On the way, Liu Yue asked which company, Xia Qingyu would be doing business.

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Xia Qingyu told Liu Yue that she would do business with the Feng Group which is a giant engaged in media and advertising in this country.

The Feng Group may not be the richest in the capital, but the strength of the Feng Group is no weaker than the Four Great Families in the capital.

When asked about Xia Qingyu ’s business so quickly recovering herself, now she is back to being a cold woman as usual.

”So you ’re going to do business with the biggest media giant in the country? ” Liu Yue nodded at Xia Qingyu, Liu Yue already knew what Xia Qingyu would do with Feng Group.

”Director Liu, how about it? Are you going to talk about this business yourself? ” Xia Qingyu asked if Liu Yue would personally discuss business with Feng Group.

”No, you better do it, if I do it myself they will definitely charge a much higher rate than the original. ” Liu Yue let Xia Qingyu handle this.

If it came to Liu Yue who talked about business, it was likely that the Feng Group would charge a slightly higher than normal rate.

In the capital the influence of Liu Yue was not very strong, the Feng Group would definitely seek personal gain from the wealth that Liu Yue possessed.

in the business of profit is number 1, as long as it is profitable, a deal will definitely be made.

Moreover, the Feng Group has almost the same financial strength as Liu Yue ’s company, it is certain that both parties do not want to give up in doing a large scale business.

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”Okay, I understand, I will definitely try to do this business well. ” Xia Qingyu promised to do the best she could.

”Good, I really hope for you. ” Liu Yue was satisfied to see the trust Xia Qingyu had, it seemed that she was not wrong in choosing the CEO for Ye Chen ’s company.

At this time Ye Chen was listening to the conversation of the two women, from what he heard that Feng ’s group was a giant group engaged in media and advertising, most likely it was about making Xiannu company known and having a wider reach.

Ye Chen will leave this business matter to Xia Qingyu, he firmly believes that Xia Qingyu can handle this all.

It didn ’t take long for Ye Chen to arrive at the airport, after arriving at the airport everyone immediately got out of the car, the three of them headed straight to the plane they were going to board.

The plane that Xia Qingyu ordered is the business class / Vip, the plane, this class has a service that is much more complete than the economy class, and again Class Vip has a very reliable crew, so the chance of an accident is very much smaller.

the officers at the airport immediately checked Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu ’s tickets.

Xia Qingyu gave the VIP ticket to the officer, the officer immediately received the ticket from Xia Qingyu ’s hand, after confirming that this ticket was genuine, the officer let Xia Qingyu ’s group enter the plane.

1x ticket Vip can bring up to 8 companions, that ’s why when Xia Qingyu handed over 1 x Vip flight ticket, the officer no longer asked for tickets from Ye Chen and Liu Yue.

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The officers already knew that the two of them were Xia Qingyu ’s companions.

Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu entered the Vip class plane, when the three of them entered they were warmly welcomed by the flight attendants on this plane.

All the flight attendants on this plane are quite beautiful, they have a very sexy, and seductive body, it ’s no wonder that rich people have more rides in Vip-class aircraft, it turns out that the flight attendants on this plane are very tempting.

The female flight attendant gave Ye Chen a charming smile, when the female flight attendant saw Ye Chen, she immediately fell in love with Ye Chen.

For female flight attendants, Ye Chen was the ideal handsome man she often dreamed of in her dreams every night.

It was not only this female flight attendant who looked at Ye Chen with a sparkling gaze, almost all of the flight attendants who were here stared at Ye Chen with eager eyes.

They all don ’t care if this handsome man has a beautiful woman by his side, the flight attendants are very confident in their seductive abilities.

The female flight attendants started blinking their eyes at Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu immediately glared at the flight attendant who was teasing Ye Chen.

All the female flight attendants who saw Xia Qingyu ’s gaze shuddered, they could feel the chills emitted from Xia Qingyu.

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Liu Yue smiled when she saw how Xia Qingyu was jealous of the woman who tried to tease Ye Chen.

Seeing this, the female flight attendant tried to stop teasing Ye Chen.
”Sir and miss, please come with me, I will find a seat for all of you. ” One of the flight attendants with a rather beautiful appearance guided Ye Chen to find a seat.

Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu followed the female flight attendants, they went to their seats.

This was Ye Chen ’s first time boarding an airplane, he was still quite unfamiliar with this kind of airplane.

Ye Chen continued to look around, There were lots of empty seats here, there were only a few people who occupied the passenger seats that had been provided on this plane.

The only people who can get on this plane are rich people and businessmen, that ’s why there are only a few people who get on this plane.

When Ye Chen ’s entourage entered, several people who were here saw Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu, everyone was shocked when they saw the two beauties walking side by side.

One is a cool beautiful woman, another is a super beautiful woman who is proud and glamorous, their beauty can break the heart of any man who sees her.

Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu ignored the gazes from those who were staring at them, they continued walking towards their seats.

Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia QIngyu finally found a seat in the corner, this seat fits three passengers.

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The current sitting position, Ye Chen was on the outermost side, Liu Yue was in the middle and Xia Qingyu was by the window.

The plane still needs about 5 more minutes before taking off.

so Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu could still relax for a while.

While waiting for the plane to take off, Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu exchanged a little experience in doing a business.

Xia Qingyu highly adored Liu Yue ’s business queen, at a relatively young age, Liu Yue was able to make a company of hers become enormous, within a few years Liu Yue ’s company became the first company in this city, this made Xia Qingyu adore Liu Yue.

Moreover, Liu Yue was still a woman who had extraordinary beauty, Xia Qingyu even had to admit that Liu Yue was much more beautiful than herself, the man who got Liu Yue would definitely be very blessed.

Xia Qingyu did not know that the man who was blessed by Liu Yue ’s beauty was her own fiancé, Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu continued to ask about some of the business knowledge that Liu Yue had.

Liu Yue was happy to answer all of Xia Qingyu ’s questions, there was no harm in sharing her business knowledge with Xia Qingyu, who would soon become a sister with her.

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