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Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan also went towards the school gate ”Hey Zhao Yanyan why did you suddenly Help me earlier ” Ye Chen asked with a little curiosity.

”I just don ’t like you being treated like that by that person, ” said Zhao Yanyan.

”Hahahahaha ” Ye Chen laughed.

”Why are you laughing instead? ” Zhao Yanyan asked
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Ye Chen ”Well I didn ’t expect that a girl like you would care about me. ”

Hearing Ye Chen ’s words, Zhao Yanyan ’s face turned red.
”That ’s because you are the savior of this Young Woman so I have to repay your kindness ” Zhao Yanyan tried to find an excuse.

Ye Chen ”Hey Zhao Yanyan even though I ordered food earlier ”.
”Forget the food, come with me to the seafood restaurant I ’ll pay ” Zhao Yanyan pulled Ye Chen only needed to walk About 3 minutes before he got there.

Zhao Yanyan: ”Well, we ’ve arrived ”.

Ye Chen saw a pretty classy restaurant, Zhao Yanyan then invited Ye Chen in.
When the two of them entered, it had been welcomed by a waiter.

”Young master and young lady want to order an ordinary table or private room ” Asked the waiter.

Zhao Yanyan ”Please provide a private room ” Zhao Yanyan handed over the membership card to the servant.

After receiving the card, the servant escorted Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan to the Private Room.

The private room designed by Sebagus and as comfortable as possible for the customers, the waiter then handed over the menu to Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan.

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When Ye Chen opened the menu, Ye Chen was dumbfounded because the prices on the menu list were almost hundreds and also thousands of dollars, even the most expensive one was tens of thousands of dollars.

Zhao Yanyan invited him to this expensive restaurant, ”It seems like this girl ’s background is quite rich, otherwise how can treat in a place like this? ” Ye Chen spoke in his heart.

Ye Chen didn ’t expect that the price of a meal could be this expensive, Ye Chen would always eat food with a price of a few dollars or tens of dollars, even the starbuck which according to Ye Chen was already luxurious could not be compared with this restaurant.

Even though Ye Chen was quite happy with the one hundred thousand dollars he had gotten from selling Zillao ’s bracelets, but after seeing the price of rich people ’s food, the Hundred Thousand money was nothing.

Ye Chen had already decided to immediately get more money otherwise how could he defeat Yu Ting ’s current girlfriend.

Zhao Yanya Seeing Ye Chen did not immediately choose the menu so Zhao Yanyan asked ”why not immediately Squeeze Ye Chen? ”.

”That I am not too familiar with food.
So what if you just choose food for me, ” answered Ye Chen.

”Oh well, Zhao Yanyan then chose the menu and addressed it to the waiter, ” then please wait a moment the food will be delivered soon ”the waiter then came out of the private room.

And in the Private room there are only Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan,

Zhao Yanyan ”Hey Ye Chen may I know why you want to save me when I will be hit by the piano earlier.

”Why what, isn ’t it the duty of a hero to save beauty ” Ye Chen teased Zhao Yanyan.

Hearing the words from Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan ’s face turned red again.
”Is that your only reason? ”

Ye Chen ”You are a strange woman, why should I ask why I help you? If someone else is sure they will do the same as I did, what else Yanyan We are top-level beauty ”

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”Huft your mouth is so sweet, surely you have many ex-girlfriends first ” Zhao Yanyan was quite happy when Ye Chen called Yanyan.

How could anyone possibly want to do something like Ye Chen did before if it was even the Chaser Zhao Yanyan Pun surely they would prefer to save themselves

”To be honest, I only have one girlfriend.
Unfortunately, after a long ceremony he betrayed me, it ’s sad enough to think that love will lose with money, ” Ye Chen said sadly.

”Not every woman is like that there are women who are looking for true love, ” said Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen saw that Zhao Yanyan was very beautiful and also very considerate if Zhao Yanyan became his girlfriend, wouldn ’t he be very lucky.

”Huh, why not try to express my feelings anyway? I also like Zhao Yanyan since I first met, ” Ye Chen said in his heart.

