From the start this person came, Ye Chen had felt something strange, this man was not an ordinary human being or a cultivator, who was certain this person had strength in his body, and it was not weak.

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No wonder this person is very brave, it turns out this person has a strong enough capital, Ye Chen and Joe glare at each other, both of them are not happy with the other party.

”Husband, let ’s go ” Seeing the dispute continues, Su Mengxin decided to invite Ye Chen to leave this place.

Su Mengxin didn ’t want her beautiful day to be ruined by a stranger who came from nowhere.

because Su Mengxin asked him to leave, Ye Chen did not give this person a lesson.

”You ’re lucky because my wife is kind, otherwise I won ’t let you go, ” Ye Chen warned this man named Joe.

After giving a warning Ye Chen was invited to go by Su Mengxin to leave the drink place.

”Hehehe, I should be the one talking like that, you are very lucky your woman invited you to go, otherwise you might die in this place right now ” Joe smiled wickedly at Ye Chen who had gone far away.

”Crown Prince, do you need me to take care of that person right now? ” Behind Joe suddenly a man in black suit and sunglasses appeared.

The man in the black suit asked Joe.
Does he have to get rid of people who have been impudent with the main heir of the royal family.

”Let them have fun first, after sunset, I want you to bring the woman to me ” Joe gave orders to the person behind him.

”Okay, I understand, ” the black suit man obeys Joe ’s orders.

”I will definitely bring this woman to be my queen, hahahaha ” Joe laughed very satisfied, after laughing freely, Joe suddenly disappeared from this recreation park.

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After Crown Prince Joe disappeared, the man in the black suit did what he had to do.

Ye Chen currently did not know that the person had intended to look for more problems with him, Ye Chen ’s main focus at this time was to accompany Su Mengxin to do what she liked.

Ye Chen couldn ’t be bothered with problems like that.

”Ye Chen, let ’s try to ride the giant windmill, up there we can see the sunset ” Su Mengxin invited Ye Chen to ride the giant windmill.

Su Mengxin had forgotten the person who just ruined her fun.

Ye Chen and Su Mengxin went up the giant windmill.

”Very beautiful ” from up here the view of the sun sets looks very beautiful.

Ye Chen embraced Su Mengxin ’s body while enjoying this sunset view.

Su Mengxin leaned her head against Ye Chen ’s chest ”husband, thank you for what you did today, I am very happy to be able to enjoy this with you ” Su Mengxin is very grateful to Ye Chen, because thanks to Ye Chen, Su Mengxin was able to realize a long-standing dream she wants.

Su Mengxin felt herself returning to being a free young woman, without a family restraint.

”You don ’t need to thank me, I ’m doing this because I love you, as long as you ’re happy I ’m happy too ” Ye Chen said touching words to Su Mengxin.

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Su Mengxin woke up from Ye Chen ’s chest, he looked at Ye Chen with a very gentle look.

The adult woman Su Mengxin felt a very strong love from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen also looked at Su Mengxin, their four eyes meeting.

Unconsciously Su Mengxin leaned closer towards Ye Chen, her cherry lips kissed Ye Chen ’s lips.

Ye Chen welcomed Su Mengxin ’s sudden kiss, he began greedily kissing Su Mengxin, Ye Chen ’s tongue trapped Su Mengxin ’s tongue, Su Mengxin was no stranger to Kisses, she eagerly ensnared Ye Chen ’s tongue, both of them made very passionate kisses at over a giant windmill.

The sight of the sunset will add to the passion of the adult kisses done by Ye Chen and Su Mengxin.

Both of them kissed for more than 10 minutes, after the sun went down they finally wanted to let go of each other.

Su Mengxin ’s face was already very red, she felt the kiss just now was the most passionate she had ever done with Ye Chen.

Time was up, time for Ye Chen and Su Mengxin to come down from the giant windmills.

When Ye Chen and Su mengxin went down it had become dark, the lights in this place started to turn on which made this place look more lively and sparkling.

Unfortunately it is time for Ye Chen and Su Mengxin to go home for dinner ”let ’s go home ” Ye Chen invited Su Mengxin to return to the villa.

Su Mengxin nodded at Ye Chen, she was quite satisfied with what she got today.

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While hugging a large teddy bear Su Mengxin walked along with Ye Chen.

Both of them immediately went towards the car they parked.

It is strange that the car park is very dark, there are no lights on in the car park.

Seeing this, Ye Chen felt that there was something strange about this parking lot.

Su Mengxin also felt something was off, she approached and hugged Ye Chen ’s body.

Ye Chen looked around, in a corner he saw someone in a black suit and wearing sunglasses.

Moonlight began to illuminate the parking lot, people in the corner immediately went towards Ye Chen and Su Mengxin.

the man with after the black suit arrived in front of Ye Chen.

”Who exactly are you? ” Ye Chen asked who this mysterious man was, he had never met this man before.

”You don ’t need to know who I am, because soon you will die here ” the man in a black suit immediately advanced towards Ye Chen with lightning speed.

The man in the black suit held his hand very tightly, this person intended to kill Ye Chen with just one blow.

This punch was aimed right at Ye Chen ’s heart.

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For others the speed of the man in the black suit was indeed fast, but for Ye Chen this man ’s speed was very slow.

”Bamm ” a loud blow rang out, right now Ye Chen was grasping the hands of the man in the black suit.

The man in the black coat was surprised to see that this person could withstand the blow he was making, it was impossible for ordinary people to withstand his attacks.

”Ye Chen was quite surprised by the strength of this black man in a suit, this person ’s strength was even comparable to that of a cultivator in the early stages of the Emperor Realm.

Ye Chen had confirmed repeatedly that this person was not a cultivator, people like mutants or supermen who had powers far above ordinary humans.

”Tell me who was the one who told you to kill me ” While holding this person ’s hand, Ye Chen asked who was the person who tried to kill him.

”You think I ’m too stupid to tell the enemy who my employer is ” the man in a black suit snickered at Ye Chen.

”You have no other choice, if you want to live you have to say who was the one who sent you here ” Ye Chen gave the man with a black coat the opportunity to acknowledge the person who sent him here.

”I was sworn in by the promise of loyalty, I would never betray my employer. ” This man ’s arm suddenly began to swell, a suit that covered the man ’s arm was immediately torn.

Ye Chen saw that this person ’s hands became hairy like a monster ’s arm.

The man in the black suit broke away from Ye Chen ’s hand

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