Ye Chen Using his Spirit Sense to search for Xia Ningzi ’s whereabouts, Ye Chen ’s Spirit Sense began to search for Xia Ningzi ’s whereabouts within a 5 Km radius from here.

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Ye Chen tried to find Xia Ningzi within a 5km radius, unfortunately Ye Chen didn ’t find Xia Ningzi ’s whereabouts.

Ye Chen expanded the radius of his Spirit Sense to 10 Km, even within a 10 Km radius Ye Chen still could not find Xia Ningzi ’s whereabouts.

”It ’s strange, where did Xia Ningzi disappear? ” Ye Chen muttered, within a radius of 10 Km from here his Spirit Sense couldn ’t find Xia Ningzi at all.

because he still hadn ’t found Xia Ningzi ’s whereabouts, Ye Chen again expanded his Spirit Sense, this time Ye Chen ’s Spirit Sense covered an area of ​​50 Km from here.

This time Ye Chen ’s Spirit Sense discovered Xia Ningzi ’s whereabouts, Xia Ningzi was currently moving at an incredible speed towards the East.

This speed is definitely not a vehicle, this speed is done by humans.

Ye Chen ’s guess seemed correct, the person who kidnapped Xia Ningzi was not an ordinary person.

This kidnapper clearly had special powers, otherwise he wouldn ’t be able to move this fast.

No wonder Su Yuyu was unable to catch Xia Ningzi ’s kidnapper, Xia Ningzi ’s kidnapper turned out to have strength like Ye Chen.

Xia Ningzi is Xia Qingyu ’s sister, if Xia Ningzi is in trouble, Xia Qingyu will be sad.

Ye Chen must not let anything bad happen to Xia Ningzi, he must save Xia Ningzi.

”You just go home, let me take care of it ” Ye Chen told Su Yuyu to come home, he would save Xia Ningzi himself.

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Ye Chen ran towards the east, he was going to chase the kidnapper who kidnapped Xia Ningz.

”Ye Chen, wait where you ’re going. ” Su Yuyu intended to chase Ye Chen.

Unfortunately Ye Chen had already run very far, Su Yuyu did not think that Ye Chen could run that fast.

”what should I do now ? Su Yuyu was confused, Xia Ningzi disappeared and Ye Chen went somewhere.

”I better go ask for help from older sister, she can definitely help me ” Su Yuyu has decided she should ask her older sister Su Yuya for help.

Su Yuyu dialed Su Yuya ’s phone number, ”Bipp.
., Bipp.
”The call is being connected.

call connected ”Yuyu, what are you calling me? ”, Su Yuya immediately asked if there was a problem Su Yuyu called her.

”Big sister something bad is going on. ” Su Yuyu told Su Yuya about something bad that was happening.

”What bad thing? , say ”in a very worried tone Su Yuya asked Su Yuyu.

”Xia Ningzi my roommate was kidnapped by someone, I currently don ’t know where she is, older sister please help me ” Su Yuyu told Su Yuya that Xia Ningzi was in Kidnap.

”Ningzi was kidnapped? ”Su Yuya certainly knows her sister ’s roommate, she is a good woman who wants to accept Su Yuyu and become her friend.

Bad thing kept her, of course Su Yuya had to help find Xia Ningzi.

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”You do not worry, I will call the police and let them find Xia Ningzi ’s whereabouts, hurry back, do not go anywhere else anymore ” Su Yuya told Su Yuyu to return home immediately.

”Okay, big sister, I understand. ” Su Yuyu hung up on the phone, Su Yuyu immediately rushed back to Su Yuya ’s house.

After getting the report from Su Yuyu, Su Yuya immediately contacted the police, she reported the kidnapping case to the police.

The police asked for Xia Ningzi ’s traits to make it easier to find them.

Luckily Su Yuya had a photo of Xia Ningzi with her younger sister.

She sent this photo to the police, the police who received Su Yuya ’s kidnap victim ’s photo, immediately went to find Xia Ningzi ’s whereabouts.

Su Yuya also had to contact the side of the Xia Ningzi family, they might also be worried about Xia Ningzi ’s whereabouts.

Su Yuya called the house number of the Xia family, she got this number from Xia Ningzi.

”The call is trying to connect.

Hello who is this? ”The person who picked up the phone just happened to be Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu just took drinking water in the kitchen, after fetching water, Xia Qingyu intended to sleep in her room, when she was about to go upstairs suddenly the phone at home rang.

Seeing this, Xia Qingyu decided to pick up this phone call.

Su Yuya ”may I talk to members of the Xia family ”.

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”I am Xia Qingyu, a member of the Xia family, why are you looking for me? ” Xia Qingyu asked the woman on the other side of the call.

”So you are Xia Ningzi ’s older sister, this is me Su Yuya, Su Yuyu ’s older sister. ” Su Yuya introduced herself to Xia Qingyu.

”Oh so you are Su Yuyu ’s older sister, then what do you want from me? ” Xia Qingyu knew Su Yuyu a little, she was the roommate of Xia Ningzi ’s younger sister.

What is it that Su Yuyu ’s older sister is looking for someone from her family.

”I want to tell you that Xia Ningzi has been kidnapped by someone, for this I have reported it to the police, they are looking for Xia Ningzi ’s presence ” Su Yuya told Xia Qingyu that Xia Ningzi was kidnapped.

” What!!! , Ningzi was kidnapped how did that happen? Xia Qingyu asked Su Yuya how Xia Ningzi got kidnapped.

”I don ’t know the full details, my younger sister said that she was kidnapped by someone. ” Su Yuya didn ’t know the details of how Xia Ningzi was kidnapped, she only knew that Xia Ningzi was kidnapped from her younger sister.

”OK, thanks for telling me, I ’ll help find Xia Ningzi. ” Xia Qingyu thanked Su Yuya for telling him about this incident.

Xia Qingyu hung up on Su Yuya, she called the police to help find Xia Ningzi who was kidnapped.

The police have received the person kidnapped from Su Yuya, and they are currently working to find Xia Ningzi ’s whereabouts.

Xia Qingyu was currently very worried about Xia Ningzi, if something happened to her, how would she explain this to her grandfather and mother.

”No, I have to come look for Ningzi too. ” Xia Qingyu decided to go find Xia Ningzi too.

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But Xia Qingyu was afraid to go alone, outside of the season for kidnapping beautiful girls, she was afraid that if she went out alone she would be kidnapped by criminals.

”I ’ll just let Ye Chen accompany me. ” Xia Qingyu could make Ye Chen accompany her to find Xia Ningzi.

Xia Qingyu made a call to Ye Chen ’s cellphone.

”The call is being connected.

Ye Chen didn ’t pick up the call from Xia Qingyu.

”Ye Chen, where are you, hurry up and pick up a call from me. ” Xia Qingyu hoped that Ye Chen would receive a call from her.

Too bad that currently Ye Chen was busy chasing Xia Ningzi ’s kidnapper, he didn ’t have time to pick up a call from Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu continued and kept calling Ye Chen, unfortunately Ye Chen still didn ’t pick up calls from her.

”Ye Chen, watch out for you tomorrow. ” Xia Qingyu was angry because Ye Chen ignored her call.

There weren ’t any other men in this house, so what should you do with Xia Qingyu right now.

Xia Qingyu was so helpless, he could only wait for the police to find Xia Ningzi.

She hoped that Xia Ningzi would be found quickly and well.

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