thout the Seventh Sword Sect they would definitely not be able to destroy the barrier that is in an ancient heritage place.

When these three big sects were arguing, the entrance was opened, there were 7 people entering this inn, in this group there were 6 men and one woman, in the waiting for these seven people there were 6 ~ 7 swords that looked very very nice and luxurious .

These 7 people didn ’t wear bamboo hats at all, they were very confident showing their original appearance.

The women in the Seventh Sword Sect Group were quite beautiful, although not as beautiful as Mu Lanyin and as seductive as Qing Cheng, this woman could still be said to be a beautiful woman who had an ancient temperament.

Ye Chen saw that this Group had a very strong cultivation base, even the most powerful were in the 10th level Sky Realm.

The difference is very far compared to the other three big sects,

These seven people walked very arrogantly as if they considered everyone like an ant.

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Even the Seventh Sword Sect sect didn ’t greet the three

 other large sects.

”Leader of the Jian sect, you are too late to come ” Feng Tu immediately chided the arrival of the Seventh Sword Sect, Feng Tu had lost patience, he was now eager to vent this anger.

”So what if we arrive late? It ’s up to us if we arrive late or not. ” The person who replied to Feng Tu was not the leader of the Seventh Sword Sect, this was the first elder of the Seventh Sword Sect sect, Jian Jin.

”Jian Jin don ’t be arrogant to you, I ’m not talking to you, I am currently asking sect leader Jian Yan ” Feng Tu could not stand the provocation carried out by the Seventh Sword Sect, Feng Tu rose from the chair, he exerted a profound aura he had.

Jian Jin did not remain silent he let out the profound aura he had, the two cultivators with ninth level cultivation bases fought, this made the wooden building tremble.

”Stop ” this time the leader of the Seventh Sword Sect stopped the fight between Jian Jin and Feng Tu.

Jian Yan did not like to see how these two people started the fight, they all came here because they wanted to break the barrier in the ancient inheritance together.

For the time being the four major sects must eliminate the differences they have, they must work together in breaking down the barriers in the ancient inheritance.

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”You are safe, next time I will make you know your place ” Jian Jin gave inappropriate words to Feng Tu.

”You dare to underestimate me ” Feng Tu who had just calmed down again provoked his anger by Jian Jin.

”I told you to stop ” This time Jian Yan took out the aura he had to suppress these two people.

Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng j could feel the power that had just been released by Jian Yan, it turned out that Jian Yan ’s strength had reached the level of the ten Sky Realm.

The two women felt left behind Jian Yan

Because it was suppressed by the tenth level of the Sky Realm ’s profound aura, both Feng Tu and Jian Jin stopped fighting, they were very intimidated by the aura possessed by Jian Yan.

”Let ’s sit together and discuss our next steps ” Jian Yan invited the people in the Seventh Sword Sect sect to sit in the prepared place.

The four large sects sat in a circle, around which there were several cultivators who all heard the talk of the four large sects.

The four large sects are negotiating how to destroy the barriers that exist in ancient heritage sites.

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