Chen wanted, Zhong Han went to ask the staff in this building to find what was needed by Ye Chen.

This will take a while, so Xia Qingyu and Ye Chen will have to wait.

While waiting for Zhong Han to return, not a single word was spoken by Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu.

Neither Xia Qingyu nor Ye Chen would want to talk first.

Even though the two of them are a couple, the atmosphere seems ambiguous.

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Ye Chen couldn ’t stand this ambiguous atmosphere, he wanted to talk to Xia Qingyu like a normal couple.

”Hey Qingyu, why don ’t you say anything ” Ye Chen tried to start a conversation with Xia Qingyu.

”What should I talk about? ”Asked Xia Qingyu.

”Ye Chen has a headache, Xia Qingyu instead threw back the question he gave.

”Yes, we can talk like normal couples, you ’re always cold, can ’t you smile and talk like normal lovers? ”Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu to act like a normal couple.

”I don ’t know how to do things like that, I ’ve never dated a man before, so I don ’t know how normal lovers interact, I want you to teach me ” Xia Qingyu told Ye Chen that she had never done what she was done by normal lovers, Xia Qingyu wanted Ye Chen to teach himself how to interact like a normal couple.

Ye Chen is helpless ”well, we start with simple things, can you talk to me in a slightly softer tone, you can do it like when you promised to be my woman ” First Ye Chen wants to change Xia Qingyu ’s cold tone, he prefers tone softly spoken by Xia Qingyu after saving Xia Tian ’s grandfather.

”Alright, I ’ll try ” Xia Qingyu wants to try ”Ye Chen hello ” Xia Qingyu ’s tone of voice is still not soft, Xia Qingyu ’s tone is still slightly cold.

”Even softer, you can do it ” Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu to speak softer.

Xia Qingyu tried even harder ”Ye Chen hello ” This time Xia Qingyu ’s tone was very gentle.

”Yes, good like that, you can talk to me in such a gentle tone, I feel more comfortable ” Ye Chen felt more comfortable Xia Qingyu spoke in a soft voice.

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”Okay, then what else? ” Xia Qingyu asked Ye Chen again, she wanted to learn more from Ye Chen.

”Well, how do you smile, I rarely see you smile, you will look beautiful if you want to smile ” Ye Chen wanted to see Xia Qingyu ’s smile.

” What ! ! .
You mean now I ’m not beautiful? Xia Qingyu ’s tone of voice returned to cold.

Ye Chen mispronounced again, even though he only wanted to see Xia Qingyu smile, but this girl was very easily angry.

”Forget the lesson, let ’s just go the more extreme step. ” Seeing the subtle approach did not work, Ye Chen chose to use the extreme approach.

Ye Chen hugged Xia Qingyu ’s waist and pulled Xia Qingyu closer towards him, the angry Xia Qingyu was quite surprised to see Ye Chen hugging herself.

”Ye Chen, what are you trying to do, Um.
”Before Xia Qingyu could finish her words, she was kissed by Ye Chen.

This was the second time Xia Qingyu was kissed by Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu tried to fight, unfortunately her body was embraced by Ye Chen quite strongly, Xia Qingyu did not have the chance to break away from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen kissed Xia Qingyu ’s lips very greedily, the feeling of kissing Xia Qingyu ’s lips was very pleasant.

Xia Qingyu who previously fought began to sink into Ye Chen ’s kiss, the sense of kissing with Ye Chen was very pleasant, Xia Qingyu really liked this.

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