Beautiful women knew Ye Chen ’s strength because the other party did not hide anything from her.

By using the Riederan Pendant necklace Ye Chen had transformed his strength to level 8 Earth Realm, this would not make him suspect.

”Yuechan just forgot that woman just wanted to play with me ” Ye Chen knew that a beautiful woman just wanted to test him, there was no other purpose.

”Master, are you afraid to fight these women in bed, if I remember carefully until now you only fight with virgin women who are still innocent, you have never tried the taste of veteran women ’s beds like them right? ”Seeing Ye Chen refuse to act, Chu Yuechan provokes Ye Chen more.

Ye Chen: ”-_- !! Ye Chen did not answer Chu Yuechan ’s taunts, it was true that until now Ye Chen had only been in a dual cultivation relationship with a virgin woman who was still innocent and didn ’t really know about male and female relationships.

From Chu Yuechan ’s point of view it seems that Ye Chen is only interested in virgin women, in this world women who are not virgins are not a bad thing, as long as you give them their love and satisfaction they will certainly each of you, Chu Yuechan wants to change the way of thinking Ye Chen is still very naive.

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”You are also a Cultivation dual Cultivation, you must understand this matter, virgin or not is not important, as long as you do that woman ’s heart they will definitely not be able to leave you ” Chu Yeuchan slightly advised Ye Chen to treat every woman the same.

Ye Chen didn ’t want to answer Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen ’s four wives were also women, if he spoke wrongly Chu Yuechan would definitely tell this to Zhao Yanyan and the others, it ’s better to just stay quiet to find safety.

”Seeing Ye Chen not speak made Chu Yuechan sigh, it seems like it would be very difficult to change Ye Chen ’s way of thinking.

” When Ye Chen was thinking of Chu Yuechan ’s words just now, the door opened.

When the door was opened all eyes looked towards the entrance, there were five women in white phoenix clothes entering the inn, these women were wearing a bamboo hat that had a cloth covering, on the faces of these five women there was still a white veil covering their faces.

The five women headed to the Cherry Blossom Sect u0026 Fire Valley Sect group.

”Qing sect leader, Feng sect leader, long time no see ” one of the five fairy ladies came forward, she saluted the leaders of the Cherry Blossom Sect u0026 Fire Valley Sect.

This woman ’s voice was quite cold, Ye Chen was very familiar with this voice, isn ’t this the Mu Lanyin fairy who wanted to kill him because of a very spelled thing, Ye Chen still remembered how Mu Lanyin wanted to kill him for releasing the veil that was used by Mu Lanyin.

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Ye Chen had no idea he would meet Mu Lanyin in a place like this.

”Mu sect leader, long time no see ” the two leaders from the Cherry Blossom Sect u0026 Fire Valley Sect simultaneously returned greetings to Mu Lanyin.

The Cherry Blossom Sect leader named Qing Cheng cultivation base was in the ninth stage of the Sky Realm.

The Fire Valley Sect leader named Feng Tu cultivation base is in the ninth stage of the Sky Realm.

”You see the Frozen Ice Sect sect has come, their appearance looks like a snow fairy falling from the sky ” Again, the middle-aged man looked excited when he saw the arrival of the Frozen Ice Sect.

Ye Chen didn ’t think that Mu Lanyin was the leader of the Frozen Ice Sect.
It was just right that the cultivation bases owned by Mu Lanyin were very high, apparently he was a leader of the Frozen Ice Sect sect.

after the five women saluted the Cherry Blossom Sect u0026 Fire Valley Sect group.

the five women from the Frozen Ice Sect were looking for a seat, they were now just waiting for the arrival of the last sect, the Seventh Sword Sect.

Seventh Sword Sect was the sect which was the one who arrived late in this meeting

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