”Ye Chen I told you to slowly why don ’t you listen to me ” Xia Qingyu pinched Ye Chen ’s waist very strongly, she vented her frustration at Ye Chen.

, someone help me, my wife wants to kill me ”Ye Chen pretended to scream in pain.

Some people who were walking immediately looked towards Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu ’s beauty attracted a number of pedestrians who saw it, beautiful women like Xia Qingyu naturally very quickly attracted the attention of those who saw it

Hearing Ye Chen ’s scream, Xia Qingyu immediately released the pinch of her finger from Ye Chen ’s waist.

Xia Qingyu ’s face turned red, she did not regret what she was doing was seen and heard by others.

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”Ye Chen, stupid, I hate you ” Xia Qingyu angrily went towards the medicine festival alone.

Ye Chen shook his head, this woman could not be asked to joke at all.

Ye Chen helplessly left after Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen caught up with Xia Qingyu ”hey Qingyu, are you angry? ” Ye Chen asked Xia Qingyu.

” Xia Qingyu sniffed coldly and looked away, Xia Qingyu looked annoyed at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen kept trying to persuade Xia Qingyu not to be angry anymore, after a long time finally Xia Qingyu was willing to be invited to make peace by Ye Chen.

Women who are cold like Xia Qingyu are indeed difficult to be joked with, all things they take seriously.

”By the way, has Xia Tian ’s grandfather reached here? ”Ye Chen used his spirit sensei to find out Xia Tian ’s grandfather ’s whereabouts.

After searching all over the place Ye Chen had not found any signs of Xia Tian ’s Grandfather, it seemed that Xia Tian ’s grandfather hadn ’t reached here yet.

There was a very interesting thing found by Ye Chen, here it turned out that there were thousands of cultivators scattered all over this place, it seemed that this cultivator wanted to buy medicinal plants or pills to speed up their cultivation.

”Grandfather might still be on his way here, with your driving speed like before, maybe we left them far behind ” It was very clear that her grandfather was not here yet, Ye Chen was driving very fast, maybe grandfather Xia Tian was taking another route.

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”Maybe you ’re right, then let ’s go find a shop that sells decades-old ginseng. ” Ye Chen invited Xia Qingyu to accompany him to buy decades-old ginseng.

Xia Qingyu didn ’t say anything, she just followed beside Ye Chen.

After a trip of about 1 minute, finally Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu arrived at the traditional medicine festival.

Here there are so many people who are transacting, be it medicine, medicinal plants, pills and others.

The average person who attends this event is over 30 years old, they come here to buy medicine that can cure the disease they are suffering from now, there are also some young people who accompany their parents to come here.

the people here are guilty of various cities in this country, there are even tourists from foreign countries who come to this festival

Every now and then Ye Chen ran into various cultivators who had cultivation levels that were not too high, as Ye Chen had expected these people to buy medicinal plants for themselves.

Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu continued to walk in search of a shop that sold decades-old Ginseng.

After searching for a while Ye Chen finally found a shop that sold Ginseng over the age of 50 years.

”Owner, how much is this ginseng? ” Ye Chen immediately asked the shop owner how much it cost.

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