Xia Qingyu no longer put up a fight, she began to collaborate with Ye Chen.

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Unknowingly Xia Qingyu put her tongue into Ye Chen ’s mouth, Xia Qingyu began to show her true nature.

Xia Qingyu wanted to enjoy the kiss she had once done with Ye Chen, at that time Ye Chen put his tongue in her mouth, now it was Xia Qingyu ’s turn to want it.

Ye Chen naturally welcomed Xia Qingyu ’s Tongue, both of them began to be entangled with each other, in this room Xia Qingyu and Ye Chen ’s Passions began to rise.

Xia Qingyu already didn ’t care about anything around her, right now she just wanted to enjoy kissing with Ye Chen.

Finally the cold mask that Xia Qingyu was wearing came back off, apparently to release the cold mask that Xia Qingyu was wearing was very easy, Ye Chen only needed to provide stimulation to Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu continued kissing for 15 minutes, after being satisfied their lips finally parted.

”Qingyu, finally you showed your more honest passionate side ” Ye Chen said teasing Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu ’s face was now red like an apple, she didn ’t expect to enjoy kissing with Ye Chen.

But Xia Qingyu had to admit that kissing with Ye Chen was very pleasant, she wanted to continue kissing with Ye Chen.

”I am not a passionate woman, you are just too lewd, suddenly kissed me ” with a blushing face Xia Qingyu tried to dodge Ye Chen ’s words that he was very passionate.

”Hehehe, Qingyu, who is honest and passionate is very beautiful.
I like that, ” Ye Chen whispered in Xia Qingyu ’s ear.

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Hearing Ye Chen ’s words just now Xia Qingyu ’s face let out steam, she had never felt so embarrassed, Xia Qingyu felt both happy and embarrassed by Ye Chen ’s words of praise.

Ye Chen really liked being with Xia Qingyu, he could absorb a lot of the aura of the virgin Yinqi belonging to Xia Qingyu.

, ”Someone knocked on the entrance.

A few moments later several people entered this room.

The person who just entered was Grandpa Xia Tian and a middle-aged man who was the same age as Xia Tian ’s grandfather.

”Oh Ye Chen, you ’ve arrived here, very fast ” Xia Tian was a little surprised when Ye Chen had gotten here earlier than him.

”Xia Tian ’s grandfather, we also got here not long ago ” Ye Chen smiled wryly at Xia Tian ’s grandfather.

On Ye Chen ’s side, Xia Qingyu bowed her head, the CEO of a woman who used to be cold right now her face turned red like an apple, Xia Qingyu couldn ’t possibly show this face in front of her grandfather.

Xia Tian saw that Xia Qingyu was also here, it seemed like Xia Qingyu came here together with Ye Chen.

Xia Tian himself was quite surprised to see Xia Qingyu want to come to a place like this, usually his granddaughter is very difficult if invited to a crowd like this.

What surprised Xia Qingyu was that Ye Chen would be invited to go to a crowded place like this, it seemed like the relationship between the two had progressed quite far, otherwise Xia Tian doubted that his granddaughter would be invited to go here.

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”Ye Chen, introduce this is Pan Du, he is my old friend in the medicine business, he also recommended you to come here ” Xia Tian introduced the old man next to Ye Chen.

”Hello Mr.
Pan Du, my name is Ye Chen ” Ye Chen introduced himself.

”Hemm, so you are the one who has healed Xia Tian, ​​you are still very young, but your medical skills are very great ” Pan Du did not think that the person who had healed Xia Tian was very young.

”Thank you for the compliment ” Ye Chen smiled at Pan Du.

Pan Du nodded at Ye Chen ”then where is Zhong Han, the servant said he is currently in this room ”, Pan Du asked where Zhong Han was with Ye Chen.

Zhong is currently going to find me decades-old Ginseng, he might come back soon ” Ye Chen told Pan Du that Zhong Han is currently looking for Ginseng for Ye Chen.

”I see, there is no choice but to wait for him to return. ” Pan Du can only wait for Zhong Han to return.

Xia Tian ’s grandfather and Mr.
Pan Du awaited the return of Zhong Han, 20 minutes later Zhong Han finally returned to this room.

When Zhong Han came in, he was surprised to see the arrival of Xia Tian and Pan Du.

”Hehe, Xia Tian, ​​Pan Du is very rare, you all remember to visit to see me ” Zhong Han chuckled at Xia Tian and Pan Du.

”What ’s wrong with visiting an old friend? ” Xia Tian laughed freely, it ’s been a long time since Xia Tian had met with Zhong Han.

The three parents had a brief reunion, Ye Chen did not disturb the three parents.

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A few moments later, some staff entered the room, they brought several boxes into this room.

The box that these people carried carried the ginseng that Ye Chen wanted.

all the staff put Ginseng on the table, Ye Chen approached the Ginseng brought by these staff.

Ye Chen wanted to make sure that all of this Ginseng were real, after checking everything in accordance with what Ye Chen wanted, the Ginseng brought here were all over 50 years old.

”This is the total you have to pay ” Zhong Han handed over the price memorandum for all of this Ginseng.

The total price of all this Ginseng is less than 20 million dollars, Ye Chen also still has to pay several thousand dollars for transaction fees to find Ginseng.

Ye Chen was satisfied with all the Ginseng he got, so Ye Chen immediately paid off all these bills.

”Happy doing business with you ” after finishing all administration, now all of this ginseng officially belongs to Ye Chen.

With this Ginseng, Tonight Ye Chen could re-train his alchemical skills.

Suddenly a servant enters this room ”Mr.
Zhong Auction will start soon, I hope you come to the main hall soon ” This servant tells Zhong Han that the auction will start soon.

”Alright I ’ll be there soon ” Zhong Han understood, he will soon go to the main hall.

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After informing this, the maid left the room.

”Hey Zhong Han, will this time there be a rare medicinal plant / pill for sale? ”Xia Tian ’s grandfather asked if there were rare medicinal plants / pills at the auction this time.

”Of course there are, even the main items that will be auctioned are very rarely found in this world, there will definitely be a lot of people fighting over these items. ”

”Then what are we waiting for let ’s go there ” Pan Du invited Xia Tian and Zhong Han to go to the main hall.

”Ye Chen, do you want to come with us? ” Xia Tian invited Ye Chen to go to an auction that was held in this building.

”Xia Tian ’s grandfather I want to take care of this Ginseng first, I ’ll follow you later ” Ye Chen first wanted to pack all of this Ginseng, he had to wait for everyone to leave before putting Ginseng into the fairy gate storage room.

”I can help you, ” Xia Qingyu wanted to help Ye Chen pack this Ginseng.

”You don ’t need to be able to go with Xia Tian ’s grandfather, let me do it, anyway it ’s heavy ” Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu to go with Xia Tian ’s grandfather.

”Alright, if that ’s what you want ” because Ye Chen didn ’t want to help, Xia Qingyu was forced to go with her grandfather

”Alright then ” Xia Tian understood, he along with Xia Qingyu, Pan Du and Zhong Han went from the main hall.

After everyone left ,Ye Chen finally began to put decades-old Ginseng into the fairy gate storage room.

After all the ginseng had been put into the storage fairy gate, Ye Chen went to the main hall.

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