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Ye Chen was currently left alone in the living room, it seemed like teacher Lin Rouxi still hadn ’t wanted to get out of his room.

Lin Rouxi actually did not have a Face to meet Ye Chen therefore Lin Rouxi locked himself in the room.

Ye Chen was tired of waiting for more than ten minutes and there were no signs that Teacher Lin Rouxi would come out.

So Ye Chen decided to check it out Ye Chen knocked on the door of the teacher Lin Rouxi ’s room ”Teacher Lin, are you OK? ”

But there was no answer coming out from inside, Ye Chen then used his spirit Sensei to monitor Teacher Lin Rouxi, fortunately Teacher Lin Rouxi did not mind why.

Ye Chen felt that teacher Lin Rouxi did not want to see him, so Ye Chen decided to leave this dormitory.

Ye Chen walked toward the door and prepared to open the door, but it was unexpectedly evident that someone was holding the door handle and opening it.

And the woman who opened the door from outside turned out to be Zhao Yanyan who was carrying a shopping bag ”Yanyan baby why did you come here ” Ye Chen asked Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan ”Shouldn ’t I be asking that, after all this is my residence, so Ye Chen what are you doing in my room? ”

Ye Chen had no idea that Zhao Yanyan actually lived here, let alone his roommate was Teacher Lin Rouxi, Wait.
This afternoon Zhao Yanyan called Teacher Lin Rouxi with her sister Rouxi.

Ye Chen ”I was invited here by Teacher Lin Rouxi, but now Teacher Lin Rouxi is in his room and doesn ’t want to come out ”.

Zhao Yanyan who heard this immediately put down his shopping bag and immediately went to the front door of Teacher Lin Rouxi ’s room.

”Rouxi sister, you ’re fine, aren ’t you? ” Zhao Yanyan was a little worried about teacher Lin Rouxi.

Zhao Yanyan who lives in one roof.
With teacher Lin Rouxi also knew of the illness Lin Rouxi was suffering from, usually Lin Rouxi would complain that her legs hurt when it was even days.

Zhao Yanyan who did not get an answer from inside Worried then Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen to break down the door ”Ye Chen Quickly broke down the door maybe Rouxi ’s sister is in trouble inside ”.

Ye Chen had already used his Spirit Sensei and learned that Teacher Lin Rouxi was not in trouble but because his girlfriend asked Ye Chen to break the door.

”Yanyan I ’m fine, you don ’t need to worry, it ’s just that I ’m a little tired today so I want to be an innocent creator first ” Lin Rouxi spoke from the room.

Actually, Rou Rouxi didn ’t want to answer Zhao Yanyan but saw Zhao Yanyan intending to tell Ye Chen to break the door.

Zhao Yanyan felt relieved after hearing it directly from Lin Rouxi.

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Ye Chen ”Looks like Teacher Lin is exhausted so we can let Teacher Lin rest in peace ”.

”You ’re right, it seems like Lin ’s sister is tired, oh yes Ye Chen what are you doing in this dormitory ” Zhao Yanyan asked again because he had not gotten a satisfying answer from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen then explained from the beginning to the end, and a few embarrassing things that Ye Chen didn ’t tell Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan now understands what happened ”Oh so you came here to cure Rouxi sister ’s illness, but Ye Chen, have you ever studied medicine before Him? ”

Ye Chen ”only a little ”.

”Oh, so how can Roux ’s sister be healed? ”Zhao Yanyan asked about the situation from Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen honestly answered, ”Actually, I still need one more therapy so that the disease can be completely healed, and I forgot to tell Teacher Lin earlier.

Ye Chen ”Yanyan please convey that treatment requires 1 more time to Teacher Lin later ”.

Zhao Yanyan is ”okay ”.

”Then I ’ll go home first Yanyan dear ” Ye Chen suddenly hugged Zhao Yanyan.

After they were both satisfied, hugged Ye Chen then prepared to leave this dormitory.

”Ye Chen, wait, why are you in such a hurry? Do you not like being with me? ”Zhao Yanyan complained to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen ”It ’s not like that Yanyan dear but this is already late, wouldn ’t you be scolded by the dorm supervisor if you were caught carrying a man into the room ”.

