Ye Chen was currently flying to catch up with the person who had kidnapped Xia Ningzi.

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With Ye Chen ’s current flying speed it didn ’t take long for Ye Chen to catch up with the person who had kidnapped Xia Ningzi.

The person who kidnapped Xia Ningzi entered a building, this building was very luxurious and tall, this was a star hotel in this city.

”How strange, why did the person who kidnapped Xia Ningzi enter this building? ” Ye Chen did not understand what the person who kidnapped Xia Ningzi really wanted, how could he bring Xia Ningzi to this luxury hotel.

Was there really someone who targeted Xia Ningzi and hired someone to kidnap her.

To confirm what was going on, Ye Chen approached the room where Xia Ningzi was, Ye Chen created a barrier so that no one else would know that he was here.

Xia Ningzi is currently on the 20th floor, she is currently pinched on the bed.

Next to Xia Ningzi ’s bed were two men who were looking at Xia Ningzi.

Ye Chen is familiar with One of these two men, one of these men is Prince Joe, whom Ye Chen and Su Mengxin met while at the recreation park.

Why did this person kidnap Xia Ningzi, what Joe wanted from Xia Ningzi.

In order to find out the reason, Ye Chen went over, he wanted to hear the conversation of these two people.

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”Crown Prince, I can not find the woman you are looking for, because I can not find the woman you are looking for I brought this beautiful girl as a replacement. ” The man who had kidnapped Xia Ningzi apologized to Prince Joe, he was unable to find the woman who was in looking for by prince Joe.

”Pah! ! ! ”Prince Joe slapped the face of his subordinate who couldn ’t work properly.

”How can you not find the woman I ’m looking for, do whatever you can, if you don ’t find the beautiful woman I met at the amusement park, don ’t ever come back here ” Prince Joe snapped at his subordinates who had failed to find Su Mengxin ’s whereabouts.

Prince Joe is very infatuated with Su Mengxin ’s glamorous and awful beauty.

Whatever happens Prince Joe must get Su Mengxin, he doesn ’t care if he messes up this city.

”Yes, Crown Prince, I will carry out your order, ” Prince Joe ’s subordinates went back to look for Su Mengxin ’s whereabouts.

Prince Joe Seeing Xia Ningzi ’s sleeping beauty ”hehehe, women in this country are pretty pretty too, at least tonight I will have fun with this pretty girl. ” Prince Joe Smiles, at least this pretty girl can replace Su Mengxin for a while.

Ye Chen saw the departure of Prince Joe ’s men, Ye Chen couldn ’t possibly let this person go easily.

Without realizing it by Joe ’s men, Ye Chen did a sneak attack on this person ”breaking meteor blow ”

”Bamm! ! ! ”The person who kidnapped Xia Ningzi was hit by Ye Chen ’s punch.

”Cough ” after being hit by Ye Chen, the man who had kidnapped Xia Ningzi vomited blood.

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”Who are you to dare to attack me ” the person who had kidnapped Xia Ningzi asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was quite surprised to see this man could still stand after receiving a blow from him.

With such a powerful blow, this man ’s bones should have been crushed and most likely died, but what Ye Chen saw, this man could still stand up.

”Hemm, it looks like you have quite great strength too ” Ye Chen said to the person who had kidnapped Xia Ningzi.

”Shut up, you human, I ’ll kill you in a minute. ” The body of the man who kidnapped Xia Ningzi suddenly started to grow bigger, he looked like he wanted to change his shape.

Ye Chen had seen a scene like this, it was clear what this person was doing the same time Ye Chen fought the silver werewolf.

Don ’t tell me that this person has a relationship with the silver werewolf that Ye Chen killed in the past.

Ye Chen started to analyze what he saw at this moment, it seemed that Prince Joe was a Silver werewolf, he was the one who sent the silver werewolf that time to kidnap Su Mengxin and kill himself.

”So the woman Joe and this guy talked about previously became Mengxin, how dare that person have bad thoughts on my Mengxin, I won ’t let go of this silver werewolf race. ” Ye Chen will exterminate the Silver Wolf Race who dared to have evil thoughts on his wife.

”Ying ’er, time to come out to work. ” Ye Chen called Yin Ying ’er, it ’s time for Ye Chen to try the Yin Ying ’er sword spirit.

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., master, I ’m still sleepy, let me sleep a little longer.
”Yin Ying ’er refused to come out, she still wanted to sleep a little longer.

”Get out quickly, I need you to fight the werewolves. ” Ye Chen told Yin Ying ’er to come out immediately.

Unfortunately Yin Ying ’er still refused Ye Chen ’s order, Ye Chen ’s face twitched, this sword spirit girl didn ’t want to obey his words.

”If you don ’t obey my orders, you won ’t get any more food. ” Ye Chen threatened Yin Ying ’er back.

, wu.
., master, you are so mean.
”Yin Ying ’er complained to Ye Chen.

After being threatened by Ye Chen Yin Ying ’er to finally come out, she turned into a sword in Ye Chen ’s hand.

, its weight.
”It turns out that the Divine Yin Yang Sword is quite heavy too, the weight of this sword is almost the same as lifting dozens of mountains.

Ye Chen immediately stepped forward to attack the silver werewolf, he slashed through the body of the Silver werewolf.

”The Divine Yin Yang Sword cut the werewolf ’s body in half.

Ye Chen ’s release was difficult not only to cut the body of the werewolves, but also to cut some of the buildings behind the werewolves.

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This was the first time he had tried the Divine Yin Yang Sword, so Ye Chen was still unfamiliar with the power to use.

Luckily that building was an old building that no one lived in, so Ye Chen didn ’t need to worry about innocent casualties.

Ye Chen looked at the silver werewolf he just slashed, the silver werewolf that Ye Chen just slashed couldn ’t regenerate like when Ye Chen fought the silver werewolf back then.

”Why can ’t my body regenerate, what have you done to me ” the werewolf hoarse voice spoke to Ye Chen.

This is so strange, after receiving the slash from the Divine Yin Yang Sword, his body could not regenerate, with the renown silver werewolf race ’s great regeneration ability, he should be able to quickly restore a body that was so badly injured.

Little by little the silver werewolf ’s consciousness started to fade, the silver werewolf finally died on the spot.

Ye Chen felt that fighting the silver werewolves was easier when using Yin Ying ’er.

Ye Chen didn ’t know if this was one of Yin Ying ’er ’s special abilities, so that the silver werewolf couldn ’t regenerate his body.

”Hey Yuechan, do you know a little special ability that Yin Ying ’er has? ”Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan, maybe Chu Yuechan could explain this to Ye Chen.

”I don ’t know about this, I ’ve searched Kono ’s various books, too bad I didn ’t find anything related to Yin Ying ’er. ” Chu Yuechan didn ’t know anything about Yin Ying ’er.

There is no knowledge in the past that explains the existence of Yin Ying ’er, because of this Chu Yuechan didn ’t know anything about Yin Ying ’er and the special abilities possessed by Yin Ying ’er.

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