”Ladies and gentlemen, are you guys fastening your seat belts properly? ” A soft female voice came from beside Ye Chen ’s ear, a female flight attendant came to Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Ningzi.

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The female flight attendant asks whether the seat belt is properly installed or not.

Ye Chen immediately looked up at the flight attendant beside him.

Next to him, Ye Chen saw a beautiful woman with a full red flight attendant uniform, this woman has a very perfect goose egg-shaped face, this female flight attendant ’s facial features are also very perfect and beautiful, the body of this flight attendant is very well developed.
Currently, the hair of a beautiful flight attendant is rolled up so that the snow-white neck can be seen clearly, the body wrapped in tight flight attendant clothes makes this woman look very sexy, the beautiful flight attendant gives a very sweet smile to Ye Chen.

This female flight attendant is really very beautiful, every man who glances at this woman will definitely fall in love with her.

Ye Chen was very surprised by this beautiful flight attendant, how could a woman like this work to become a flight attendant on this plane.

What made Ye Chen very surprised was not the beauty this woman possessed, but the strength that this woman possessed.

The strength that this woman possessed was very strong, this beautiful flight attendant ’s cultivation base was the 3rd level of the Overlord Realm.

With such a high level of cultivation, why should this beautiful woman work as a flight attendant on this plane.

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A woman who has this kind of power, can easily earn a lot of money.

So Ye Chen was very curious why this beautiful and strong woman worked on an airplane like this.

The beautiful flight attendant saw Ye Chen ’s gaze, somehow she felt that Ye Chen ’s gaze could dig up all the secrets she had.

Beautiful flight attendants have to admit that Ye Chen is the most handsome man she has ever met in this life, with Ye Chen ’s current good looks there will definitely be many women who are crazy about Ye Chen.

The beautiful flight attendants have repeatedly checked Ye Chen ’s body, this person is just an ordinary person, but the beautiful woman by Ye Chen ’s side currently has quite high strength, even though Liu Yue ’s strength is still far from hers.

This time, Ye Chen completely hid his strength from outsiders, let alone Ye Chen ’s cultivation base was higher than that of a beautiful flight attendant, which was why beautiful flight attendants did not know what level of Ye Chen was currently.

It was quite rare for a beautiful flight attendant to see a young woman with such a strong cultivation level, which was why she intended to see how strong Liu Yue was, who was currently at the fourth stage of the Emperor Realm.

”Sir, you haven ’t fastened your belt, let me help you fasten it. ” With a very friendly smile.
Beautiful stewardess helped Ye Chen to put on the seat belt.

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Ye Chen was silent, he allowed the beautiful flight attendant to put a seat belt on his body.

When the female flight attendant bowed, Ye Chen could see the two double peaks which were quite large and looked perfect.
On this woman ’s chest was an identification tag that could be used to call out the name of this beautiful flight attendant.

The name of this beautiful flight attendant is Ling Yin.

Ling Yin felt Ye Chen ’s indecent gaze, this person was very brave to stare at her double peak, if only she wasn ’t on a mission, Ling Yin would have slapped Ye Chen really hard.

Ling Yin quite deftly put the seat belt on Ye Chen ’s body, the woman deliberately put the seat belt very firmly on Ye Chen ’s body.

After finishing putting the seat belt on Ye Chen, Ling Yin saw Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu who were beside Ye Chen, the two women were already wearing their seat belts, so Ling Yin didn ’t need to help them both.

”Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy this trip, if there is anything you need you can call one of us. ” Ling Yin told if you needed something Ye Chen and the others could call herself and the other flight attendants on this plane.

Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu nodded at Ling Yin, after they finished checking everyone on this plane, Ling Yin returned to the back seat which was specially designated for the flight attendants on this plane.

Ye Chen continued to stare at Ling Yin ’s departure.

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Xia Qingyu sniffed coldly at Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu could see Ye Chen ’s gaze on the beautiful flight attendant just now, she was completely dissatisfied with the behavior shown by Ye Chen.

Seeing the new beautiful woman, Ye Chen ’s eyes immediately didn ’t want to leave his sight from Ling Yin ’s body.

Because of Liu Yue by her side, Xia Qingyu was completely unable to scold Ye Chen, he could only look at Ye Chen with a cold gaze.

On the other hand, Liu Yue also felt that the beautiful flight attendant just now was a little strange, Ling Yin looked at herself with a strange gaze, moreover Liu Yue could feel quite a dangerous aura from Ling Yin ’s body.

Liu Yue felt that Ling Yin was finding out about her.

”Husband, do you know the woman earlier? Liu Yue used a telepathic voice to talk to Ye Chen.

”No, I don ’t know a beauty at all just now, but she has strength that isn ’t weak at all, she ’s even more powerful than you. ” Ye Chen told Liu Yue that the beautiful flight attendant just now had a cultivation base that wasn ’t weak at all.

”So that flight attendant is a cultivator, it is only fitting that I feel that this woman has an aura that threatens me. ” After knowing Ling Yin was a strong cultivator, now Liu Yue understood why she felt threatened by Ling Yin ’s presence, it turned out that this woman was stronger than herself.

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Ye Chen felt that this woman ’s aura was completely familiar to him, Ye Chen tried to find the memories that were in his mind.

After trying to remember repeatedly, Ye Chen finally remembered that this woman ’s aura was similar to the woman who had competed with him for the Reideran Pendant necklace.

No wonder Ye Chen didn ’t feel the strength in this woman ’s body in the past, it turns out that this woman ’s cultivation base is much higher than his former self.

For now, Ye Chen can naturally deduce the strength of Ling Yin.

Ling Yin who returned to her chair was very uncomfortable with Ye Chen ’s gaze, she felt that Ye Chen gave her a feeling that was quite dangerous.

Even though she had clearly repeatedly confirmed that Ye Chen was only a human, and not a cultivator, but why did she feel uncomfortable when Ye Chen looked at her.

Ling Yin tried to ignore the gaze from Ye Chen, unfortunately he completely couldn ’t ignore the gaze from this handsome young man.

Ling Yin was so helpless, what happened to her, how could she be messed up by a young man who was several times smaller than she was.

Ling Yin had to stay focused on the mission she was currently carrying out, this kind of thought shouldn ’t mess everything up.

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