Ye Chen didn ’t really care about the artifacts in this place, he preferred to see the pills in the bottle, he wanted to see if there was a valuable pill in this place.

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There are tons of very valuable pill bottles here, there are cultivation speed enhancing pills, pills to increase your cultivation base and many more pills that are useful for Ye Chen and his women.

Ye Chen began discussing with Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng to divide up the treasures that were in this place.

After a very long discussion the final result had been decided, Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng asked for some ration to be given to their sect, while the rest let Ye Chen save it for their later use.

Ye Chen divided the treasures for Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng, the rest Ye Chen put it in the storage of the fairy gates, all the items in this place by Ye Chen were put into the storage of the fairy gates.

Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng were happy because they brought back this much resources, ranging from pills, artifacts, medicinal plants, etc.
It would definitely be very useful to increase the strength of their sect.

Especially at this time both Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng had entered the realm of the Emperor Realm, this time the harvest was huge for Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng.

This was thanks to Ye Chen ’s help, if it wasn ’t for Ye Chen maybe they wouldn ’t get such an abundant harvest.

”Now I can return to the sect calmly ” Qing Cheng was happy that this trip had produced this much results.

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”Back to the sect, huh ” Mu Lanyin was a little gloomy when thinking about returning to the sect.

”Lanyin, why are you so sad? , do you get less wealth? Ye Chen asked whether Mu Lanyin wanted more wealth from him.

”It ’s not like that, the problem is I have violated sect rules, if it is known by the sect I will definitely be removed from the sect ” if until Mu Lanyin is known to have a relationship with a man then it is certain she will be expelled from the sect.

”Do you have no other way so that you are not expelled from the sect? ”Ye Chen asked Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin shook her head ”there is no other way, sect rules are very strict, this has been passed down by the first ancestor who built the Frozen Ice Sect ” Mu Lanyin informed that this regulation had existed since time immemorial.

”Husband come here, I want to tell you something ” Qing Cheng told Ye Chen to come closer to her.

Qing Cheng then whispered a secret to Ye Chen, this secret about all the rules that existed in the Frozen Ice Sect.

Qing Cheng used the Purple Butterfly ’s technique to enter Mu Lanyin ’s mind, Mu Lanyin had no idea if Qing Cheng peeked into her memory.

Ye Chen listened to all the rules in the Frozen Ice Sect, he had no idea that the Frozen Ice Sect had rules like that.

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Qing Cheng was the same as Ye Chen, she was surprised to find that the Frozen Ice Sect had such rules, it turns out that what she had known about the Frozen Ice Sect was wrong.

The rules of the Frozen Ice Sect are very clear, whoever is the woman of the Frozen Ice Sect whose face is seen by men, then they have two choices, first they will kill the man, and the second they follow the man and are expelled from the sect.

It was only fitting that when Ye Chen took the veil that Mu Lanyin had, Mu Lanyin was very angry and intended to kill him, apparently it was the choice she had between killing Ye Chen and following Ye Chen.

”What are you talking about behind me ” Mu Lanyin began to suspect what Ye Chen and Qing Cheng were talking about.

”Nothing, we are just discussing how you can not be expelled by your sect ” Qing Cheng immediately said that Mu Lanyin was not suspicious of herself and Ye Chen.

If Mu Lanyin knew she was peering into her memory, then it could be ascertained that Mu Lanyin would be angry with her, which is why Qing Cheng tried to hide this from Mu Lanyin.

”Then what plans do you two have? ”Mu Lanyin wants to know what plans Ye Chen and Qing Cheng have.

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng were both thinking about how to solve Mu Lanyin ’s problem.

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Ye Chen just remembered that he had the technique.

”Lanyin, you don ’t need to worry about that, I have a technique that can make you look like you have the aura of a virgin Yin again. ” Ye Chen has a technique that can manipulate the aura of a virgin Yin.

After all if no one spoke then no one would know of Mu Lanyin ’s relationship with Ye Chen.

”Does such a technique exist? ”Mu Lanyin did not know that such a technique existed in this world.

”Of course there is, this is the technique ” Ye Chen handed a book to Mu Lanyin.
This book contains techniques to manipulate the aura of the virgin Yin, this technique is only to manipulate so that it feels to have the aura of a virgin Yin.

Unless a dual cultivation cultivator like Ye Chen could absorb the Yinqi aura from a virgin, no one would realize that Mu Lanyin had no longer emitted a virgin Yin aura.

”Thank you very much ” Mu Lanyin was very grateful to Ye Chen, the problem that she feared the most was easily resolved by Ye Chen.

”You don ’t need to keep thanking me, we are a couple, it ’s an obligation to help each other ” Ye Chen said to Mu Lanyin starting to behave like a couple.

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Hearing Ye Chen ’s words just now Mu Lanyin ’s heart was very happy, she immediately nodded at Ye Chen.

”Husband why don ’t you put that sword into your storage room ” Qing Cheng who is currently next to suddenly spoke, she pointed to a sword stuck on the stone floor.

Qing Cheng initially looked around to make sure there were no items left behind, when she looked in a corner, she saw a sword still embedded in the stone floor.

Ye Chen and Mu Lanyin immediately turned around and looked towards the direction pointed by Qing Cheng, both of them seeing that there was still a one-handed sword stuck on the stone floor.

Ye Chen thought that if he had put all the objects in the fairy gate room storage, there was actually an object that did not enter the fairy gate storage.

This sword has a very cool form, this sword has a black sword with a gold middle motif.

This mysterious sword is very cool, this sword looks like a sword belonging to a hero who often appears in cartoon films

”Let me put this in my storage room ” Ye Chen again tried to put this sword into the fairy gate storage room.

When Ye Chen tried to insert this object into the fairy gate storage, nothing happened, the sword still with a crow stuck in the stone floor.

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