Ye Chen returned to his passenger seat, when he returned Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu were still sleeping quite soundly.

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Ye Chen didn ’t disturb the two of them sleeping, he returned to the passenger seat and leaned his head on the soft backrest on the seat.

”Ye Che, this is eating and drinking for you. ” Ling Yin came to Ye Chen ’s side, she brought Ye Chen a drink and food.

e Chen saw the food and drink that Ling Yin brought, this woman is very strange, why did she turn out like this.

”You don ’t have to bother like that. ” Ye Chen told Ling Yin to stop doing something like this.

”I didn ’t bother at all, I ’m even happy to do this for you. ” Ling Yin didn ’t feel bothered at all, she was even happy when she did this for Ye Chen.

at this time Ling Yin looked at Ye Chen very very gently, ”quickly open your mouth, let me feed you ” Ling Yin asked Ye Chen to open his mouth, she wanted to spoil Ye Chen even more.

Ling Yin feels very happy when doing this, it turns out that liking someone is very happy.

Ling Yin continued to force Ye Chen, she didn ’t want to leave before Ye Chen finished the food and drink she had brought.

Ye Chen was so helpless, Ye Chen opened his mouth, he received a bribe from Ling Yin.

The food and drink that Ling Yin gave him didn ’t contain anything strange, so Ye Chen could be relieved when he ate it.

Here Ye Chen felt like he had a personal flight attendant all to himself.

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This kind of feeling is not bad at all, Ling Yin continues to serve Ye Chen, after feeding Ye Chen Ling Yin starts massaging Ye Chen ’s body.

 This woman is not only a beautiful Assassin, she is also very skilled in everything, you can see that Ling Yin serves Ye Chen very well.

Even Ye Chen, who previously felt uncomfortable, was made comfortable by the service that Ling Yin gave.

Ye Chen really enjoyed this, he was currently feeling very relaxed, Ye Chen closed his eyes and started sleeping.

Ling Yin saw that Ye Chen was asleep, she stopped the massage that was being given to Ye Chen ’s body.

Ling Yin took a blanket from the small trunk that was in front of Ye chen, she covered Ye Chen ’s body with this blanket.

Before leaving, Ling Yin kissed Ye Chen ’s cheek.
”Little man sleep well. ” Ling Yin said sweet words to Ye Chen.

Today is the most beautiful and joyful day Ling Yin has ever experienced, and it ’s thanks to Ye Chen , Ye Chen gave herself a comfortable feeling.

Ye Chen didn ’t really sleep, he was still wary of Ling Yin, fortunately Ling Yin didn ’t intend to harm him.

This woman gave him a blanket and kissed himself, Ling Yin spoiled Ye Chen too much.

After Ling Yin ’s departure, Ye Chen started to really fall asleep.

After giving Ye Chen a kiss, Ling Yin went to take care of the four burly men who had previously sat with Tu Reng.

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Ling Yin had to make sure that no one knew what she had done.

Ling Yin took out a needle from her body, Ling Yin stabbed several important points I thunder which was on the body of the four burly men.

Ling Yin stabbed right at the vital nerve point, it meant that these four burly men would become paralyzed.

Afters he finished doing what she had to do, Ling Yin sat back down on the chair belonging to her, from here on she kept an eye on Ye chen, she wasn ’t bored at all while doing this.

The time has passed for 7 hours, this plane will arrive at its destination soon.

The people who were previously taking and taking sleeping pills started to wake up, they don ’t remember how they fell asleep for more than 6 hours.

The flight attendants in the back cabin also don ’t know why they can fall asleep, if the boss finds out about this then their career will be over.

All flight attendants deftly get back to their work.

”Dear passengers, we will soon arrive at our destination, hope everyone returns to wearing your belts, the plane will soon land on the tarmac ” a flight attendant told all passengers to return to their seat belts.

Some of the flight attendants also started to wake up the passengers who were still asleep, they checked everyone to comply with seat belts.

Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu were awakened by the sound of the flight attendant ’s announcement, they just realized that they would soon arrive at their destination.

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Xia Qingyu did not expect that she could sleep this well.

Liu Yue was now refreshed, she felt that her body had become much lighter than before.
It seemed like it was true that she needed a little sleep to recover her exhausted mental mind.

Ye Chen got up first from Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu, Ye Chen folded the blanket back and placed it in the small trunk in front of him.

Liu Yue looked at Ye Chen, when she saw Ye Chen ’s face, Liu Yue was quite surprised, she saw a red lipstick stain on Ye Chen ’s cheek.

Liu Yue of course knew where this stain came from, it must have come from a woman ’s lips, Liu Yue started to wonder what Ye Chen was doing when she fell asleep earlier.

Liu Yue took a handkerchief from her bag, she handed her handkerchief to Ye Chen.

”Husband, you better get rid of the kiss marks on your cheeks, if Xia Qingyu sees it it will be troublesome. ” Liu Yue whispered and told Ye Chen, she handed her handkerchief to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately touched the cheek that Ling Yin kissed, it was true that there was a lipstick stain left on his cheek.

Ye Chen immediately received a handkerchief from Liu Yue.He immediately wiped the lipstick stain from his cheek.

This was the act of Ling Yin ’s kiss, from the start that woman must have done this to him on purpose.

After a while, Ye Chen managed to get rid of the kiss stain on his cheek.

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Luckily Liu Yue told himself, otherwise Xia Qingyu would misunderstand him again.

”Ye Chen, let me help you put the seat belt on. ” Ling Yin walked back to Ye Chen, she helped Ye Chen put on the seat belt.

Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu turned their heads immediately when a woman called Ye Chen ’s name.

The two of them saw a very beautiful flight attendant helping Ye Chen put on the seat belt.

This is a beautiful flight attendant who previously helped Ye Chen wear a seat belt, now this beautiful flight attendant calls Ye Chen ’s name using Ye Chen ’s real name.

Xia Qingyu sniffed coldly at Ye Chen, she didn ’t expect that when she fell asleep, Ye Chen could get acquainted with a beautiful flight attendant like Ling Yin, Xia Qingyu felt that Ye Chen was too close to a beautiful woman.

Xia Qingyu started counting the beautiful women that Ye Chen knew, first the beautiful police yesterday, Liu Yue and now Ye Chen is also close to this beautiful flight attendant.

Xia Qingyu felt jealous when Ye Chen was with many beautiful women.

Liu Yue saw Ling Yin ’s very gentle gaze on Ye Chen, Liu Yue began to suspect that the kiss mark on Ye Chen ’s cheek was from this woman.

Liu Yue still remembered Ye Chen ’s earlier words, this female flight attendant was much stronger than her current self.

Liu Yue did not expect that when she was sleeping, Ye Chen must have done something with a beautiful flight attendant, it ’s no wonder Ye Chen didn ’t tease herself who was sleeping, it turned out that while she was sleeping, Ye Chen did something with this beautiful flight attendant.

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