”Yanyan I Have Something To Say ” Ye Chen said seriously

” What is wrong ? ”Answered Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen grabbed Zhao Yanyan ’s hand and said ”Yanyan would you be my girlfriend ”.

Seeing Ye Chen suddenly state his feelings Zhao Yanyan Blushed ashamed Zhao Yanyan also started liking Ye Chen when they first shook hands, but as a woman how could Zhao Yanyan express his feelings first.

”Yes I want to be your girlfriend ” Zhao Yanyan cried happily.

” Is it true ? ”Ye Chen asked with disbelief

Zhao Yanyan ”Yes I also like you and I am very happy to know you also like me ”.

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”Yay I finally have a beautiful girlfriend ” Ye Chen jumped with delight.

”Puchi ” looks at Ye Chen who now looks like a little boy, Zhao Yanyan Laughing.

Ye Chen then hugged Zhao Yanyan and their two eyes faced each other ”Yanyan ”.

”Yes, ” answered Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen suddenly grew bolder ”may I kiss you ”

Zhao Yanyan didn ’t talk and just nodded and closed his eyes.
Ready to wait for a kiss, actually Zhao Yanyan had never felt a kiss, only read it from a book if the kiss felt so good so Zhao Yanyan wanted to try it with the person he liked.

And now Zhao Yanyan has someone he likes, so why should he refuse?

Ye Chen wanted to kiss immediately but forgot that Ye Chen was currently still wearing a skin mask, Ye Chen then took off the mask first.

Ye Chen ’s handsome face finally looked back, if Zhao Yanyan saw Ye Chen, now Zhao Yanyan would be surprised.

Zhao Yanyan waited for a kiss from Ye Chen but Ye Chen took so long.
Zhao Yanyan opened his eyes and saw a very handsome man.

The man immediately kissed him which made Zhao Yanyan try to rebel, because it was kissed and it felt very pleasant.
Zhao Yanyan ’s resistance finally disappeared, Zhao Yanyan closed his eyes and enjoyed it.

Ye Chen got more and more brave.
Ye Chen put his tongue into Zhao Yanyan ’s mouth, both tongues met Zhao Yanyan welcomed Ye Chen ’s tongue, Zhao Yanyan who had been passive now became active.

The kiss from Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan lasted for several minutes before the two of them gasped.

The conscious Zhao Yanyan Soon rebelled from Ye Chen ’s arms, ”let go of me big pervert ”.

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Ye Chen was confused by Zhao Yanyan ’s reaction at the moment ”Yanyan what ’s the matter, I ’m Ye Chen ”.

”Huh, are you really Ye Chen? ” Zhao Yanyan asked in disbelief.

Ye Chen almost forgot that he just took off his skin mask so Face This should be foreign to Zhao Yanyan.

”Yes, Yanyan, this is my real face, actually I have been wearing a skin mask so as not to cause problems ” Ye Chen pointed at the leather mask on the table.

Zhao Yanyan saw the thing that Ye Chen showed and took the skin mask ”Ye Chen why are you wearing this mask, in my opinion you are better looking if you don ’t wear this leather mask ” Zhao Yanyan said.

”It ’s not that I want to wear it, but the problem is the reaction of the women is too excessive when looking at me, ” Ye Chen said helplessly.

”What do you mean? ”Zhao Yanyan asked.

When Ye Chen wanted to explain further the door opened and a female servant brought a push table, when the woman saw Ye Chen ’s handsome face the woman was very excited.

The maid went inside and put food on top, but her eyes never left Ye Chen even once in a while.
The maid teased Ye Chen by shaking her buttocks.

The movements of the servant were not spared From Zhao Yanyan ’s point of view, After the female waitress finished putting food on the table Zhao Yanyan immediately chased her away.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan angry Ye Chen laughed and said ”Yanyan why is so angry with such a trivial thing ”.

”I just don ’t like the way the servant teased you, ” Zhao Yanyan said.

”Let ’s eat or the food will get cold fast ” Ye Chen then opened the cover of the food and immediately ate it.

When eating, Zhao Yanyan Always Sees Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan Happy because she has a Handsome Boyfriend who can protect herself, Zhao Yanyan feels that she is the luckiest woman in the world.

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