The opposing party was quite good at hiding the aura of existence, even Ye Chen had to be serious about finding the whereabouts of the person who had just thrown a knife at him.

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Using Spirit Sense, Ye Chen found the person who had just thrown a knife at him.

”That person is in a building 5 km away from here, he is on the 20th floor to be precise at window number 3 from the left. ” Ye Chen told Ling Yin the location of the person who had just thrown this knife.

Ling Yin nodded at Ye Chen, she immediately returned to throwing the knife in her hand in the direction Ye Chen pointed.

Ling Yin threw at full force, she intended to kill anyone who dared harm Ye Chen.

Ling Yin was a cultivator at the 3rd stage of the Overlord Realm, if Ling Yin used her full strength, then a building could be cut in half by the knife Ling Yin had just thrown.

The knife that Ling Yin threw straight at the person who intended to harm Ye Chen.

The person who intended to harm Ye Chen, saw the direction of the knife he threw at Ye Chen, this person caught the knife that Ling Yin had thrown.

”Bomm ” this guy managed to catch the knife that Ling Yin had thrown with his two fingers, the wall behind him had a hole due to the effect of Ling Yin ’s throwing force which was too strong.

From a distance of 5 Km, Ling Yin saw that the knife she had just thrown was stopped by the person who had bad intentions towards Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen, I ’ll be right back. ” Ling Yin disappeared from Ye Chen ’s face, Ling Yin ’s movement speed was amazing, she went to take care of people who had evil intentions towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not stay here, he complied with Ling Yin.

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Ling Yin very quickly arrived in front of the person with malicious intentions towards Ye Chen.

The male assassin saw Ling Yin ’s arrival ”very interesting, I think I ’ll have a little fun here ”.
This person licked his knife with a terrifying expression, this person ’s tongue was very long, it looked like a snake ’s tongue.

 This person had a very sinister and frightening face, from his expression alone could see that he was an extremely cruel and merciless assassin.

”Who are you, and what do you want to harm Ye Chen? ”, Ling Yin asked the person in front of her.

” Who am I ? , hahahah, you are a very cute woman.
”The male assassin laughed at Ling Yin.

”An assassin will never reveal his identity to outsiders, you don ’t have to bother knowing who I am, anyway soon I ’ll torture you and skin you, I ’ll enjoy this, hahaha ” The male assassin laughed very creepily.

Ling Yin raised her eyebrows, judging by this person ’s strength he was no weaker than herself, it was certain that this person was an assassin on the legend list.

Ling Yin started looking at this male assassin from top to bottom, she was looking for something that could be used as a clue about this male assassin.

Ling Yin finally found a clue that was a tattoo that was on this male Assassin ’s neck, there was a snake-shaped tattoo on this guy ’s neck.

”Are you the Python King? ”Ling Yin already guessed this person ’s identity from the tattoo on this person ’s neck.

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Ling Yin had obtained an enormous amount of information about the assassins on the Legend List.

Ling Yin may have never met a Python King, but she has very little information about the Assassin Python King, one of the characteristics of the Assassin Python King is that he has a snake tattoo of a Python that coils from waist to neck.

It was because of this that Ling Yin began to suspect that this person was the Assassin Python King.

”Hahaha, I did not think that you knew about me, it seems you are also an Assassins in the legend list like me. ” Python King did not expect that this woman in front of him, is also an assassin who is in the legend list.

Python King is getting excited and wants to fight Ling Yin right away.

Ling Yin didn ’t waste any more time talking to the Python King, an Assassin like the Python King definitely wouldn ’t want to talk about who the person had sent him here.

Ling Yin took out her black Butterfly knife.

”Hooo, so you are Shadow Butterfly, I never thought I would meet the most powerful female assassin on the Legend list. ” The assassin Python King seemed to know a little about Ling Yin ’s identity.

Ling Yin didn ’t say anything to the Python King, she immediately went towards the Python King.

” Shadow Dance ”, Ling Yin ’s body turned into a lot of shadows, these shadows swirled around the Python King, these shadows were made up by Ling Yin ’s movement speed that was too fast.

Ling Yin ’s movement speed is indeed very great, it is fitting that she is called Shadow Butterfly.

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Ling Yin with extremely beautiful movements and quickly started attacking the Python King.

., Clang.
., Clang.
., Clang.
., ”Ling Yin ’s knife clashed against the Python King ’s Blade.

Ling Yin ’s movements may have looked beautiful, but in each of these beautiful movements the attacks launched by her were extremely dangerous and extremely deadly.

The Python King had to retreat due to receiving consecutive attacks from Ling Ying.

Ling Yin didn ’t waste this opportunity, from the side she tried to kick the Python King in the head.

Ling Yin kicked so hard that the Python King ’s head turned 360 degrees.

After successfully attacking the Python King, Ling Yin immediately retreated backwards.

”Hahaha that ’s not bad too. ” The Python King assassin whose head turned 360 degrees was still alive and could speak like a normal person.

If this person normally must have died earlier, the Python King ’s head turned 360 degrees and returned to its original position.

”Those physical attacks won ’t work on me at all, look at this. ” The Python King twisted several parts of his body quite Extreme.

This guy really looked like he didn ’t have a bone in his body.

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Ling Yin was on alert again, she must not let her guard down against the Python King.

”Shadow Dance ”, Ling Yin ’s body again turned into a multitude of shadows, she again attacked the Python King with a beautiful and deadly move.

This time the Python King was fighting more aggressively than before, this time he was using the flexibility of his body to fight against Ling Yin.

Ling Yin started having a little trouble against assassins like the Python King.

It seemed that he had to be more serious about fighting the Python King, from Ling Yin ’s body started to come out quite strong, the aura that came out from Ling Yin ’s body was green.

The aura emitted by Ling Yin created a very strong storm, it seemed that Ling Yin was practicing the Wind technique, it was only natural that he could have an incredibly fast speed.

”Very good, bring out all the strength you have, let ’s have fun hahaha ” Python King was even more excited when he saw Ling Yin getting serious.

The Python King didn ’t want to lose, he also started to give off an aura comparable to Ling Yin ’s.

The aura that came out from the Python King ’s body was brown.

”You have dared to hurt the person I like, so be ready to meet your death ” from Ling Yin ’s palm appeared a whirlwind .

Ling Yin directed the whirlwind that was in her palm at the Python King.

”Storm Blast ” Ling shot a whirlwind that was in her hand towards the Python King, a powerful blast of wind aimed at the Python King.

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