A few minutes later Ling Yin started to calm down again.
”Sorry because I bothered you ” Ling Yin apologized to Ye Chen.

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Every time Ling Yin remembered that incident, she would be very sad and her heart would also feel very painful.

”It ’s okay, I know how you feel right now. ” Ye Chen knows Ling Yin ’s feeling right now.
Ling Yin must be very troubled, a girl who is still 7 years old seeing such a sadistic slaughter, will definitely be very traumatized.

”Thank you very much, I am happy. ” Ling Yin felt very happy because Ye Chen understood himself, Ye Chen was the letter in Ling Yin ’s heart who came and made her life change more colorful and beautiful.

”Then how can you survive that ” Ye Chen is still a little curious how Ling Yin can survive such an incident.

”I was saved by an old wanderer who was strong enough, he took me away from the evil hands of the Phantom Blade, he was also the one who taught me to become a cultivator. ” Ling Yin told Ye Chen that she was saved by an old wanderer and was adopted as a cultivator.

”But why did you end up being an assassin? ”If Ling Yin was saved by someone, why did Ling Yin choose to become an assassin.

”It ’s because I ’m looking for information about the Phantom Blade, by being part of the assassination network I can find out who this Phantom Blade is. ” It turned out that the reason Ling Yin became an assassin was to find out information from the Assassin ’s God Phantom Blade.

”Have you found the person? ”, Asked Ye Chen.

Ling Yin shook her head ”I haven ’t found the existence of the Phantom Blade yet, but I managed to find out the information from the Phantom Blade, the Phantom Blade is currently in the tenth stage of the Overlord Realm, he is very strong, the strength I have is far from belonging to the Phantom Blade ” Ling Yin told Ye Chen that her strength was far from being compared to that of Phantom Blade.

Ling Yin used to think that with his current strength she could kill Phantom Blade, never thought the Phantom Blade was much stronger than she thought.

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Because of this, Ling Yin continued to train to raise her cultivation level, Ling Yin didn ’t care how long it took, as long as she could kill the Phantom Blade with her own hands, then she would be very satisfied.

”So the person with the Phantom Blade Nickname is that strong. ” Ye Chen nodded after receiving the explanation from Ling Yin, Ling Yin ’s enemy was quite strong, that person might have strength comparable to him.

”You don ’t need to think about it, someday I can definitely beat that person and take revenge on my family, when that time comes I will completely become your wife. ” Ling Yin started smiling again, she started kissing Ye Chen ’s lips very greedily.

This time Ye Chen didn ’t refuse like before, he is now kissing Ling Yin with more sincere feelings than before.

Ling Yin felt that this time ’s kiss was different from before, This time ’s kiss was much more pleasant than before, Ling Yin really liked this feeling.

The two of them continued kissing for a long time, Ye Chen and Ling Yin immersed in their world.

”Sir, have you found your party dress.
”The employees came back to see Ye Chen, just as she was about to ask about the dress Ye Chen got, she was surprised when she saw Ye Chen and Ling Yin making a passionate kiss.

”Sorry for disturbing you ” with red faces the employees ran away leaving Ye Chen and Ling Yin.

Ye Chen and Ling Yin stopped kissing, they both smiled at the employees running like cats who had just been trampled by their tails.

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”Let me buy you a nice dress. ” Ye Chen asked Ling Yin to choose clothes, as well as Ye Chen could buy a new set of clothes for Ling Yin.

”Alright ” Ling Yin of course wants, this is the first time she is shopping together with a man.

Ling Yin wants to try dressing up clothes with Ye Chen.

Ling Yin and Ye Chen started to choose clothes, Ling Yin tried to choose various clothes that suited her.

After getting clothes that fit Ling Yin went to the dressing room, she started trying on the new clothes she chose.

It took a while before Ling Yin walked out of the changing room.

”Ye Chen, how do I look right now? ”, Ling Yin asked Ye Chen how she looks when wearing this plain white outfit.

Ye Chen was choosing a party dress for Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu, when he heard Ling Yin ’s voice, he immediately turned towards Ling Yin who had finished changing clothes.

Ling Yin is currently wearing a long sleeved shirt with the bottom of a short skirt, the color Ling Yin chose is plain white.

Ling Yin ’s hair was currently tied into a ponytail, Ling Yin ’s current appearance was extremely beautiful.

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”Beautiful, you are very suitable when wearing those clothes ” Ye Chen praised Ling Yin.

Ling Yin ’s heart was currently flowery, she felt happy to be praised beautiful by Ye Chen.

”Really, then I ’ll take this outfit. ” Ling Yin decided to take this set of clothes, from now on he would mark this set of clothes as his Favorite.

Ling Yin tried a lot of clothes in this shop, because Ling Yin ’s appearance was already beautiful, all the clothes Ling Yin wore looked suitable.

Ling Yin really bought a lot of clothes, all the clothes that Ye Chen praised was directly wanted by Ling Yin.

Ye Chen had found a suitable set of party dresses for Xia Qingyu and Liu Yue, the color Ye Chen chose for Liu Yue was black, while Xia Qingyu was light blue, Ye Chen hoped that Liu Yue and Xia Qingyu liked the clothes he bought.

”You ’re done, let ’s go to the cashier and pay for everything. ” Ye Chen asked Ling Yin to go pay for all the things they took.

The person who paid for everything was Ye Chen, Ye Chen was a man so he had to pay for everything.

After completing the payment, Ye Chen and Ling Yin left the luxury clothing shop.

”Where are you going next ” asked Ye Chen to Ling Yin.

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”For the time being I will stay by your side, I have also rented a room in a Five Star hotel. ” Ling Yin has already booked a room at the same hotel as Ye Chen, so Ling Yin can stay with Ye Chen for a while.

”OK, let ’s go back. ” Ye Chen invited Ling Yin back to the hotel across the street.

”Whoosh ” a throwing knife came towards Ye Chen.

Ling Ying who was beside Ye Chen immediately rushed over to stop the throwing knife that was heading towards Ye Chen.

Previously, Ye Chen had intended to catch the knife that was pointing at him, but Ling Yin took one step ahead and stopped the throwing knife that was pointing at him.

”Ye Chen, you ’re okay. ” Ling Yin asked Ye Chen ’s condition.

”I ’m fine, I don ’t have to worry I ’m not that weak. ” Ye Chen told Ling Yin that he wasn ’t that weak.

Ling Yin nodded at Ye Chen, Ling Yin was looking for the person who had tried to kill Ye Chen, unfortunately the person who killed Ye Chen hid the aura very well.

It could be seen that the other side was no weaker than Ling Yin.

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