”It ’s still 7 pm and the maximum limit of people visiting is 9 pm so we still have some more time, so how do you want to stay with me here? ”Zhao Yanyan said timidly.

Ye Chen ”if Yanyan Sanyang asked how I could reject it ”.

Zhao Yanyan smiled with a beautiful sagat ”good, let ’s bring the bag containing food ingredients to the kitchen, and I will prepare a delicious meal for you ”.

Zhao Yanyan then went to the kitchen and Ye Chen followed behind him, when he reached the kitchen Ye Chen saw Set of complete cooking utensils.

It seems like the room occupied by Zhao Yanyan is the most expensive Vip room, but Ye Chen has to admit that the facilities offered are truly complete.

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There was a living room, a kitchen, a private room, and many others, Ye Chen took off the leather mask he was wearing because only Zhao Yanyan was here now.

Zhao Yanyan was already somewhat used to what Ye Chen was doing, although Zhao Yanyan preferred it if Ye Chen didn ’t wear a leather mask because he was much more handsome.

But as Ye Chen ’s girlfriend Zhao Yanyan also knew what problems would be caused by such a handsome face, or maybe there were many girls who would steal Ye Chen from Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan poked her hair into a ponytail so as not to interfere when cooking.

Want to be modeled Like anything Zhao Yanyan still Beautiful, Ye Chen did not want to remain silent, Ye Chen helped Yanyan to Wash Vegetables and Meat.

After the vegetables and meat have been washed, Zhao YanYan then chop them into small pieces.
How to cut Zhao Yanyan can be said already used, Zhao Yanyan wants to cook Sauteed Spicy Soy Sauce.

Ye Chen who was currently behind Zhao Yanyan saw how attractive he was when Zhao Yanyan was cooking, so Ye Chen hugged Zhao Yanyan from behind.

Zhao Yanyan felt Ye Chen hugging him from the back and Ye Chen ’s dishonest hand was on his two soft breasts.

”Ye Chen is not so I am cooking now ” Zhao Yanyan was not angry with what Ye Chen was doing but at this time Zhao Yanyan was cooking.

”Indeed, why are you still able to cook? ” Ye Chen said and squeezed the two newly developing breasts belonging to Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen used Zhao Yanyan ’s Heart and absorbed (Yin) technique.

Again, when Ye Chen activated the king ’s heart, Zhao Yanyan groaned with extraordinary pleasure.

”Ye Chen Please don ’t do that I can ’t stand it if you keep touching me ” Zhao Yanyan ’s breath was already breathing hard at the moment.

Ye Chen then didn ’t use the king ’s heart technique and Zhao Yanyan felt normal again even though he still felt the pleasure effect just now.

Ye Chen who saw this immediately concluded that when using the king ’s heart technique can make a woman feel extraordinary pleasure even if only from Touch.

Ye Chen ’s initial goal was to Overcome the Ancient (Yang) Body For cultivation problems it could wait later, because if Ye Chen did not immediately do dual cultivation with women then Ye Chen would become a beast controlled by lust, the worst part would be that Chen Chen could explode and Die.

Actually Ye Chen wanted to try Dual Cultivatioan with Yanyan but the timing alone wasn ’t suitable so Ye Chen had to be a little more patient for now.

Zhao Yanyan had recovered from a sense of pleasure, Zhao Yanya was confused as to why he suddenly felt a very pleasant feeling when Ye Che touched him.

Whereas Ye Chen also touched him repeatedly this afternoon.
But it didn ’t feel like what he just said.
”Ye Chen, what did you just do? ” Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen.

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”Of course it touches Yanyan ’s chest dear ” Ye Chen said.

Zhao Yanyan ”I mean why when you touch me it feels very pleasant, when I do it myself it doesn ’t feel like it ”.

”That ’s because you were touched by the man you like, of course it ’s different from touching it yourself, but Yanyan, unfortunately I didn ’t expect you to often touch your own two soft rabbits ” Ye Chen teased Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan his face was red Like an apple, he exposed his shameful secret to Ye Chen ”die Ye Chen I will ignore you ” Zhao Yanyan went back to cooking and started ignoring Ye Chen.

