r> ”Yanyan.
., I am fine .
, you should buy groceries.
for tonight.
”In a halting voice, Lin Rouxi tried to talk to Zhao Yanyan.

”Okay, if that ’s the way I go first, giggling ” Zhao Yanyan giggled at Lin Rouxi who was inside, she immediately went out to buy groceries.

After Zhao Yanyan left, Lin Rouxi immediately glared at Ye Chen, she pinched Ye Chen ’s waist ”Ye Chen, you ’re so bad, what if Yanyan found out, I certainly didn ’t have the face to meet Yanyan again ” Lin Rouxi was a little annoyed at Ye Chen because it was too reckless.

”Hahaha, dear teacher, Yanyan is a cultivator, she patiently knew I was in here, from the start she just wanted to tempt us together ” From the start Ye Chen already knew that Zhao Yanyan only wanted to tease Lin Rouxi, his first wife was really loves to tease Ye Chen.

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” What ! ! ! ”Lin Rouxi was very surprised, so from the beginning Zhao Yanyan already knew that she was having an intimate relationship with Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi immediately blushed when recalling the previous thing, it turns out she had been found out by Zhao Yanyan, how she had to face Zhao Yanyan.

She felt uncomfortable doing this behind Zhao Yanyan, although Lin Rouxi knew that Zhao Yanyan would not be angry, but Lin Rouxi was still ashamed if she was found out by Zhao Yanyan.

”Hehehe, dear teacher you don ’t need to think about it, in the future you two will serve me together ” Ye Chen chuckled at Lin Rouxi.

, who wants to serve you with other women, you are too confident.
”Lin Rouxi pouted at Ye Chen.

Let ’s see, Ye Chen returned to hug Lin Rouxi ’s body and began pumping inside Lin Rouxi ’s honey cave.

Both of them continued to enjoy their Dual Cultivation session.

After 1 hour Ye Chen finally let out an essence in the depth of Lin Rouxi ’s flower core.

Lin Rouxi was already very tired, she was actually thrown by Ye Chen for 1 hour, this was crazy.

What Zhao Yanyan said was true, Ye Chen ’s ability in that field was too strong, Lin Rouxi alone was unlikely to be able to handle Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi was glad everything was over, but suddenly Ye Chen ’s object hardened again, this scared Lin Rouxi.

”Ye Chen, you.
”Lin Rouxi immediately said to Ye Chen.

”Dear teacher I still want more ” Ye Chen returned to Lin Rouxi.

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Ye Chen, wait, I can ’t anymore, you can kill me, Ah.
Anyone Help me .
”Lin Rouxi is no longer able to serve Ye Chen, she could die under Ye Chen ’s large object.

” The door was kicked by someone, Zhao Yanyan went straight inside.

Zhao Yanyan saw what Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi were doing.

”Yanyan help me ” Lin Rouxi asked Zhao Yanyan for help, at this time she didn ’t care if it was known by Zhao Yanyan, she just wanted to ask Zhao Yanyan for help.

Zhao Yanyan certainly knew Ye Chen ’s strength in that field, Zhao Yanyan immediately took off her clothes and went towards the bed.

Zhao Yanyan immediately released Ye Chen from Lin Rouxi, after that Zhao Yanyan immediately drove Ye Chen ’s body ”husband, let me replace Rouxi sister, she is no longer able ” Zhao Yanyan grabbed Ye Chen ’s large meat stick and deployed it into the door of her honey cave .

Ye Chen ’s large object was swallowed directly by Zhao Yanyan ’s honey cave which was very narrow and comfortable.

Zhao Yanyan ’s honey cave was already very wet, it seemed outside, this girl was entertaining herself.

After buying ingredients for dinner, Zhao Yanyan immediately returned to the hostel, she wanted to hear what Lin Rouxi and Ye Chen were doing.

Ye Chen chuckled, Everything was according to his plan, deliberately doing Lin Rouxi to the point of being helpless to shout for help, hearing Lin Rouxi ’s screams surely Zhao Yanyan who was outside would enter here.

Now both women will serve themselves ”Yanyan get ready, you two won ’t sleep tonight ” Ye Chen began to grab Zhao Yanyan ’s buttocks and poke Zhao Yanyan even stronger.

”Husband, you are great.
Your objects are very big, this feels very full and delicious ” Zhao Yanyan who was riding on Ye Chen immediately shouted passionately.

Groans continued to echo in Lin Rouxi ’s dormitory until nightfall.

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