”Booom ”, a blast of wind hit the body of the Assassin Python King, the body of the Assassin Python King was blown away by Ling Yin ’s Storm Blast technique.

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Ye Chen, who just saw Ling Yin flew someone, that person was flown quite far by Ling Yin.

Ye Chen walked in and saw what was going on there, when he arrived he saw that this room was very messy, this building was dirty everywhere.

Ling Yin didn ’t hold back her strength at all, this building was almost destroyed by Ling Yin.

”Are you okay? ” Ye Chen asked Ling Yin.

”I ’m fine, the problem is that person is still alive after receiving my attack just now. ” Ling Yin didn ’t expect that the Python King could withstand her attack.

If it was replaced by an ordinary cultivator on the same level as Ling Yin, perhaps all of that person ’s bones and body would be crushed in the blast from the Ling Yin Technique.

”We must not let him go, if he runs away he will again try to kill you ” Ling Yin must not let the Assassin Python King.

”Huh? , did the person just now not come for you? ”, Asked Ye Chen to Ling Yin.

”I have absolutely no problem with that person, that person clearly came to kill you. ” Ling Yin has absolutely no problem with the Python King, especially when seen from the Python King ’s reaction, the Python King doesn ’t even know she is a Shadow Butterfly.
, it means that from the beginning the Python King came to aim for Ye Chen ’s life.

So that person had come to kill him, no doubt the knife was pointing at him, if indeed that person was aiming for Ling Yin he would have killed Ling Yin right away.

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The assassin was also quite good at hiding himself, Ye Chen didn ’t realize that someone wanted to kill him.

”You are so what are we waiting for, let ’s go to hunt that Assassin ” Ye Chen has to catch that person and find out who the person wants to kill him.

Ye Chen was quite disgusted by someone who repeated we sent assassins to kill him, he had to settle accounts with the person who sent this assassin.

Ling Yin nodded at Ye Chen, Ye Chen and Ling Yin flew towards the direction Ling Yin flew the Python King.

Python King flown hundreds of Km by Ling Yin ’s Storm Blast, Python King landed in a remote place near the city.

The place is quiet and there aren ’t too many people around.

The skin of the Assassin Python King started to peel off, the Python King ’s skin was like a steel shield protecting him from Ling Yin ’s attack, ”That woman is quite strong too, if I didn ’t make a defense then I would have been injured ”.

Python King admits that Ling Yin ’s strength is quite strong.

Python King looked up, he saw that at this moment the woman was flying along with the target he was aiming for.

”You fools, you are looking for a death because you are looking for me, you should go and save yourself while you can. ” Python King thought what Shadow Butterfly and Ye Chen were doing as stupid.

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Should the two of them leave while they had the chance to escape, now the Python King would be very serious and wouldn ’t let these two people go alive.

Ye Chen looked at the Python King, this person ’s face was like an assassin who tormented his target.

Who is the person who sent you to come and kill me? ”Ye Chen asked Python King who the person had ordered to kill himself.

”Hahaha, you two are really funny, do you think I am that stupid.
To tell you who the client told me ” Python King laughed again at Ye Chen and Ling Yin.

A professional assassin like Python King really keeps the client ’s identity confidential, they will not tell anyone about the identity of the Client who hires their services.

”Ye Chen, don ’t waste time talking to this person with the Python King ’s nickname, no matter how much you force him he won ’t tell you about the client ’s identity, later I will help you find out who the person behind all this is ”, Ling Yin told Ye Chen to no longer waste unnecessary time and words on Python King.

Ye Chen nodded at Ling Yin, it seems that this person really won ’t tell who the person who sent him here to kill himself.

”Then this person is useless, you can kill him if you want. ” This assassin is of no use to Ye Chen, it ’s better to let Ling Yin kill this person, it will save countless innocent lives.

”Okay, I ’ll finish it people as soon as possible. ” Ling Yin understands, she will finish Python King as soon as possible.

Ye Chen believes in Ling Yin ’s strength and ability, Ling Yin can definitely beat the Python King.

”Hahaha, you want to get rid of me, so funny, do you know that the two of you will soon die ” Python King laughed quite creepily.

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An extremely powerful killing aura shot out from the entire body of the assassin Python King.

This killing aura was extremely strong, this was the first time Ye Chen had encountered someone with this powerful killing aura.

With this powerful killing aura, the Python King must have killed millions of innocent people.

Ling Yin was slightly horrified when she felt the Python King ’s killing aura.

”Get ready I will crush all your bones ” Python King rushed towards Ye Chen and Ling Yin area.

Ling Yin raised her knife, she prepared for the Python King ’s attack.

The Python King ’s hand suddenly stretched out like rubber, an extremely long hand swiftly wrapped around Ling Yin ’s body.

Ling Yin did not expect that the Python King ’s speed would increase several times from before.

”Hahaha, beautiful woman, you are too easy to catch, from the start we fought I was just playing with you, this time I was serious about getting ready to be crushed, hahaha ” Python King started tightening his arm around Ling Yin ’s body.

The long arms of the Python King are like a snake that entangles its prey.

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Ling Yin did not give up as she tried to break free from the entanglement of Python King ’s long arm.

”Wind barrier ”, Ling Yin finally used the defensive techniques he had at her disposal.

An extremely strong wind began to envelop Ling Yin ’s body, this strong wind barrier instantly knocked the Python King ’s long arm away from Ling Yin ’s body.

The Assassin Python King tried to tighten his hand, unfortunately the wind barrier Ling Yin created was too strong, so he was unable to wrap around this wind barrier.

Ling Yin looked very confident, this wind barrier could ward off all physical attacks coming her way, so the Python King ’s abilities would be unable to do anything to her.

”Let ’s see if your wind barrier can withstand my attack this time. ” The Python King started to grab the ground beneath him.

As the Python King did this, the ground below began to tremble and looked like a rugged sea.

The ground starts to rise upwards and forms a Tsunami wave hundreds of meters high.

Tsunami waves that formed from the ground started to circle Ling Yin.

The Python King is no joke, with this great strength, he is able to destroy a city to the ground

Ling Yin was completely surrounded by the Earth Wave, she had no way out.

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