The policeman in Ye Chen ’s hand almost cried, he had worked hard to get to this position, how he would be sent back to being a traffic-controlling police, this was a very cruel demotion.

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”Ye Chen, you are satisfied with this, you can release this person ” Luo Bing asked Ye Chen to release the police in his hands.

”Humm ” Ye Chen sniffed coldly, actually he was still not satisfied with the answer given by this person, because this person had received a proper punishment so Ye Chen let him go.

another time Ye Chen would go make a calculation with the Ax Gang boss.

”You can go to the hospital and treat your wounds, all costs will be borne by the police bureau ” Luo Bing told the police to go to the hospital and treat the injuries he suffered.

The male policeman looked very shabby, he did not look at all excited, today he was really unlucky for offending Ye Chen, if he knew beforehand, he would not want to be asked for help by the big Boss gang ax to catch Ye Chen.

Rice has been cooked into porridge, he cannot change what has happened, he must accept what he has done.

”What are you looking at? Quickly disperse ” Luo Bing told the crowd of people in this place to disperse.

The crowd began to disperse themselves.

Ye Chen also dispersed, he returned to the room he had ordered together with Zhao Yanyan.

”Ye Chen, wait a minute ” Luo Bing stopped Ye Chen from leaving.

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” What else ? ”Ye Chen asked Luo Bing.

”That, will you help me do something? ”Luo Bing wants Ye Chen to help her do something.

”Do not want ” Ye Chen crossed his arms, he immediately refused Luo Bing ’s request.

Why did you reject me right away? ”Luo Bing was furious at Ye Chen, she hadn ’t even said what he needed but Ye Chen had already rejected her.

”I ’m sure it must be something about a criminal, sorry I ’m busy wasting time with my woman ” Ye Chen waved his hand at Luo Bing.

He entered the room where Zhao Yanyan was.

Luo Bing gritted her teeth, this man always refused herself, indeed lacking what she compared to other Ye Chen women, Luo Bing was very confident with the beauty she had, if she opened the suitors there would be many men waiting in line to get her.

Luo Bing did not accept Ye Ye ’s treatment, Luo Bing entered the private room that Ye Chen ordered.

”Sorry Yanyan made you wait a long time ” Ye Chen returned to Zhao Yanyan ’s side.

”It ’s okay, I understand ” Zhao Yanyan understood about the problem that had just come to the two of them.

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”Ye Chen, I ’m not done talking to you yet ” Luo Bing entered the room and shouted Ye Chen ’s name.

Ye Chen felt a headache, actually what else was Luo Bing wanting.

”I told you I was busy, why don ’t you understand too, do you want to get hit again? ” Ye Chen turned towards Luo Bing ’s buttocks.

Luo Bing immediately covered her two buttocks using her hands, she hated Ye Chen for mentioning this in front of others.

”Please listen to me first ” Luo Bing wanted Ye Chen to hear her request.

”OK, but quickly I don ’t have a long time, I want to eat together with my wife ” Ye Chen was forced to listen to what Luo Bing had to say.

If he refused, surely Luo Bing would not leave this place.

”Good, listen carefully, next week there will be important guests from other countries coming to this city, I want you to help me protect the safety of this important guest ” Luo Bing wants Ye Chen to help her protect someone very important.

”Wait, wait, why should I, with your abilities right now, aren ’t you strong enough to protect that important guest alone ” apparently Luo Bing ’s request was to protect someone.

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Luo Bing ’s current strength should be enough to protect important guests from other countries.

”It ’s not as simple as you think, the possibility of the person targeting this important guest is very strong, so I want you to come along so that the safety of this important guest is guaranteed, I beg ” Luo Bing pleaded with Ye Chen.

Luo Bing is actually helpless with the tasks given by the organization.

Luo Bing was not at all satisfied, How could such a heavy duty be placed on her, but because this was a direct request from an important guest herself, Luo Bing could not refuse it.

Luo Bing also didn ’t know how this important guest knew her, and how that important guest wanted her to escort her while she was in this city.

”Hemm ” Ye Chen was thinking whether he should help Luo Bing or not, if Ye Chen refused Luo Bing would definitely stay here and force him until he wanted to.

Luo Bing ’s character didn ’t need to be questioned anymore, before getting what he wanted, it was impossible that Luo Bing would let Ye Chen go.

”Okay, I ’ll help you, don ’t forget to prepare my payment, ” Ye Chen agreed to help Luo Bing, but not just just.

”Hempp ” Luo Bing sniffed coldly, Luo Bing could not believe Ye Chen still had time to think of payment, this man was very insincere.

”Get your cellphone ” Luo Bing asked Ye Chen ’s cellphone, Luo Bing wanted to exchange numbers with Ye Chen to make it easier when contacting Ye Chen.

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”This ” Ye Chen gave his cellphone number to Luo Bing, Luo Bing added his number to Ye Chen ’s cellphone.

”Okay, now it ’s much easier when I contact you ” after contacting Luo Bing, giving the cellphone back to Ye Chen.

”You don ’t need to worry, I will give you an appropriate money wage if this task is completed. ” Luo Bing promised to reward money when the task was completed.

”Who says I want money, I want something else ” Ye Chen looked at Luo Bing ’s two large rabbits that had developed, the sense of touching them would be extraordinary.

Luo Bing immediately covered her two large rabbits, she glared at the perverted face shown by Ye Chen ”You pervert, I will not let you touch my body ” Luo Bing roared at Ye Chen.

”Who also wants to touch you, all I want is a few tens of years old ginseng plants, can you find them for me? ”Ye Chen doesn ’t want money, all he wants is a decades-old ginseng medicinal plant for the alchemical exercise he is doing.

Luo Bing was very embarrassed, she apparently misunderstood what Ye Chen wanted ”okay I promise, after the work is done I will give you decades-old Ginseng ” Luo Bing promised Ye Chen that the task of escorting important guests was complete he would pay Ye Chen with some Gingseng is tens of years old.

”I want that ginseng now ” Ye Chen needs this ginseng now, he can ’t wait any longer.

”You haven ’t even worked yet but have demanded that much payment ” Luo Bing was furious with Ye Chen, Ye CHen hadn ’t even started his job yet, but he had asked a lot of requests that didn ’t make sense.

”It ’s up to you, if you don ’t want it, then I don ’t mind either, after all the person who needs me is you ” Ye Chen didn ’t really care, from the start the person who needed him was Luo Bing.

If Luo Bing didn ’t want Ye Chen to do it, too.

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