Why did when Ye Chen treated her grandfather, her grandfather screamed in pain, even though before when Ye Chen was treating a middle-aged man, the middle-aged man didn ’t look at all in pain.

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It was because Cheng Huzen ’s condition was still conscious, while the middle-aged man was unconscious, Cheng Huzen could still feel the heat from Ye Chen ’s fire, while the middle-aged man who was tenuous, couldn ’t feel the heat from Ye Chen ’s fire.

That was why Cheng Huzen screamed in pain, this was caused by the heat from Ye Chen ’s fire.

The poison in Cheng Huzen ’s body began to be burned by Ye Chen ’s flames, little by little Cheng Huzen ’s condition began to improve.

Seeing that her grandfather ’s condition was getting better, Cheng Mengyan was so happy, she didn ’t expect Ye Chen to have this kind of medical skill.

In front of other people, what Ye Chen was doing was just placing his palm on Cheng Huzen ’s body, they didn ’t know what Ye Chen was doing.

After all the poison inside Cheng Huzen ’s body was removed, Ye Chen pulled his palm back.

”Thank you very much for the help you have given me. ” Cheng Huzen thanked Ye Chen.

Cheng Huzen ’s tone of voice began to change, Cheng Huzen now respected Ye Chen very much, he had no idea that Ye Chen ’s strength was so great and profound.

In the world of power cultivators is everything, as long as you have power then everyone will respect you.

”No problem, now you must fulfill your bet promise with me ” Ye Chen wanted Cheng Huzen to fulfill the bet promise that had been agreed upon before.

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”OK, I ’ve lost, I will fulfill what I said earlier ” Cheng Huzen gave the bottle of Refine Qi Pill back to Ye Chen.

Cheng Huzen walked to the middle of the podium ”all of you who previously insulted the honorable master please come here ” in an intimidating voice, Cheng Huzen told all those who previously insulted Ye Chen, to go up on the podium, he wanted them to kneel and apologize to Ye Chen.

At first everyone was hesitant, but after seeing anger from Cheng Huzen, they were a little afraid, if until they mentioned Cheng Huzen, later on they would have difficulty finding treatment in this country.

One by one, the people who had previously insulted Ye Chen came forward, they all started kneeling in front of Ye Chen.

”Please forgive us for insulting you, we knew we were wrong, so we apologize. ” Everyone simultaneously apologized to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen crossed his arms, he was satisfied to see the people who previously insulted him kneel and apologize like this

”Hey you there, before you were the one who insulted me the hardest, I want you to call me a good grandfather. ” Ye Chen pointed to the person who previously had the loudest voice when insulting him.

Ye Chen wanted to embarrass this person in public.

The person Ye Chen pointed at, his face immediately turned dark, if he called Ye Chen a good grandfather, he would no longer have the face to appear in public.

A middle-aged man called a young man as a grandfather, it was a big insult to him.

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”If you don ’t want to say it, then everyone won ’t be allowed to stand up. ” Ye Chen smiled evilly at this person.

”What are you waiting for? Hurry up and say that, otherwise we ’ll just kneel here all day ”

”Right, hurry up and say it, if it weren ’t for you, we wouldn ’t be dragged into this trouble. ”

Ye Chen made this person the enemy of the public.

Due to the pressure from the people around him, the middle-aged man was forced to say ”good grandfather, please forgive me ”.

”Your tone is not sincere at all, if you don ’t sincerely apologize, I won ’t let you all go. ” Ye Chen was not satisfied with this kind of insincere tone of voice.

”Good grandfather, please forgive me. ” Gritting his teeth, this man called Ye Chen a good grandfather.

This time the tone of this person ’s voice was quite better than before, but this was still not sincere enough for Ye Chen.
”Do it again, you ’re not sincere. ” Ye Chen told this person back to call him a good grandfather.

”Good grandfather, please forgive me. ” The man who insulted Ye Chen with the loudest voice, could no longer bear this humiliation, he vomited blood and fainted on the spot.

Seeing this, Ye Chen was quite sorry, he decided to let these people go.

Everyone got up from the floor, there was not a single person willing to help the fainted middle-aged man, they all immediately rushed to leave the auction hall, they were all afraid that Ye Chen would make another calculation with them.

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 Everyone had seen how Ye Chen tormented the middle-aged man earlier, it was really very embarrassing, if they were in the position of middle-aged men, they would definitely vomit blood and faint on the spot.

”Hahaha, look at how those people act, they all turn into chickens that are ready to be slaughtered ” Xia Tian laughed freely.

”I do not think the ability of this young man is extraordinary, your granddaughter is very fortunate to be blessed by a man like this ” Pan Du also praised Ye Chen ’s ability.

Pan Du did not expect that if Ye Chen ’s knowledge of medicine was far above Cheng Huzen, Ye Chen could even find out that the Divine Grass that was auctioned was fake.

Ye Chen ’s knowledge of medicinal herbs was profound, Pan Du felt that he was nothing when compared to Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu is very proud of Ye Chen, who is a woman who doesn ’t like it when her favorite man is praised by others.

”Young master, I also apologize for being rude to you, I hope you don ’t take it to heart. ” Cheng Huzen knelt down and apologized to Ye Chen.

Cheng Huzen apologized sincerely to Ye Chen

”It doesn ’t matter. ” Ye Chen waved his hand and asked Cheng Huzen to stand up.

Seeing Ye Chen allowing him to stand, Cheng Huzen stood up.
”Young master, if you don ’t mind how if you come to our house, we will welcome you well. ” Cheng Huzen invited Ye Chen to go to his house as an honored guest.

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”That ’s not necessary, I still have a lot of work to do. ” Ye Chen didn ’t have time for something like this.

He wanted to go immediately to retrieve the fire Phoenix Fruit he had won.

”OK, I understand. ” Cheng Huzen was a little disappointed because Ye Chen rejected him.

”Remember with your previous promise, someday I will collect it ” before leaving Ye CHen left the last words for Cheng Mengyan.

Hearing Ye Chen ’s words just now, Cheng Mengyan ’s face turned red.

Ye Chen left the auction hall together with Xia Qingyu, Yin Ying ’er , Xia Tian and Pan Du.

Cheng Huzen saw Ye Chen ’s departure, ”Hmm, great young man, at that age his abilities are very deep, I wonder who the master is behind someone this strong. ” Cheng Huzen wondered who the master was behind people.

”Mengyan, looks like you know this person, have you ever met him? ” Cheng Huzen asked Cheng Mengyan who was by his side.

Previously, his granddaughter seemed to know this person.

”Grandfather, that person is Ye Chen, he is a student who is in the same school as me. ” Cheng Mengyan told her grandfather who Ye Chen was.

”So this person is in the same school as you. ” Cheng Huzen was more surprised to learn that Ye Chen was still a high school student.

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