Ye Chen just laughed seeing Yanyan blush, Ye Chen couldn ’t possibly tell Zhao Yanyan About the King ’s Heart Technique for now.

If it was the woman Yang who was a Veteran in bed and felt the pleasure of Ye Chen ’s Touch, they would definitely not believe what Ye Chen said just now.

But fortunately Zhao Yanyan is a girl who has never been touched by a man so he will definitely believe.

Ye Chen no longer teased Zhao Yanyan Dah obediently waiting for food to be ready at the dinner table.

”A few moments later Zhao Yanyan had finished cooking food for Ye Chen, and put all the dishes on the dining table.

”Ye Chen, let ’s taste the food I made, ” Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen to try his cooking.

Ye Chen looked at the dishes on the table, Zhao Yanyan ’s cooking looked delicious so Ye Chen took sauteed meat and put it in his mouth.

Danging saute has a salty, sweet and sour taste that is just right and it ’s pretty good, Zhao Yanyan ’s cooking skills are good enough according to Ye Chen.

”How ’s it delicious? ” Zhao Yanyan asked.

”Of course this is pretty good ” Ye Chen again took the stir-fried meat and put it in his mouth.

Zhao Yanyan was happy ”thank God you like the food I made ”.

”Hahaha, I didn ’t expect that besides Beauty, Yanyan will also be good at cooking, ” Ye Chen praised Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan was quite happy being praised by Ye Chen, every woman would be happy if being praised by the man they liked including Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan ”I just learned to cook and this is nothing compared to the cuisine of Rouxi ’s sister ”.

Looks like Zhao Yanyan learned cooking from Master Lin Rouxi ”Really but my Yanyan cooking is very delicious too. ”

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Zhao Yanyan smiled ’ ” Come quickly finish the meal.
”Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan continued to eat.

After finishing eating Ye Chen helped Zhao Yanyan wash the Dishes Together.
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Ye Chen accompanied Zhao Yanyan to study and also talked a little.

Seeing that the clock on the wall was already showing eight o ’clock more Ye Chen intended to leave, As long as Ye Chen was here Lin Rouxi never came out of his room.

”Yanyan I ’ll go first ” Ye Chen then rose from the Sofa and prepared to leave.

”Ye Chen is waiting first ” Zhao Yanyan rushed to Ye Chen and pecked Ye Chen ’s lips.

Ye Chen also quickly responded and began working with Zhao Yanyan, the two of them kissed for a long time and let go after it was hard to breathe.

Zhao Yanyan ”Ye Chen see you again tomorrow ”.

”See you later Yanyan ” Ye Chen then left the girl ’s dormitory.

After Ye Chen ’s departure, Zhao Yanyan immediately crouched down and covered his face with his hands, Zhao Yanyan didn ’t know why he suddenly wanted to kiss Ye Chen.

But Zhao Yanyan had already started to bill with feelings while kissing.

The door of the room behind Zhao Yanyan opened and Lin Rouxi finally wanted to get out of his room, the reason Lin Rouxi had to wait for Ye Chen to come out of his room was that he was very embarrassed to meet Ye Chen after that incident.

”Is Ye Chen gone? ” Asked Lin Rouxi.

Zhao Yanyan Charming ”yes Ye Chen just left just now, sister Rouxi how is your leg better or better? ”

Lin Rouxi ”It ’s getting better ”.

”Oh yeah, Rouxi Ye Chen ’s sister left the message earlier, if sister ’s foot care requires 1x more so she can recover completely ” Zhao Yanyan conveyed what Ye Chen said earlier.

Hearing that there was still one more Healing session, Lin Rouxi remembered what happened a few hours ago and Lin Rouxi ’s face turned red like an apple.

”Okay, I understand ” After saying that Lin Rouxi returned to her room.

Zhao Yanyan who was left alone felt that Rouxi ’s sister was very strange tonight.

Zhao Yanyan Immediately discarded his strange thoughts, Zhao Yanyan wanted to take a shower and then immediately go to sleep, so he could meet again with Ye Chen tomorrow.

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