao Lulu answered, this outfit was already very expensive, Xiao Lulu saw the price strips still attached to this outfit, this outfit was almost worth 10,000 dollars, this was an amount that Xiao Lulu had never imagined for an outfit single.

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”I ’ll buy a few more, so please choose the best one in this store. ” Ye Chen still wanted to buy Xiao Lulu a few more clothes.

”Big Brother Ye Chen, that doesn ’t need to be enough for me. ” Xiao Lulu didn ’t want Ye Chen to buy clothes that were very expensive.

For Xiao Lulu to be accepted at Ye Chen ’s house as a blessing, Xiao Lulu didn ’t want to bother Ye Chen too much for clothes.

”You don ’t need to worry, I bought this as a present because you did a great job, so don ’t refuse it ” Ye Chen stroked Xiao Lulu ’s head.

Xiao Lulu closed her eyes and enjoyed Ye Chen ’s touch.

”Now work together with employees so that we immediately go home ” Ye Chen told Xiao Lulu to work with female employees to quickly get the clothes they wanted.

Xiao Lulu nodded, she went with the female employees to try on some clothes.

Within 1 hour Xiao Lulu had tried dozens of clothes, all of which were really suitable for Xiao Lulu to wear, of course Ye Chen bought all these clothes, Ye Chen almost spent 300,000 dollars on all the clothes that Xiao Lulu tried.

The female staff was also very happy to help Ye Chen, this way she would get a lot of bonuses.

After finishing paying for all the clothes, Ye Chen left with Xiao Lulu to find a restaurant to find food.

Xiao Lulu doesn ’t ask much, as long as it can be eaten and tastes good then there ’s no problem with the location.

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