After returning to the villa, Xiao Lulu carried the shopping bag to her room, Ye Chen took the map to the ancient heritage site.

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The map that Li Sunhe gave was not very clear, Ye Chen memorized the image on this map.

After the map image was stored in his head, Ye Chen immediately flew to the location of the ancient inheritance, the journey there took a long time, Ye Chen needed at least 3 hours to go to the ancient heritage site.

According to the map drawings he got, the location of the ancient heritage is in a remote place, there is a village located not far from the place of ancient heritage.

Ye Chen decided to take a look around this village, possibly this was where the cultivators from the four big sects met for a while.

Ye Chen took a black robe and bamboo hat and then wore it, this was to hide the appearance he had.

After his appearance was hidden, Ye Chen entered the village, the village was still looking backward, here there was no electricity or other electronic items, electricity had still not entered this village

The location of this village is very difficult to reach, which is why the means of transportation still cannot enter this village.

in this village the community still uses the barter system, there are also some people who are willing to accept dollars.

Ye Chen stopped a local villager from the village.
”Sorry, may I know where the inn is in this village? Ye Chen asked if there was an inn in this village.

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”You just go straight and turn right, there will be a large building, it is the only lodging in our village, ” the villagers very kindly told the location that Ye Chen asked.

”Okay, thank you very much ” Ye Chen thanked.

Ye Chen went to the place the villagers had told him.

After following the directions that were told, Ye Chen arrived at a wooden building that was quite large and majestic, this building had 3 floors, it seemed like the lower floor was to welcome the guests, while the 2nd and 3rd floors were used for the lone room.

Ye Chen immediately entered this inn, when Ye Chen opened the door all the people who were eating immediately looked towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen could see dozens of people who were staring at him, almost 90% of the people who were staring at him were cultivators with bases from the initial cultivation of Earth Realm to the Peak of the Sky Realm.

in this place there was no one who had a cultivation base below the Earth Realm.
It could be seen that the cultivator here was the most powerful person in the sect.

Seeing that Ye Chen was not the person they were waiting for they immediately turned their attention from Ye Chen ’s body.

for these people Ye Chen was not something worthy of attention.

The cultivators here used a bamboo hat to hide their appearance.

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Ye Chen looked for a place to sit, he ordered some food and drinks and began to mingle with the people around him.

Ye Chen looked around, here there were two groups that had a cultivator at the peak stage of the Sky Realm, the first group consisted of 7 men dressed in flames like fire, the second group consisted of 5 beautiful women and one man, the second group wore pinkish whitish clothes.

These women have a very mature and very seductive body, this is like a fully ripe fruit that is sure to be very delicious if eaten by men, the special attraction they have makes some male cultivators glance at them several times, unfortunately The bamboo hat worn by the five women has a cloth covering the faces of the five women, this makes the faces of the five beautiful women invisible to outsiders.

These 2 groups are all filled by cultivators who have a cultivation base at the peak stage of the Sky Realm.

Ye Chen began to second-guess the identities of these two groups that had a fairly high cultivation base, both of them must have come from the four large sects.

”Friend, may I join you ” while Ye Chen was analyzing these people, a middle-aged man came by Ye Chen ’s shirt to share a seat with Ye Chen, this man was at the peak stage of the Earth Realm.

”Please ”, Ye Chen invited this old man to sit down.

” thank you .
.,thank you .
”Middle-aged men sit in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen returned to watch over the two groups that had the most powerful strength.

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Middle-aged man joined to look at Ye Chen ’s eyes ”Are you looking at the two groups belonging to a large sect ” Middle-aged man said to Ye Chen, but the voice was rather small so as not to be heard by the big sect.

”Uncle, do you know where these two sects come from? ”Ye Chen wants to be from which sect these two groups come from.

”Shut up.
, don ’t be so loud, if both sects hear us, surely they will be angry, ”the middle-aged man told Ye Chen not to be noisy, no one wanted to offend the big sect, this was the same as looking for death.

”Come closer, let me tell you a little information about these two big sects. ” Middle-aged man told Ye Chen to come a little closer.

”The group dressed in red came from the Fire Valley Sect, while the group that wore pink rather whitish clothes came from the Cherry Blossom Sect ” Middle-aged man told Ye Chen the names of the sects of these two groups.

Ye Chen nodded ”then who do you think is the strongest of the two sects? ”Ye Chen wants to know the strength of these two large sect groups.

”I don ’t know about that, only the sect itself knows how great their strength is ” The middle-aged man answered spontaneously.

”Shouldn ’t the sect ’s power be made a ranking of strength? ” Ye Chen still remembered that Li Sunhe had once said the sect ’s rank on him.

”You mean sect power rank? , the rank of the sect is determined from the battle between the young generation once every 30 years.
”Middle-aged men tell Ye Chen that the Sect ’s power ranking is certainly by the battle of the younger generation within the sect.

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”I see. ” Ye Chen turned out to be digesting the information he had gotten wrong.

”Fire Valley Sect is a sect that cultivates fire techniques, this sect is very expert in alchemy, therefore the Fire Valley Sect is needed by 3 other big sects, this sect also gets a lot of benefits when concocting pills for 3 other big sects, they will want to make you pills if you want to pay them a fair price, ”the middle-aged man explained to Ye Chen little he knew about the Fire Valley Sect.

Ye Chen listened carefully to the explanation of the middle-aged man.

”For the Cherry Blossom Sect, they are a sect that cultivates dual cultivation techniques, the Cherry Blossom Sect can also be called a paradise for men, there are many female students who are very beautiful and have very seductive body shapes, female students Cherry Blossom Sect is very skilled in bed, the ability of a woman ’s sex in Cherry Blossom Sect doesn ’t need to be questioned anymore ”when explaining about Cherry Blossom Sect, middle-aged men look very excited.

Ye Chen smiled when he saw a middle aged man very enthusiastic about the Cherry Blossom Sect.
”Have you ever gone to the Cherry Blossom Sect before? ”, Seeing that middle-aged man knows very well about the Cherry Blossom Sect, it ’s likely that this middle-aged man had gone to the Cherry Blossom Sect.

”Well, I ’ve been there once, if I ’m not mistaken 20 years ago, when I was young ” Middle-aged man said that he had entered the Cherry Blossom Sect 20 years ago.

” what do you do there ? ”Ye Chen wondered what this middle-aged man was doing in the Cherry Blossom Sect.

”Moreover, of course, get a beautiful virgin woman, ” Middle-aged man said to Ye Chen.

”Virgin woman, didn ’t you say they were a dual Cultivation sect how there are still virgins in the sect who cultivate the Dual Cultivation technique? ”Ye Chen is getting confused with the words of middle-aged men.

”You really don ’t know anything huh, let me explain it to you ” Middle-aged man sighed because Ye Chen did not know information about the 4 major sects.

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